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Goten, by comparison, is a whole lot less interesting than Gohan. reach their forms, Goten was able to hit that benchmark by age seven. . At least Trunks was able to interact with his future self and has sort of a relationship. In fact, Goten and Trunks actually seem to be smaller than what they were during the Buu Saga. This is how Saiyans age at a different rate than humans. Relationships. By: Shuggie Their age difference had never really been a problem for them. It made Vegeta seem as good natured as Goku.

Luckily, he made up for things by following through on the promise he forgot, and the two have been together since. In these episodes, Goku and Chi-Chi are getting ready to get married, when a fire breaks out in the Ox-King's castle. Desperate to save Chi-Chi's mother's wedding dress, which he was saving for the wedding, the Ox King is trapped in the fire and Goku and Chi-Chi head out to find the bansho fan in otherworld, where they run into Grandpa Gohan. The fire is eventually put out, and Goku and Chi-Chi have their wedding.

But, can you really blame her? Goku is an absent and negligent father and husband at times, usually more preoccupied with training and fighting. As a result, Chi-Chi tends to yell at Goku a lot, usually to get him to put at least a fraction of the effort he puts into fighting into being a good dad.

However, all this yelling doesn't mean that Chi-Chi hates her husband. In fact, if anything, it shows that the cares about him. At least, that's how we like to see it. They had both been scared at first, what with the age difference and their fathers.

Pan knew her father tended to take fatherly precaution a bit too far. While she was worried for Trunks concerning Gohan's reactions, she was more worried about Vegeta. Vegeta wasn't exactly the biggest fan of her family, and she shuddered to think what he would have to say about his only son mating with a low class Saiyan's granddaughter.

They had talked it over and decided to give it a try.


It was simple enough for them to sneak away to be together. Gohan thought Pan could do no wrong, and Trunks was a grown man whose parents had long ago lost most of their rights to breathing down his neck.

Bra was the first one to find out. The Saiyan Princess was exceptionally good at reading people. No one knew where she got the talent from. She hadn't told anyone. She'd merely drug Pan off to the side one day and demanded details. She hadn't really been surprised either.

After all, she claimed, Goku and Bulma's families had to join into one somehow, why not let it be with her brother and best friend? Thankfully, Bra hadn't told anyone. Goten had found out next. Trunks had been a moron and forgotten to lock his door one night while Pan was over.

They had only been kissing, but Goten walked in the room. He'd nearly torn Trunks's head off, thinking that his friend had pushed his niece into it. They had calmed him down, and within a few minutes, he was cheerful again.

But he had promised to break Trunks's face if Trunks broke Pan's heart. Surprisingly, Goten had kept the secret too. It was a couple of years before they had found the courage to tell their families.

As expected, Gohan had flow off the walls. It had taken everyone in both families to hold him down while Trunks cowered behind Pan. Vegeta had sat in a corner twitching in an unhealthy manner. Although he wouldn't admit it, he was more frightened of Bulma than Gohan was of Videl. The small rational portion of his brain, the part that had kept him from constantly trying to fight Freiza all those years ago, held him back from beating sense into his son and maybe even knocking Pan for a quick loop.

It had taken a while for Gohan to calm down and even longer for him to stop threatening Trunks. He still wasn't completely comfortable with the situation, but Pan and Trunks were free to show affections for each other in front of their families now.

The general atmosphere was so much less stressful without everyone watching Gohan out of the corners of their eyes, waiting for him to pounce. One day Pan knew her father would finally realize that she wasn't a baby girl any more. He'd realize that she was grown up and in love. Vegeta would also put aside his animosity at the situation. Either way, Pan adored the situation she was in. She adored being able to run up to Trunks and pull him in for a passionate kiss with everyone watching.

She loved that they could show their love for each other. She loved the feel of relaxing in his strong arms. Originally, the prevailing theory was simply that, because Goku could already turn Super Saiyan when Goten was conceived, Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth. Later, Toriyama added new information and confirmed that Goten was born without a tail and that tailless hybrids can turn Super Saiyan easily.

With the very recent addition of S-Cells, though, it seems like the original fan theory has actually ended up being canon.

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Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth. S-Cells are cells found in Saiyans that allow them to turn Super Saiyan. The more S-Cells you have, the easier you can trigger Super Saiyan. Then again, Goku does hunt so maybe he was just out looking for dinner when Chi-Chi gave birth. At this point in the story, Goku is dead. Goten was born and it was like Goku never left. So, pen in hand, Toriyama crafted a way to let him keep Goku dead while still drawing him.

Goku as a child was stocky while Goten was far leaner.

Goku was more aggressive and in your face, but Goten was passive and docile. Fans, as a whole, should take more precaution in fact checking before they say something, but Toriyama is kind of at fault here.

Fans, as a whole, should take more precaution in fact checking.

Why Trunks and Goten Don't Age!!

If all your Dragon Ball knowledge comes from exclusively reading the manga or watching the anime, the text makes it very clear Gohan is becoming the main character of the Buu saga. So what causes the shift if not angry fans? While he does give Gohan one of the happier endings, he made the shift back to Goku the first chance he got.

Dragon Ball: Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Goku’s Family

Just like the main character misconception, this one also has some basis in reality. In the anime, and only the anime, Gohan is pushed heavily as Goku's narrative equal. The manga is a much different story.