Ironman and pepper potts relationship questions

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ironman and pepper potts relationship questions

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have been together a really long time, but that doesn't mean On-screen relationships are often tricky to get right. Their history is packed with so many unanswered questions that Marvel could. Wait, Hold Up—How Did Tony Stark And Pepper Potts Get Back And while most of the more intriguing topics have been discussed, one in year of the first #IronMan and when Tony and Pepper began their relationship. They are not married yet. They are currently engaged to be married. This was hinted at in the end credits of Spiderman Homecoming when.

The guy is basically the physical embodiment of charisma. And even for those fans who might find his ego a little irksome from time to time not us, of courseit's pretty darn hard to dislike the godfather of the entire MCU. We know - how did the human race ever survive?

So, although he's but one of an entire host of Marvel superheroes now, true Marvel fans will always have a healthy respect for the genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist who started it all. His last goodbye to his parents When he went to his parents' funeral How he behaved after the Iron Man suit became famous How he told his father he didn't want to pursue engineering When we first see Tony Stark at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, he's speaking at a university and presenting a new technology from Stark Industries.

No, it's not weapons, and no, it's not even Arc Reactor technology. Tony Stark was presenting memory altering technology that had the ability to change the wiring of the brain. In the clip, he uses himself as a guinea pig and lets the audience watch as he alters one of his youthful memories. Sure, it's awesome when Tony and Pepper finally kiss for the first time in Iron Man 2 like two seals fighting over a grape, as Rhodes puts it.

And yes, it's epic when Tony flies a nuke into the wormhole over Manhattan in The Avengers. But few scenes define Tony Stark quite like that scene in the first Iron Man movie, when he presented a missile in the Middle East and somehow won the hearts of audiences around the world while destroying half a mountain range only Tony is capable of a feat like that. What was the missile called?

He wanted Tony to build the kidnapper's a missile He wanted Tony to build the Iron Man suit He knew that, under duress, Tony would build something incredible He wanted Tony's kidnappers to end his life Good friends will chat with us when we're down. They might even be considerate enough to make us a hot beverage.

What they don't do? Order a ring of people to kidnap us.

ironman and pepper potts relationship questions

So, we can be pretty sure that Obadiah Stane qualifies as a pretty bad friend to Tony Stark, despite his past loyalty to Tony after the young genius's parents met their ends in a "car crash" AKA, an unfortunate run-in with the Winter Solder. Why did Stane originally have Stark taken?

Question 4 Why did Tony Stark decide to put another piece of technology in his chest in Avengers: The Iron Man suit only worked when he had the tech in his chest It turned out he still needed it to keep his heart working He missed the extra energy the tech gave him He wanted to be prepared for alien invasion One of the most defining aspects of Tony Stark's appearance is the Arc Reactor in his chest.

The goatee is cool, and we're certainly not ones to frown at those deliciously brown eyes, but it's the Arc Reactor that really draws the eye when Tony Stark first enters a room.

We mean, it's a glowing piece of technology plopped right in the middle of the guy's chest. It's pretty hard to ignore. Well, until he had it removed in Iron Man 3, that is. But at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, we find out that Tony reinstalled some tech in his chest. Question 5 What is the name of the new AI that is in charge of Tony's suit?

Jarvis Friday Colleen No, it's not Jarvis. Although Jarvis is still around well, depending where we are in the chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the Avengers created Vision, Jarvis's consciousness was incorporated into the new being's mind, and Jarvis ceased to govern Tony Stark's many technologies.

But, given that Vision's fate is rather unclear at this point, Jarvis could be gone for good.

Not yet but soon:

Either way, there's a new AI in charge of Stark Industries, and we are big fans of hers. What is her name? Question 6 When did Tony Stark get approved for the Avengers initiative?

It all seems so far in the past now. But there was a time before Avengers Tower and Thanos. There was a time when Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk were all perfect strangers, going about their extraordinary lives without knowing a single thing about each other. During this time, Tony Stark was going about his usual business AKA, staving off a coup from his dad's bestie and fighting off a Russian genius intent on his personal destruction.

But at some point in all that fun before the Avengers met for the first time, Tony Stark got approved for the Avengers initiative. When did this happen? Question 7 How did Tony Stark stop himself from getting poisoned by the palladium in his chest in Iron Man 2?

Nick Fury provided him with a final cure He underwent surgery to remove the shards in his chest He created a new element to replace it He changed the palladium more often to avoid poisoning At the end of Iron Man, we see the egotistical billionaire Tony Stark started out as beginning to turn into a better man key word: Being trapped in a cave and tortured by a ring of villains is a good way to get a little perspective, apparently.

But throughout the course of Iron Man 2, Tony takes a couple steps back for every step forward he took. The main cause of this struggle is the fact that he's slowly being poisoned by the Arc Reactor that he needs to survive in his chest.

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So, how does Tony stop this from happening, in the end? Iron Man 2 Avengers: Age Of Ultron Ah, love. It's hard not to love it. Especially when the two characters loving each other are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

These two are the ultimate power couple. Not only is Tony Stark She becomes the leader of Stark Industries, taking over the entire company and leading it into a prosperous era of sustainable energy and Arc Reactor technology.

But there is one movie in which Pepper and Tony are broken up. It's part of her job, after all. She's a spy, and when one is a spy, one has got to be good at selling one's cover, whether that means posing for a photoshoot as a model or nearly knocking out Happy Hogan in a boxing ring. When we first meet her, she's undercover, playing a part while trying to judge the character of Tony Stark.

At least with villains like Obadiah Stane, Thanos and the Vulture, one can tell they've got a sense of purpose. Heck, one can even respect them, to a very small degree. But Justin Hammer is about as respectable as a rat on Morag.

He's a slime ball, trying to trick his way into outcompeting Stark Industries in weapons development. He breaks Whiplash out of prison to get him to build something very specific. When Iron Man 3 opens, we see him taking stock of his demons and reckoning with a lot of different anxieties that have been plaguing him since the aliens invaded Manhattan.

Given that he's normally so self-assured, it's certainly a change to see Tony Stark struggling so much. But there's one specific way in which he struggles the most.

What does he suffer from in Iron Man 3? An Arc Reactor A note with his location A cellphone A lock of his hair Although they engaged in a pretty hefty civil war, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are friends first and enemies second.

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Sure, Steve hid a dark secret from Tony for half a decade. And sure, Tony tried to end the life of Steve's best friend. But these two guys saved freaking Manhattan together! People don't just walk away from a friendship like that. Civil War, despite their feud. He is able to help his family member grow a limb back He threatens the health of his wife He manages to find compromising information on him He tells him that, if he doesn't do as he says, he'll end the President's life Aldrich Killian's entire goal in Iron Man 3 is to have control over the world's greatest bad people and the world's most powerful superpower.

No, not superpower as in super-speed or beams-out-of-the-eyes. Superpower as in the most powerful country in the world and its leader.

ironman and pepper potts relationship questions

Killian already has control of the Mandarin at the movie's beginning, so all he needs is to have leverage over the office of the Presidency. Alas, trust is probably the most important element in a successful relationship other than communication and sharing pizza. Pepper illustrates again and again that she does not trust Tony Stark because he is a liar. Yes, he is charming, but also a liar. Tony illustrates that he does not trust Pepper by building an Iron Man suit and not telling her about it.

He then gets banged up, shot at, and almost ended. A relationship counsellor would have a lot to unpack in a session with these two. They dig each other. But, for Tony to just walk up to Pepper and drag her onto a dance floor in front of all of her colleagues The conversation goes as follows: Do you want to dance?

Just like that, they are dancing in front of everyone. Read the room, Tony Stark. However, it had all of the same type of content you come to expect from an Iron Man movie. This would include big action set pieces, a colorful cast of characters and villains, oh, and Tony putting his friends in danger.

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This time, Iron Man goes up against Whiplash. Guess who is sitting in the back of the car? This is a harrowing event, no doubt. In fact, you could say Pepper Potts is low-key the hero of the Iron Man franchise. This is not how Pepper Potts dreamed her life would go. It is doubtful that she ever thought that her life-path would put her in a situation where she would blast a man already on fire away, or risk being blasted herself.

Now, they are saving the day, and arguably things would be a lot worse if they did not contribute to stopping the bad guys from unleashing carnage. This concept is not lost on us, but give it a week at least!

ironman and pepper potts relationship questions

In Iron Manthey were almost made food by powerful robots, the likes of which they had never seen. After destroying said robots they stare at each other longingly, realizing that together their love binds them stronger than any mechanical suit can.

Most of us would be shaking on the floor of a mental hospital from the psychological toll that those events would have had on us. This entry is just impressive.

She cannot possibly do anything with this bear, other than break it down and destroy it. Pepper looks up at this bear confused, and probably a little flattered. We understand that they have worked together for a long time, and sure, they have a bit of a family bond between them.

Is there a bond strong enough to commit corporate espionage over?