Holden and stradlater relationship trust

holden and stradlater relationship trust

Holden believes that Stradlater is a phony because he looks good on the .. To me cheating on a test or cheating in a relationship are wrong and the one time . We always believed it just because we trusted one another but. Everything you ever wanted to know about Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye He writes Stradlater's composition for him, and in return gets yelled at ( and So phony that he uses the word 33 times—and trust us, that's a lot of times to use . In fact, it seems to us that he feels like he can't have a sexual relationship. For my character, I am picking Stradlater. Stradlater and. Holden's relationship seems to be sort of unstable and also interesting. It.

The women characters in the book all are very important because they represent and symbolize many different things. He is very nice to younger female characters but to older females he gets sexually attracted to. In general, Holden tries to be nice to people of the opposite sex and wants to create friendships but his immaturity makes him think of women as objects and his disrespect towards others will not help him get through his life.

However, he is so kind because he is sexually attracted to them and this will cause him to lie so that he can impress the person. There are several different cases when it is clear that he is intentionally rude to older woman.

At one point in the story Holden calls a prostitute to his room but once he sees how young she is he feels sorry for her.

This indicates that Holden would have rather done it with an older woman because he values younger girls. He starts flirting with her and says many lies to get her interested.

Once again he is very disrespectful and rude and it is also very inappropriate to think like that to a mother of a classmate. On the other hand, he is very generous to the nuns that he meets on the train to Manhattan. It is very surprising when Holden does so many nice things to them such as pick up their basket, respect their beliefs and talk very gently because before he kept complaining about everything. Holden acts like a real gentleman, which could be because he sees the innocence in them.

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Holden admires them for trying to help others because later on in the novel the reader finds out that he wants to protect children from danger. This is the only time that he is uncomfortable talking about sexual things because he respects that they are nuns and does not want to say something impolite. Holden even donates a lot of money when they did not ask for any and after he leaves he even thinks about them a lot and sometimes misses them.

However, Holden does show his immature side when he tries to get together with them but then it gets hard for him to respect girls who do not have the same ideals than him. When Holden meets Sally they spend time together like normal teenagers would do. They go to an ice rink to have some fun but at this point he was already very disrespectful.

holden and stradlater relationship trust

It is already obvious that Holden does not like what she is doing and he builds on that until he explodes at the end.

He has a conversation with her and finally leaves when she does not want to go away with him. When this happens it is clear that Holden is very serious about leaving and being alone. Holden says he will call Jane many times but since he never does the reader knows that the character is not developing. Since the beginning of the novel he has been saying this but he never had the will to do it. In some parts he stands up for Jane and feels the need to protect her like the incident with Stradlater.

Another experience he had with a girl his age was with Sunny the prostitute. However, Holden ruins any chance of this relationship forming because he quickly slips into an overly romantic notion of what it might look like — living beside a brook and he chopping all the wood needed for the winter. It might be argued that Sally would be a good match for Holden as she seems to be able to see the practical necessities of life.

Again, he tries to form something other than a genuine bond with people.

holden and stradlater relationship trust

His drunken state suggests that he is in an altered state of consciousness — thus, not on firm emotional ground. Thus, it is normal for young people to prepare for something then leave to pursue a chosen direction. This is symbolic of his childhood tendencies — wondering about something that children wonder about. What he recalls most vividly about this is the rain during his visits. He ends the chapter by referring to the fact that it was just very cold with nobody around.

Pheobe is the epitome of the perfect child as far as Holden is concerned. She also suggests that he will not amount to anything in life — not a scientist or a lawyer. His reply is that he would like to be a catcher in the rye. When they wander out of the rye playground childhood he will keep them safe from falling over the cliff adulthood.

Holden cannot grasp the concept that moving into adulthood is a natural part of life.

holden and stradlater relationship trust

This dance can be viewed symbolically. Antolini Holden admits that Mr. Antolini is the best teacher he ever had. It is strange for Holden to admit to liking any adult. It might be that this relationship is why Mr. Antolini is able to make comment about Holden not being focused in life see page and hating everyone see page and Antolini attempts to act as a mentor for Holden by giving him advice see page Did he try to have a homosexual relationship with Holden?

Holden seems to think so and runs away from him. Summarize the advice given to Holden by Mr. Is this valid advice to be given to Holden? Explain why you think so. He sees it as his responsibility to teach them about the Egyptians and their mummies. Holden becomes quite upset when Pheobe tells him that she is not going to be in the play.

Pheobe says that she wants to come and live with him. This again upsets Holden. He realizes that, for Pheobe, this is not a healthy way to live.

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He wants her to be taking a part in a play … taking part in life. While doing this the kids were reaching for the golden ring. Holden realizes that this is necessary for kids, it symbolizes reaching for the good things that life can offer page Holden replies that he will just watch.