Guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

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guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

Inori was made by GHQ to "contain Mana's mind", and Gai was the one who woke her Physical Body Is Destroyed But Soul Is Alive Remained in Shu Ouma .. exist in the Guilty Crown universe without any connection with their actual body. Here are my Top 10 relateable guilty crown bestwebdirectory.infong off if you try. But if you don't try, you definitely can't”– Inori Yuzuriha Shuu Ouma. Pairing: Yuzuriha Inori X Ouma Shu colored, almost the same color of her hair, and there are so many heart symbols surrounding the couple. .. So, instead, he leans closer to her until the tips of their noses are touching.

Tsugumi Tsugumi is the hacker for the Funeral Parlour. She has a neko-like appearance. Whereas the rest of the team is out on the frontlines, she is the sole person who supports them on the backend. Especially in high action sequences, Tsugumi is usually the one dishing out instructions or commands in a spirited manner.

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Outside of battles, she is usually cheerful and cheeky. Even if the situation is dire, Tsugumi eliminates the graveness with her upbeat personality. She can be said to be the most enthusiastic support character.

He is a stereotypical jock who speaks and acts in a brash manner. However, he is good natured at heart and prefers for his subordinates to be friendly with him.

Dan is often irresponsible at work. Often his ideas are often unorthodox to the point of being ludicrous. Dan is a very upbeat man and exudes an aura of confidence. He often tries to show his subordinates that he cares for them by giving them talks but this is often undermined as he is often pushy and assertive.

Dan is extremely fervent and passionate for the cause of the GHQ and fights for the better of mankind. He can be hot-headed and aggressive. Despite being a side character, his spirit and passion blows us away every time he appears. Suspected to have a split personality, he can be playful at times but sadistic when on the battlefield.

When his role model was caught having an affair, he felt betrayed and became enraged. Even at a young age, he is shown to possess skills that rival many skilled pilots. He even cornered Ayase, another highly skilled pilot on numerous occasions and almost succeeded in killing her.

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Whilst piloting an Endlave, Daryl is capable of causing mass destruction. His tenacity and somewhat violent tendencies makes it extremely intriguing to watch while on the battlefield. Enigmatic as much as he is charismatic, Gai fights for an unknown reason until the later part of the anime.

He is apparently the childhood friend of Shu and their relationship is not expanded until the later half of the anime. Gai is extremely intelligent. He is able to concoct complex plans and execute them despite Funeral Parlour being inferior to the massive GHQ.

Gai is the front of the Funeral Parlour. He is unlike most leaders who command the battlefield from a distance. Gai jumps straight into the battlefield and fights alongside his members whilst giving out instructions and issuing commands. During high intensity situations, this is very exciting to watch as Gai is able to fight and command at the same time. Since he is extremely charismatic as well, he will leave you very pumped up!

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She does not allow her handicapped status to draw her down. A highly skilled Endlave pilot, Ayase rivals Daryl with her piloting skills. Ayase is also a strong willed individual who puts her all for the cause of the Funeral Parlour. When she developed feelings for Shu, her loyalty and disposition shows itself as she refused to leave Shu alone when the building is collapsing, putting herself at risk as well.

One thing you should never do is underestimate Ayase. Her handicapped status only makes her drive even stronger and more impassioned than ever. Ayase fights with the same level of energy as her comrades. As an Endlave pilot, she has a fiery attitude that is overwhelming. Makoto pledges allegiance to none and his role in this era is to simply fulfil his own agendas. Makoto also has the ability to manipulate people to get the information he wants. Originally an antagonist, Makoto fought against Shu.

After realising the power of Voids, he aids Shu simply to see the beauty of the Voids. Makoto is certainly an unorthodox figure in this anime. In his scenes, he is always shown to be dedicated to accomplishing his goals and targets. Yet however, these goals and targets change so frequently such that Makoto is always striving for something different every time.

No matter what his intentions are however, Makoto will always use methods that are so inconceivable — that they strike and awe even his foes. Regardless of his calm and cool exterior, you can sense his drive and motivation in achieving his goals. Ouma Shu An unsociable teen, Shu was quick to break out of his shell after an encountering with Inori. Wielding the Power of the King, Shu carries the future and hope of Japan.

Along the way, he encountered many situations which allow him to mature further. At his pinnacle, Shu realises his power and now fights to save everyone even if it means soiling his own hands.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

What—" "Do you feel it? He can feel her pulse under the porcelain skin of her chest. That's probably because of what you just did. You know, because of the kiss. Love is when you really like someone, you don't ever want to be apart from them. And when they're gone, you're going to be lonely and miserable.

And whenever they're away, you won't be able to stop thinking about them. You won't be able to keep your mind away from their smiles. Fizing his gaze on hers, he whispers, "Or the color of their eyes.

His voice is deep and low, but also so soothing, like a lullaby. When you were gone—when the GHQ took you away I felt cold and Gai told me that it was loneliness. That time, I just wanted to see you again. I wanted to know that you were safe. He still can't believe whether he's really hearing this or not.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

He just feels like it's not going to be enough to show his feelings; his love for her. So, instead, he leans closer to her until the tips of their noses are touching. The kiss is softer and definitely slower than before. It's gentle and warm, so different than what Inori did to him before. Both of them close their eyes in reflex and this time, she lets him lead the way. Shu raises his other hand to cup her cheek and he slowly parts her lips with his.

She follows, responding to his kiss as easy as breathing.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

This feels a lot more natural, and the butterflies in her stomach feel a lot bigger than what she felt before. And Shu hasn't even used his tongue yet. A moment later, Shu lets her go. His cheeks are smeared with the color of red and when he looks at her, she can somehow see a glint of passion and desire in his eyes.

There are so many boys who look at her that way, but somehow Shu is different. He treats her like she's as fragile as a porcelain doll. He doesn't want to hurt her and she can feel that from every light-but-fiery touch of his fingertips on her skins. Shifting his body, he flips her over until this time, she's the one who's lying down on the couch. Carefully, Shu climbs on top of her, trying hard not to pressure her down with his weight. The pink-haired girl circles her arms around his neck and pulls him down.

He leans down to press his lips against her temple, then moves a little further down to kiss the tip of her nose, then both of her cheeks before he finally kisses her fully on the mouth.

The sounds of their breaths and their kisses fill the entire room. Inori still tastes like the strawberry cheesecake she just ate, and he can't get enough of it.

She tastes so sweet and warm. And she smells really nice too. He eagerly licks her bottom lip, and sometimes, nibbling on it. When he does that, Inori shivers in delight. She parts her lips wider and Shu takes advantage of it by sneaking his tongue to touch hers.

Both of them let out a small moan when their tongues make contacts. Shu is still embarrassed on doing it, but he doesn't stop massaging his tongue with hers. Inori can finally understand what he said before.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice

Using tongues really does makes everything feel better. The kiss makes her toes tingle and her stomach lurches in a delightful way. She wants more and more of this. Breaking off the kiss, Shu leans closer to Inori's ear. She can feel the warmth of his breath on her face and his natural scent is intoxicating. Inori takes a sharp breath as Shu bites her bottom lip softly, and she can't help but to curl her fingers around the back of his dark green sweater as he sucks on it.

She moans his name, and lets their tongues collide together. This earns a low groan from the back of Shu's throat, and her toes are tingling from the new sensation. His voice is too seductive for her ears. Soon, they are breathless.

None of them are experts at kissing, but they are more than willing to learn. And none of them want to stop. The tip of his tongue feels wet on her skin and it sends shivers down her spine. He immediately stops moving. We can stop if—" "No. When he continues to suck on it—harder this time—Inori gives out a small whimper and runs her fingers through Shu's hair. It's surprisingly soft and fluffy. But that would be His heart is beating like crazy. What would Gai do if he was stuck in this position?

He unconciously asks himself, and then the thought of Gai making-out with Inori forms in his head. It makes him sick. You're not Gai, are you? Do things your way! He makes up his mind and takes a proper look at Inori's chest. All the blood rushes to his head and he blushes madly. I've never been in this kind of situation before! How should I know what to do?

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Shu is about to get the most massive nosebleed in the history of mankind. With the soft blush on her cheeks, Inori looks even more beautiful. And, he shyly admits, very erotic. The ribbons that tied her hair before are now untied, letting her hair falls loosely on her shoulders.

The way her chest is heaving up and down with every breath she takes, and the way she tangled her fingers on his hair earlier are just Shu breathes out heavily.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship advice