Hrithik roshan and katrina kaif relationship questions

hrithik roshan and katrina kaif relationship questions

in Bollywood is the affair brewing between Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. According to the grapevine, Hrithik and Katrina are in a relationship. Katrina is also giving her all to her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. . Anupam Kher questions YouTube saying 'The Accidental Prime Minister' trailer not. Mumbai — Hrithik Roshan is one hell of a fighter in real life. And he will show that he follows suit in reel life with “Bang Bang!” We meet at. Hrithik Roshan grew up thinking that you work hard, gain success, have a family Just stupid questions. Talk about working with Katrina Kaif? Up till just a few years back, my relationship with my father was more formal.

Kangana said how Zarina told her that it was a relief for all of them in their house that Aditya no longer came home, "For me the greatest relief is that he doesn't come home anymore. If I go to the cops, my parents are going to take me back and I didn't know which is worse, because then there's no way out," Ranaut said.

She also said that she ended up going to the police and filing an FIR against Aditya Pancholi despite people telling her that the little bit of fame that she had earned in films, would all disappear if she were to lock horns with Pancholi.

However, the police stepped in and asked Pancholi to stay away from her. That's where the Pancholi-named ordeal ended. Even if they don't, I will clarify to the world what happened to the case. The case has not died down. They couldn't prove anything," she said. Issues between the two began when Kangana hinted at Hrithik being her "ex-boyfriend" when she said in an interview that she fails to understand "why exes do silly things to get your attention". Kangana lodged a legal complaint against Hrithik for "misusing" the confidential emails and photographs of the time when they were together.

Hrithik later filed a complaint with the cyber crime cell, claiming an imposter had been emailing Kangana from a bogus email ID, pretending to be him. You can't go about slapping notices on people. He had been preparing all this for two years. He used to send himself emails from my account because he had my password.

I stayed quiet till now because I needed time to understand what all they Roshan family were doing Of course it was all lies, but I didn't know what they would do next.

Look at what happened to the Malayalam actress because she went and complained to the actor's wife.

What Kangana revealed in a week: Hrithik-Katrina affair, FIR against Pancholi - Movies News

They got her raped Of course that was much after my case, but I was scared. So many things happen to women. The media would call me, or my sister and say, 'You are not safe You guys should move to a safe place or go in hiding'. He Hrithik slapped a notice saying she caused great harm to my reputation because she called me a 'silly ex' I am the silly ex.

But, he couldn't prove it. So, he changed his stance and said She's right, she had an affair, but that wasn't me, it was an imposter. But, he couldn't prove that also," Kangana said. Affairs within the industry are not unheard of; the contrary, more like it. For Kangana too, it has mostly been colleagues whom she has found love in. But Ranaut advises people against it.

hrithik roshan and katrina kaif relationship questions

And if you end up sleeping with colleagues, then it gets more complicated. The mating game is the same everywhere," she said. In one of the interviews in the past one week, Kangana also hinted at Katrina Kaif being the reason behind her relationship with Hrithik Roshan going kaput. While Ranaut did not name Katrina, she said clearly that it was in February when Hrithik was on an outdoor shoot in Manali when rumours of his affair with Katrina reached her.

Toh maine poocha unko; Valentine's tha February mein, maine kaha ki 'Aapne mujhe phone nahin kiya, kuch nahi? Kyunki main toh tumse shaadi karne wali hoon. So why is Katrina now avoiding her co-stars if they are just friends? Katrina has suddenly started making attempts to stay away from Hrithik, even on sets it's strictly professional. No more hanging out together, no more spending time post shoot. Ever since Hrithik Roshan made his separation with wife Sussanne official, the actor has been surrounding himself with friends.

Why is Katrina Kaif worried about Hrithik Roshan rumours?

The sizzling duo shared a great chemistry in that film and the two are currently busy shooting for their next. We do not expect the rumours of an affair between Hrithik and Katrina to die down. Not when they have a movie coming up, afterall any publicity is good publicity.

Further to that, Katrina and Ranbir continue to deny their relationship in public which fuels link-up stories with her popular co-star. The actress is definitely not pleased with the link-up stories, so in order to avoid any more rumors, Katrina has been maintaining a distance from Hrithik.

hrithik roshan and katrina kaif relationship questions

Moreover, her affair with the Kapoor boy has been a bumpy ride.