Guts and griffith relationship help

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guts and griffith relationship help

Were Guts' and Griffith's egos just too big to just stay friends? fine Caska would probably help him keep his humanity (it's Gutts relationships. If that sounds like it'll piss you off but you still want more Guts/Griffith content, and he's figured that maybe staying and helping take care of Casca is a .. post- Eclipse, Guts' relationship with Casca largely revolves around his. the world: people who pursue their dreams, or people who help pursue necessary to first understand Guts, and his relationship with Griffith.

Griffith himself gives us some insight, though, stating that he "Needed to see if he felt anything [by seeing Guts again]". Why he conciously, voluntarily, threw everything away when Guts left.

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One of the major themes of the Golden Age Arc of Berserk was dreams, and how the pursuit of those dreams or lack of determined what role a person plays in life.

Griffith states that "Dreams breathe life into men and can cage them in suffering". As we know, Griffith's dream was to reach the shining castle on the horizon, to rule his own kindgom, and he pursued it with what can only be described as, quite literally, deadly tenacity.

guts and griffith relationship help

The reason Griffith is so intent on achieving his dream is because to him, there are but two people in the world: But in order to fully understand the world view Griffith has and establish my argument, I believe it is necessary to first understand Guts, and his relationship with Griffith.

Throughout his life, Guts has defied a deathly fate, and the only way he's forged a future for himself is by his determination, perseverance, and will to live.

guts and griffith relationship help

Quite literally from birth, Guts has been fighting to survive, against all odds. He was born to a corpse, raised by an abusive mercenary, made his living by being one By all means, Guts should have been a deadman.

But even from an extremely young age, Guts has used his sword, determination, and I realize this once again puts me dangerously close to blasphemous sacrifice territory, so let's introduce some of his less positive traits.

While admired and idolized by his Band of the Hawk, Griffith is shrewd and ruthless in his ambition, manipulating or disposing of the people who oppose his rise to power without hesitation. He's arrogant and brutally realistic about human nature, but most importantly, he's the kind of person that Guts aspires to stand on equal ground with.

While Griffith rises on the shoulders of the people attracted by his charisma and determination, and he certainly takes their loyalty for granted, he doesn't betray their trust before the Eclipse or force them into anything they didn't sign up for. As mercenaries, they got the best deal by sticking with a leader who not only raises their chance at survival, but also enables a surrogate family to blossom within their ranks, taking them further than they could ever have dreamed.

He risks his life to save Guts from Zodd, and he doesn't charm Casca into following him for ruthless reasons. She joins him because of the feelings she projects onto him, as does everyone else. It's rather interesting that in a story where fate looms ever-present on the horizon, the maxim Griffith shares with the Hawks outside of the battlefield is "Do as you wish.

Why is Guts any different? Griffith recognizes Guts' talents and wants to harness them to accomplish his goals, but that's not why he asks Guts to assassinate Julius instead of ordering him.

why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

It's also not the reason that only Guts is privy to the unsightly cleanup after the poisoning attempt, and it's not why Griffith loses his composure so spectacularly after Guts' departure. Someone independent who can find his own reason to live and follow that part without guidance. And if anyone tries to crush his dream, protect it heart and soul. Even if that person happened to be me.

guts and griffith relationship help

For me, a true friend is someone I consider my equal. Regretfully, the first of these moments is missing from the movie trilogy entirely, a rather baffling choice considering its crucial importance for Griffith's character arc and the conclusion of Golden Age. This is the first time we see his desire to rationalize what cannot be rationalized, which is met with the reward of temporary success. It is a blood-smeared dream, after all. I don't regret or feel guilty about it. But to risk thousands of lives while never getting my hands dirty It's not a dream that can be so easily realized!

He's dangerously good at compartmentalization, closing off his heart to feelings of guilt and shame that would only get in the way of climbing to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him and everyone who believes in himhuman emotions don't work that way. It's already hard for him to rationalize people dying for his dream, but Griffith's emotional turmoil escalates when he resorts to prostitution in exchange for funds to shorten the war effort.

Outwardly, he reduces the lord who buys his body to nothing more than a pebble in his path, not worthy of any emotional reaction.

But when he fails to literally wash the revulsion away, resorting to self-mutilation to transform the pain into something he can understand and repress, we clearly see the limits of his resilience.

It's a painfully human moment, but it's even more disturbing to see him succeed at this repression. Casca is much more shocked by how quickly he regains control and becomes all reassuring smiles again than she is to learn what he did. And so should we be.


At the time of Guts and Griffith's second duel, the war is already won. Enemies at court have been subdued or disposed of, and Griffith has been raised to the peerage.

It's all simple scheming and charming himself into the line of succession from here, with no further need for Guts' particular talents. After years of idolization and success, Griffith has become used to the idea of himself as the infallible savior, detached from all those fragile humans he holds in the palm of his hand. But simply losing control over Guts isn't what causes him to lose his composure. The first instance of inner monologue we get from Griffith marks this moment as Golden Age's peripeteiaforeboding the significance that Guts' departure will have on Griffith before he is even defeated.

We've seen Griffith show a side to Guts that he doesn't share with anyone, thinking it would be too much for even the other Hawks to handle. With Guts, he can be honest, even going so far as to seek his approval on decisions.

The best friendships form between self-sufficient people, and when Guts leaves to find a dream of his own and become truly self-sufficient, it turns out Griffith was the dependent one between them. Griffith's no good without you! Eventually, Casca, too, finds herself at the mercy of the mercenary; with his then closest confidant in danger, Griffith finally dons his armor and arrives to the scene, intercepting Guts' attack with a spear. He attempts to reason with Guts, but to no avail, left only with the option of dismantling and incapacitating the swordsman.

With his interest piqued, Griffith has Guts taken to the Falcons' nearby encampment and orders Casca to lie with the injured mercenary to provide him with warmth. When Guts finally awakens, Griffith attempts to enlist him, an offer which Guts firmly refuses.

Lustful for vengeance, Guts gives Griffith a choice: Not one to avoid the forceful acquisition of things he desires, Griffith agrees to Guts' terms and engages him in combat.

Ultimately outmaneuvering his opponent, Griffith dislocates Guts' arm and claims the swordsman for himself as a newly enlisted member of his mercenary band. Three years later, when the Band of the Falcon successfully defends the Midland army against the Black Ram Iron Lance heavy cavalry's attack, they are enlisted by the kingdom full-time in its century-spanning war against Tudor. As a reward for his valiant defensive efforts, Griffith is knighted by the King of Midland and granted the title of viscount, at long last obtaining a peerage among the Midland nobility and taking one step closer to realizing his dream.

guts and griffith relationship help

In the midst of seizing a Tudor stronghold, Griffith is informed of a powerful enemy leader holding back the final push into the inner citadel. He and his forces venture towards the fortress to inspect the situation, narrowly arriving in time to free Guts from the clutches of the apostle Zodd.

Ordering his men to fall back as Zodd slaughters the Falcons for their interference, Griffith slyly makes his way to Guts to carry him to safety. An enraged Zodd retaliates by tail whipping Griffith into a nearby pillar, knocking the White Falcon unconscious.

As the demon goes in for the kill, he spots Griffith's dangling beherit, shocked to see that someone such as Griffith possesses the fabled "Egg of the King".

Consequently, Zodd stays his hand and departs, leaving Guts with a cryptic prophecy warning of an inescapable doom which will befall him should Griffith's dream ever collapse. Taken back to Wyndham to have his wounds tended to, having made allies and enemies alike within the Midland aristocracy, Griffith recuperates and visits Guts on a castle terrace where the latter is training.

He begins to muse over their encounter with Zodd, using it as evidence of things beyond human understanding.

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Following Griffith's reflection, Guts asks why he would risk his life on a mere soldier's behalf; amused by the question, Griffith responds with one of his own, asking if he's truly obliged to provide a reason every time he risks his life for Guts. Griffith is soon after introduced to the king's timid daughter, Princess Charlottecatching her as she trips walking down the terrace steps. Upon breaking her fall, Griffith is slapped by Julius for making contact with the princess, to which Griffith apologizes for his actions with utmost insincerity.

During the Autumn Hunt, in which the Falcons act as the king's guard, Griffith discusses with Charlotte the depravity of men and teaches her how to use a leaf as a reed. A wild boar then springs out from the nearby foliage, startling Charlotte's horse as she and Griffith are separated from the hunting party.

guts and griffith relationship help

Upon saving Charlotte and calming her horse, Griffith is shot with a crossbow from the distant undergrowth. His beherit, however, shields him from what he realizes to be a poisoned arrow.

Guts & Griffith - The Driving Force Behind Berserk

Noticing the lethality and costliness of the employed poison, Griffith concludes it to be the doing of Julius, keenly watching as the knight departs in the distance.