Hayate and nagi relationship

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hayate and nagi relationship

ok if u know a bit about the non-translated manga u know that after the arguing between hayate and athena he went crying aimlessly and. Family & Relationships Hayate, her butler, is indebted to her, so Hayate always saves Nagi from any According to Hayate, Nagi looks like her mother. Except for Hayate's random romantic feelings for Nagi. typical in shonen that romance is seen as the deepest and highest relationship.

Not to mention that this is a terribly overused meme. If memory serves me right, the last one was the Athena vs Nagi article and that was written years ago back when the manga was in chapter Simply put, all the significant arcs in this manga imply that Nagi is the ending girl.

Of course, the more recent Ikusa arc also ended on a positive note with an implied thumbs-up for the Hayate x Nagi pairing. When people say that Hayate is a better match for X girl, I never actively disagree with them.

Nagi Sanzenin is the co-main character of this series and you would have to justify an ending where she does not end up getting seriously hurt. Perhaps Hata could play it off for comedic purposes, but the long-term implication will always be that Nagi would end up unhappy. Nagi just would not be truly happy unless she ends up together with Hayate as his official romantic partner. Just to make things nice and clear: Can you really imagine an ending with the main heroine having her heart broken and becoming emotionally scarred for life?

They don't matter, of course! What about Hayate, you might ask? You say that he has feelings for Hinagiku and it would be like a dream come true for him to be with her?

You say he was feeling sad to have to let go of Ruka? I don't dislike her? What we are sure of however is that Nagi is definitely in love with Hayate in a romantic way and with everything that she has been doing so far just to get him to notice her, it would be a terrible ending and a horrible waste of time if he does not at least notice her as a girl at some point. As a result, the manga suffered somewhat. Hata-sensei had a number of plot threads hanging about, but sometimes it would be literal years before he would pick one up again.

Why did Mikado have the Sanzenin Inheritance open for anyone to get? What happened to Maria after all was said and done? What happened to him? Resolutions to the Athena, Ayumu, and Hina romance plot lines more on that in a bit.

Hisui and her older? What did young Isumi do that caused young Nagi to cry and become afraid? All of this could have been avoided if Hata-sensei would have started resolving plot threads years ago rather than waste so much time on gag chapters. The ultimate resolution to the Sanzenin Legacy is a serious letdown due to the rushed nature of the ending of the manga.

Imagine how much more satisfying it would have been is Ikusa and Hayate teamed up and confronted their parents once and for all, not only physically, but verbally as well.

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Alas, that was not to be. The Harem Ships Although Hata-sensei wanted the romantic comedy element to end up with Nagi x Hayate, for whatever reasons likely the easy comedy aspects since therehe introduced the harem romantic comedy stuff. We had normal girl Ayumu do her confession to Hayate early on. She worked as a love interest for Hayate as they had a history.

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Further, Hayate did acknowledge an interest in Ayumu were it not for his debt to Nagi. Hina comes in next. Hayate goes out with her and is clearly attracted to her. She worked as a love interest for Hayate as they worked well together as a team. Athena comes in next and she comes in like a lion. Here, Hayate is reunited with his former girlfriend and is resolved to save her. More on this in a bit. Finally, Hata-sensei adds the idol Ruka to the mix.

With Ruka, we get a complete arc for a harem girl, right down to a proper resolution of the arc so that Ruka exits the harem with grace. Sadly for the other girls, we get no such resolutions. For Ayumu, she just gives up because Hata-sensei is out of time to wind down her character arc properly. However, the ultimate resolution for Ayumu is pretty unsatisfactory. For Athena, Hata-sensei is forced to again have her torpedo herself. Athena just removing herself is highly unsatisfactory and never seems believable.

Finally, Hina pretty much removes herself from the field as well. Hata-sensei tosses her fans a bone by having Hina pursue Hayate and start to confess her love to him.

Hinagiku Katsura

Of course, had Hayate heard it, he might have considered it based on his relationship with Hina. Had Hata-sensei been smart, he would have resolved the Hina ship arc back when Hayate told Hina he loved Athena.

I loved watching her grow as a character over time, though Hata-sensei was often reluctant to keep this maturity in place as it eliminated a gag comedy element from the manga. Throughout the entire manga, Hayate was never in love with Nagi in a romantic sense.

I firmly believed he loved her as the girl who saved his life. He loved her as one might love a sister. Indeed, when they went fishing, he thought about that very thing though Nagi took the incident to mean Hayate was making a move on her.

hayate and nagi relationship

He was never attracted to Nagi. For starters, I believe Hata-sensei wanted us to infer that because a young Hayate became a butler for the young Athena and fell in love with her in the limited way children do, but then as he became a teenager, in a more traditional waythe older Hayate will just fall in love with Nagi because she took him in like Athena did.

The difference is that with Athena, the romantic nature of their relationship was established from the start and was mutual. With Nagi, it was unrequited on her part and not seen by Hayate.

hayate and nagi relationship

Granted, Hayate knew nothing of this, but what the hey.