Hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship goals

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hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship goals

Aug 14, flirting and humorous arguing, Toshiro's relationship with Rangiku is a . His had no purpose and even Rangiku's company wasn't enough to. Admin:Rangiku and Toshiro's relationship in one picture. • Anime:Bleach • Character:Rangiku Matsumoto & Toshiro Hitsugaya • ➡ #bleach_chicks. Unlike most characters he really doesn't have an end goal. Rangiku Matsumoto is the Lieutenant of the Soul Society's 13 Squads tenth division Rukia has only a working relationship with Toshiro, but as a captain respects his strength.

What really surprises Rangiku is that Toshiro is leaning against a wall just inside the campus entrance, glancing through the crowd as if he is searching for someone. Rangiku narrows her eyes, who could he be possibly be waiting for? She had never known her captain to make friends with the high schoolers, there was only a small group of people he ever visited and she had met all of them at least once.

The students have almost completely cleared out in the courtyard, but Toshiro hasn't moved an inch, his gaze focused on the school's front doors.

Suddenly, his eyes light up and he pushes off against the wall. Rangiku cranes her neck, trying to get a glance at the person who has caused such a sudden change in her usually ice cold captain.

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A girl with dark hair slides through the doors and waves lightly at Toshiro. He smiles back, and Rangiku can't help but smile as she recognizes the high schooler.

Rangiku Matsumoto

The girl crosses over to Toshiro and he reaches out one hand towards her, his smile growing wider by the second. She accepts gratefully and the two entwine their fingers, walking off campus together. I should have seen the signs, she thinks to herself humorously. How could I have missed it?

Let me think, I remember when I first saw them together… Flashback: I am merely gathering some intel. She is kicking a soccer ball with her friends and yelling enthusiastically when she wants the ball to come into her possession.

Toshiro stands up from where he was perched, brushing off his pants. He looks back down at Karin and her friends. Down below, Karin has just scored a goal on her friend and the others have started celebrating as loudly as possible. The nearest one let out a loud whoop and leaps over to Karin, scooping her up in a huge hug.

She laughs and hugs him back, causing an unknown expression to flash across Toshiro's face.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship goals

Rangiku glances at her captain, and Toshiro's eyes snap to hers, his face returned to one of indifference. Rangiku blinks, she must be seeing things Flashback over "That should have been my first hint. Rangiku thinks back to only a few months ago, the next time she had seen Karin Kurosaki, it should have been her next big hint, too bad she was distracted with her own straying thoughts.

Ichigo nods, his face sober as he keeps one eye on Toshiro and one on his home. I immediately questioned him, but he just smiled and said he was feeling lonely.

Ichigo shakes his head again, and Toshiro tries to hide his obvious relief by scribbling down more notes. He glances up towards the house and notices the two Kurosaki twins are watching from a window. Karin meets his steady gaze before waving shyly. Toshiro nods at her once before returning to Ichigo.

Flashback over Rangiku jumps off the school roof, fully intending to follow the two teens. They can't just get together and not tell her! There was one more hint, and really, Rangiku should have only needed one… Flashback: Rangiku kicks on the Kurosaki household front door urgently, her captain hanging limp in her arms.

Even though it is 3 am, Isshin answers the door promptly and ushers the two Soul Reapers into his home. Isshin begins treatment on Toshiro immediately, stripping off his shihaksho. It was a clean slice, but he blacked out from blood loss shortly after we defeated the hollow. Toshiro's footsteps halted as his eyes landed on a curvaceous figure sitting on the bar stool, slightly slumped over the table.

Her golden locks now longer, covered her bare back that was exposed from the low cut, figure hugging, long, black dress. He had a sudden impulse to run his hand up and down her smooth back. He remembered how she felt in his hands as if it were only yesterday. Already from the distance he could tell that she was on her fifth or sixth cup of sake, because he'd seen her like this back in Seireitei.

He also knew why she was in such a state. The story, as far as he knew her, never changed. It was always because of him. He took a deep breath to ease that anger bubbling inside of him and took brave steps forward. She tried her best not to cry. She gently dabbed her eyes with a napkin and gave a small smile to the bartender as a sign to refill the cup, ignoring his judgemental, astonished look.

The moron has been trying to chat her up all evening but only after she started sobbing he fled from her like he would from a wild forest fire. For as long as she could remember, men could not handle tears.

Nursing the warm cup of sake, her thoughts once again began wrapping around her relationship with Gin. She thought she finally found her happy ending with him.

Ten years ago she couldn't reach out to him- he was so out of touch.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship goals

He was a mystery that she constantly tried to solve. After Aizen's death she was sure it was the end of ambiguity. Everything came out into the open and they were ready to move on. Of course Gin was banished from Seireitei, despite his good motives, they weren't good for everyone.

They abandoned their duties as shinigami and with Yamamoto's permission moved to Karakura, helping people restore its town and start a life together. However Gin still remained a mystery. He began to drift away again, hating his feeble existence as a mere human.

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His power, his status and his dignity gone. He didn't understand relationships, didn't understand human life and hated every minute of it. His had no purpose and even Rangiku's company wasn't enough to satisfy him. She too began to feel the glumness of their existence. She missed her office hours. She missed her colleagues.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship goals

Her easily annoyed captain and all his grumbling, his demands and frustrated yells. She missed how easily she could irritate him and how easily he would forgive her.

Of course most of all she missed him, Hitsugaya Toshiro. Her memories frequently took her to that night she made Toshiro a man. The night came back haunting her erotic dreams. She would reminiscence his cool lips on her.

His trembling fingers fumbling with her robes. His inexperience showing and turning her on even more. Flashback When Toshiro entered the office he thought he was hallucinating.

Rangiku Matsumoto was sitting at her own desk rolling up the paper into scrolls. Instead of sake or wine, there was a mug of coffee. He walked up closer to the desk. She grinned with pride in response.

Taichou you can be proud of me, I finished all the paper work I was supposed to do last week! Geez I'm not that bad," she muttered putting away the brush and the ink. Weren't you supposed to be with Gin all day? Besides you should be happy, I did all the work! He stayed silent, his resentment for Gin growing with each passing day if that were possible.

How could his lieutenant tell him to be happy when he knew perfectly well how much she was hurting inside. How much pain that sly bastard was inflicting on her?

That woman had no idea how much it bothered him. He wished she would confide in him. Rangiku followed him and plopped on the couch, dramatically wiping the invisible sweat from her forehead to once again remind him how hard she had been working today.

Toshiro ignored her and began working on paperwork of his own, filling in the details of his current assignment in Karakura. Toshiro discreetly observed the puffiness around her eyes from crying and how broken she looked when she wasn't trying to fake a smile. The moment she looked over to him his eyes flew down to stare at the paper.

Toshiro continued to pretend to be busy and didn't even look up. You didn't tell me you going to the human world! I would've asked you to bring me over the new issue of Hanabi magazine! Now he looked up with a stern gaze. Toshiro allowed himself small smile and rolled his eyes at her childishness.

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And they called hima child. He of course, was a child when they just met. She was an annoying loud older woman with knockers that were a constant obstacle and hazard for him. He was just a brat ranking 3rd seat. He matured into a young adult though his height constantly passed him off for a child.