Guilty crown shu and inori relationship goals

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guilty crown shu and inori relationship goals

Guilty Crown is a sci-fi anime series that aired on Fuji TV's noitaminA program block. The series follows Shu Ouma, an intelligent yet socially awkward teenager which aims to liberate Japan from GHQ, when he meets Inori Yuzuriha, the famous Internet Singer of the band Egoist and a member of the Undertakers. Generally, the characters and terminology have the same setting of liberating Japan alongside the roles/expies: Shu is Lelouch/Suzaku, Inori is CC, Gai is. See more. Ouma Shu & Inori Yuzuriha, Guilty Crown Manga Couple, Couple Art, Cute Anime .. See more. Guilty Grown || Friendship goals: Ayase + Ayase.

She refuses however, saying Gai gave her a name and a world, so she can't leave. Inori reveals to Shu that Gai told her to say and do everything up until now and that she had no feelings for him.

Shu is heartbroken at this and runs after her only to find Gai and Inori going into a room together. Inori and Gai are seen in the room, with Gai hooked up to a machine getting blood from Inori.

He tells Inori that she looks more like her everyday and she asks if it bothered him. He replies saying he didn't know. She also watches as Shu passes his mock battle until they receive news that Gai might be dead, to which she showed great worry. They eventually regain contact and they save Gai, who tells them they'll have to think of a different plan. However, Shu protests, saying that they'll put too much people in danger. Inori watches as Shu runs away after he gets embarrassed and follows him.

She tells him to do exactly what she says and allows him access to Gai through her DNA on a glove. She is seen listening outside soon after. There, she tells two Anti Bodies to stay away or she'll kill them. However, they charge towards her and she shoots them, earning a shocked reaction from Shu. After the Leukocyte malfunctions, Inori appears before Shu but with a different voice.

She asks him if he wants to save everyone and he says yes. She smiles at him and reveals a completely different Void, which was formed by joining her Void with Kido's. She is seen looking up at the sky after waking up from her unconsciousness.

She is seen later returning to school with Shu, who is very nervous about it. Upon arrival, they are immediately questioned by a few students, who bully Shu by saying he's a criminal adn warn Inori. She seems angered by it only for Shu to hold Inori's hand and pull her away, something she carefully looks at.

OTAKU, Guilty Crown Inori and Shu I will forever be

They hear a slap from behind and look back, only to see Arisa Kuhouin slap the boy who said those things to them. Later at Shu's home, Haruka sees Inori and notices the resemblance between her and the girl in Shu's memories but shakes it off. On the day of the 'party' Inori is seen with Tsugumi and Ayase who watch as Shu and Gai carry out their plan and rejoice when they become victorious.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship goals

Shu must use Sota void to unlock the gates on the island to take the stone of beginning, so he's forced to use Inori as a decoy and bring Sota out and withdraw his void. Later Sota and Inori were coming together to the beach side, but Shu hides in bush and watches them. Sota shows his own handmade video to Inori, the music video of Euterpe like Shu did before him, and Inori says "it's beautiful.

When he asks Inori, she responds that voids will change if people's hearts change too. Later on the mission, Shu must take Inori's void to fight, but he cannot do it and runs away from Inori, so Gai is forced to cancel the mission.

After he went home, he finds Inori waiting for him to say farewell and give him a brand new song she made, but Shu starts to see illusions of Inori as Mana with the cancer virus like a monster.

He panics and slaps Inori's hand away, causing the music drive to break apart and yells "Monster! Before the mission, Inori asks Gai about Shu, feeling curious about Shu and asked him if is she loves Shu. Because she feels that way, Gai avoids it and says they'd talk about it later. Inori then says the song was not right, and that chaos was going to happen causing her to scream, "Stop it!

They come up with a plan to soothe the virus, meanwhile Funell found Shu in a movie clubroom near the school, Tsugumi speaking to him through Funell, says everything was destroyed because he didn't come to help, and because of that Gai and Inori might be dead all because he abandoned them.

Inori Yuzuriha

He manages to get back into shape and with the help of Hare he calls Arisa, Kanon, Sota, and Yahiro for their help. Inori stands on the top of the radar building in the airport and sings " Departures ", and the lights that stand over the building cure the people affected with the crystal cancer.

Gai's cancer disappeared and he was able to rest. Shu came with his friends to rescue Inori using their Voids, managing to defeat the obstacles and reach Inori. However, just as Shu was about to reach Inori, a mysterious boy appeared from behind her and pull her Void out, which forced her to stop moving. The boy attacked Shu with Inori's Void, but it ended up slashing Gai, who protected him. Inori was then taken away by the young boy.

Inori was used as a sacrifice to bring back Mana, so she could cause another outbreak of the virus around the world but Mana's rebirth was prevented by Shu and Gai, however the sacrifice was already over and Mana infected Inori's body. During this, Shu, Inori, Tsugumi, and Ayase hide out in the school and try to find a way to escape together.

Sota had an idea to make a culture festival to cheer everyone up and have concert of "Egoist" in the festival. Inori turns out to have a split personality which actually is Mana's infected side controlling her which makes Inori stab Arisa's hand, kill forceful students, and kill a group of bandits. Inori starts to fear that she might end up killing Shu if it continues then remembers telling her about her void but remarking that Inori is Inori, which helped her understand that even if she was a monster with a fake heart and emotions, to her they were always real.

After they can escape from school through the red line, some group of students want to get revenge on Shu, just as Gai appear and cut Shu's right arm off, and "The King's Power" was absorbed into Gai. Inori holds Shu and runs from Gai, because they were together all the time. Shu feels hopeless by losing his power and his right arm.

One day Shu heard some music and found Inori singing Euterpe. Inori stopped and comes to Shu, she says thank you and she'll always be on his side, then she makes him sleepy and go out, and fight with Ghost unit. She uses the Apocalypse crystal as weapons like the claw, which is the power from the unfinished sacrifice, it's Mana power. In addition she fell to Gai, he used the bow void and shot her, which it become rope and stopped her.

Gai takes Inori to top of the headquarter tower, pulls her up and awaits to erase her memory, and use her body as Mana's vessel. Before Inori's almost devoured, Gai blame's himself because he helped Inori out from that day, but Inori didn't feel that way.

Someone then shouts out saying that the GHQ were attacking and they all head to the front lines. Gai asks Tsugumi how Ayase and the others were doing and she tells him that an enemy was coming at them from the left. Gai is later seen in shock at Shu's newly awakened power. They soon arrive there and before Shu could speak, Gai gets a call from Ayase. She apologizes to him for failing her mission but blushes when Gai tells her he's glad she was alive.

He returns his attention to Inori who just woke up and tells her he was disappointed in her, saying the Void Genome was for his use. He goes on to explain what Voids are and tells Shu that he's not allowed to stand and watch by the sidelines. Before Shu can protest, Gai grabs him by his shirt and tells him that he can either be selected out of this world or adapt to it and change. He receives a call from Arugo, who tells him that the Anti Bodies have captured some people who were taking shelter in a building.

Gai meets with the rest of the "Funeral Parlor" and forms a plan to rescue them. After the plan starts, he reveals his identity to the GHQ before Guin starts a countdown and says that if they don't surrender he would die. However, Shu uses the Kaleidoscope to reflect the lazers back onto Guin, killing him and some other GHQ members in the process.

Later, Gai offers Shu to come and work for the Undertaker but is turned down. He later informs Shu of someone who goes by the codename "Sugar" that witnessed the previous events that happened.

He states that the only way to make the person forget is to extract their Void. When the plan went sour, Gai changes the plan and it ends up prevailing. After the battle Gai finally persuades Shu to join the "Funeral Parlor" and they set off. Gai reveals Shu to the "Funeral Parlor" and orders Ayase to train him if she valued her life.

He is later seen walking into a room with Inori and it is revealed that he has to take her blood two to three times each month, for an unknown reason.

After, Gai sets the first part of his plan into action to take the Leukocyte, but this backfires when it attacks the area they were in. It kills all of Gai's teammates and Kyo so Gai decides to change their plan. While taking Inori's blood, Gai questions himself on why he was doing all of this, saying it took all he had just to keep up the 'leader' act. He is over-heard by Shu, and they get involved in a fist fight.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship goals

Shu punches Gai to the face, knocking his chain off. He tries to reach for it but can't because of his injury. Shu picks it up for him and tells him that he'll help and Gai calls him an idiot. They carry out the plan to destroy the Leukocyte by using Kido's Void, before they are interrupted by Daryl who wants revenge because Gai humiliated him. Gai defeats him quite easily even though Daryl was in his Endlave, which Shu is amazed about.

Gai is revealed to have known that Shu had the 'pen' that Segai gave him, and uses it to let the Leukocyte target him. However, Shu shows up with a new Void which was given to him by the girl that resembles Inori but Gai refuses to tell Shu who the owner of the Void was.

They succeed and Shu tells Gai that they were both accomplices and Shu helps Gai up. After some days Shibungi informs Gai that they are running out of supplies,although they had still some savings they have no route to transport new supplies, Gai apparently knows someone who will help them. The next night Gai and Shu disguise themselves as Butler and attend a party on cruise ship to make a deal with the Head of the Kuhouin group also known as Arisa's grandfather.

Accidentally, Shu runs into Arisa, in which he tries to run away from her. He tells Gai to take care of the rest and flees. Gai stops Arisa before she could chase after Shu, and he tells her that she is like his armadillo pet that he had when he was young, which makes Arisa furious. She tries to slap Gai but he stops her by holding her hand. After Gai makes his proposal to Arisa's grandfather, Shu tells Gai that Tsugumi informed him about a attack on the ship from the anti-bodies.

There are some Gundam references. Funell is basically a Haro with wheels and another paint-job. Gai's physical appearance looks like Rey za Burrel. Another Gundam-reference is actually present, as unusual as it might be for Gundam. See how the Apocalypse Virus turns people into crystals and kills them? Then remember how the ELS killed people.

By turning them into crystals. And in both cases the subject seems to feel tremendous pain from the conversion.

Code Geass

Gai shows up as Shu's lawyer in Episode 4, his cover name: Argo's appearance looks like Ryuuji Suguro. Episode 7 features a Super Mario Bros. After Gai is revived, his appearance is similar to Sephiroth and Griffith. Inori's pink hair is similar to Yuno from Future Diaryalongside Mana up to her insanity. Shu sharing the role of a shy protagonist counts. Not to mention both animes release in Fall Aside from the obvious onethe scene where Shu pulled a weapon out of Inori's chest calls back several different shows.

The setting also has references of Eureka Seven. Inori's supernatural singing is akin to Macross Frontier.