Gaz and gir relationship questions

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gaz and gir relationship questions

This is almost every FanFiction plot ever for Invader Zim but I can see to slowly form a friendship or will their relationship go down in flames?. Gaz has a neutral relationship with GIR and seems to tolerate him better than Dib Needless to say those issues bled into my relationships. Dib and a reluctant Gaz go to Zim's house to ask him about it, and end up in the It was Zim's relationship with his little robotic sidekick, GIR.

To his disappointment, there was no one to be found. They must be in the lab. Dib repressed a shudder; going down into the heart of his lair was a much different thing than looking into it from afar. He wasn't scared,only cautious. His drive to expose Zim was trying to push him inside the home, but common sense stopped him. If he was going to go in there, he wasn't going alone. A short run home proved that Gaz was still present, sitting on the couch, game in hand.

Dib cleared his throat. No way," Gaz said dismissively. Her face grew mischievous. Gaz, come on-" Dib stopped once he saw Gaz's face, stone cold serious.

Dib quietly snuck his way back to the window, like the world's worst ninja. Gaz simply stomped up to the front door and knocked, wanting this dumb trip to be over with. Dib silently panicked and waved his arms, trying to stop Gaz from making their presence known. Just as Dib ran to his sister's side the door flung open wide, and there stood Zim.

And it's considered polite to knock before entering something. Be gone with you! Gaz just watched, completely disinterested. Zim didn't say anything, and suddenly pulled the door open again, sending Dib sprawling onto the ground.

Zim only pushed him further from the entrance. No doubt Zim would only laugh in his face and slam the door shut again if he just blurted out what was in his mind. You can't really control him, Irk knows I've tried Zim suddenly reverted back into anger, annoyed that he had revealed more information than he'd like to. Whether or not he listens fully to commands, he still sees me as his master.

Dib listened carefully to his word choice. It didn't sound as warm as Dib had believed it to be. GIR has no sense of who is a friend and who is an enemy. He also rarely understands the severity of the predicaments he finds himself in, unless it involves pain or very severe danger. However, to his credit he often understands it more than his master and has on rare occasion predicted the correct out-come of a very dangerous situation.

GIR's upbeat, clueless, thoughtful and friendly personality is a contrast to Zim's self-centered, imperious behavior. GIR enjoys taking part in Earth's culture, while Zim distances himself from it in order to complete his mission.

However, GIR and Zim occasionally seem to care for one another. He also watches classic cartoons on TVs in Zim's base and house. At first GIR obeys Zim without trouble or question, but as the episode rolls along the much more dangerous, cold, well-focused, rebellious, darker and serious side of GIR is shown.

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He also shows a very powerful thirst for knowledge about the entire planet, so it can be invaded or destroyed by Earth's much more worthier opponents. GIR also comes to view his master as an idiot who is incapable of completing his duties.

However, as the episode ends, Zim retores GIR's "normality", and the excitable robot returns to his old-self once again. Dib Membrane[ edit ] Dib Membrane [2] voiced by Andy Berman [3] is a young eccentric paranormal investigator who spends his time studying the supernatural and paranormal. He tends to thwart Zim in his schemes to take over the world.

Dib is generally hated by his classmates because they see him as annoying and crazy. His classmates also tend to bully him a lot, but Dib is reluctantly determined to save them anyway. Zim and Dib often fight because one is trying to destroy the planet and the other is trying to save it. While they are often portrayed as enemies, they have at least once been forced to work as reluctant teammates. They normally both hate each other with a passion and would like nothing better than to destroy each other.

Despite the both of them hating each other, an unfinished episode of the series revealed that when Dib lost interest in the Zim and the paranormal, Zim gave up on destroying the earth and only got back up when Dib decided to hunt Zim. Dib is sensitive over the size of his head and usually overreacts when people point out its largeness. It is revealed in some episodes that his head serves multiple purposes; in the episode "Gaz, Taster Of Pork", it served as a portal into other worlds.

When dealing with people like the police, the F. A precious few of these people realize just how sane Dib is and are kind enough to help him. The Swollen Eyeballs are a secret society dedicated to discovering the paranormal and separating the fake superstitions from the real ones. They all have secret code names and some of them are Dib's heroes. Dib's secret codename is Agent Mothman. Late in the series, Dib is actually seen arguing with some of these people and gets irritated when many of them decide not to help him or remind him of a situation of where he got no help when he really needed it.

In the episode "Zim Eats Waffles", where Dib is seen spying on Zim by using a hidden video camera in his kitchen he talks to another member of The Swollen Eyeballs and the F. When he is asked if he ever got that ghost ninja out of his toilet he replies angrily "Yes! No thanks to you! Because he is cried wolf so many times, Dib finds it very hard for people to believe him and is thrilled on the rare occasion when he finds someone who does.

Nonetheless, he is willing and prepared to strongly defend the paranormal field of study whenever someone makes fun of it or says it is not a real field of study. Before the comic book series was launched in Julyit was unknown what Dib and Gaz's surname was, if they had one at all. At the time of the television series, series creator Jhonen Vasquez claimed that their father Professor Membrane was actually using his first name in his title.

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However, the comic series has had Dib addressed as "Dib Membrane" multiple times, with the first being in a pre-Issue 0 and in an official Issue 5, leading to the assumption that Jhonen had changed his mind on this idea. Before the comics the Membrane surname had only been used by some of the fanbase for both Dib and Gaz. If and when someone or something stands in the way of her getting those things, she will thrust them into "a nightmare world from which there is no awakening.

As Gaz very rarely displays happiness, most viewers believe that she is humorless. She is portrayed as psychotic, cynical, antisocial and apathetic. In the series, Gaz has either a lukewarm or a cold relationship with most of the other characters. She mostly dislikes her brother Dib.

The only exception to all of these people might be her famous father Professor Membrane. He seems to have a warm relationship with Gaz, even though it is not shown all that often. Professor Membrane is very rarely ever home due to the world always needing his help.

However, he does make it a point to once a year have a family night with his kids and spends Christmas with them. Whenever he is home, Gaz seems to strongly prefer to spend time with him over listening to her brother's annoying, enthusiastically long, crazed rants.

Because she has a closer relationship with her father, the professor tends to call Gaz "honey" or on occasion by her name which he never does to Dib. She often spends time with him by going down to his lab to talk with him whenever he's home. She has made it known to her father that Dib greatly irritates her and that just the sound of his voice alone sends her into a very deep rage. Gaz's relationship with Zim can be described as distant, cold and unfriendly as the two very rarely interact with one another and whenever they do interact they mostly say one-liners, with the exception of the episodes "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" and "Future Dib".

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Zim considers Gaz as a very minor threat he often overlooks or is ignorant of her ability to easily defeat him. This could be due to the fact that he interacts chiefly with Dib and has a better knowledge of Dib's reactions than Gaz's.

However, it should also be made known that Zim thinks that Gaz is scary, and that even he as obsessive and power-crazed as he is, he does not wish to provoke her wrath. Whenever Gaz is questioned about her opinion of Zim, she acknowledges that he is an alien, but also says that he is too dumb and incompetent to take over the Earth.

SpazzSim Please see story for summary. She's still kinda fragile though Oh, and in the summary it says ZADF Zim and Dib Friendshipit's not really gonna be a friendship, it's gonna be a mutual agreement on certain things.

The teachers at my skool are EVIL. Especially the sharp pieces! The best memory of my one teacher is: Voice back to normal Riku is indeed from Kingdom Hearts.

Okey-dokey, onto the chapter! Sexual stuff, a baby making video, Zim and Dib agreeing on something, and Zim meets the porn world! I do not own in any way, shape, or form Invader Zim. I only own a new trenchcoat, that's black and warm and comfy and soft Health Class As Skool closed for the extraordinarily long day it had been, Lex could be seen walking up to Gaz. The girl was currently ignoring the world, preferring the comfort only video games and Riku could provide.

gaz and gir relationship questions

But, no matter how hard anybody tries, it's almost impossible to overlook a rather good-looking person of the opposite gender when they are standing right next to you. However, Gaz was a master of paying no attention to others even if they are the new kid, but she decided that she should extend the hand of kindness to Lex. He did help her up after she fell in the bathroom, and that was enough for her to at least say "Thanks" to him. Gaz sighed, reached a save point, and shut off the game.

Think about the great lay you're gonna have, he told himself. Now I'll know where she lives! Taking her hand in his, he marched proudly to the crosswalks. A lot like how Zim walks Gaz pinked just slightly at her mind's musings, but quickly brushed it off and attempted to burry the incriminating evidence of her head's rebellious ideas.

It was to no avail, as the purple haired teen couldn't help but enjoy random fantasies of a certain green-skinned alien and herself Shaking her head rapidly, she returned her attention to directing Lex to her house. Damn you, Lex, was somewhat his brain process at the time. The alien barely even registered Dib walking up to stand next to him, also glaring at Lex. His eyes are crazy, his hair is terrible, and he seems I heard him mutter something about making her his girlfriend Dib, after throwing Zim a nasty look for calling him crazy, nodded his head slowly.

I think I just figured out Lex's motive. The alien, however, had an expression of utter confusion on his green face. What is so bad about 'sleeping' with another person? He wants to have-" Zim lowered his voice, "a relationship? He's only what, like 17? And Gaz is 15! That's far too young in our society to be conducting a relationship of that level. Hey, at what age do your species reproduce?

I came from a test tube, as are most of the other Invaders.

gaz and gir relationship questions

I'm not sure if they have any sort of sexual reproduction on my planet. But I do know that we have all of the necessary components required to create a-" "Ack!