Its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

It's Showtime (variety show)

its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

Before the Vhong Navarro controversy, the last It's Showtime host that was in the Atienza's absence from the noontime show coincided with its fourth anniversary celebration, the reason why Billy and Coleen Relationship. It's Showtime is also the longest running noontime variety show of ABS-CBN after Eat Bulaga! The original cast consisted of Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, During the third season, the show added previously evicted judges Billy while adding former judges Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang and Coleen Garcia. Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford (born May 16, ) is a Filipino-American singer, dancer, . It's Time is the fourth studio album by Billy Crawford. has been hosting with Vhong Navarro and other hosts in the weekday variety show It's Showtime. The next year he began dating his co-host Coleen Garcia from It's Showtime!.

A wheel would then determine which phone number will be selected.

its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

House Mo, Show Mo: Hashtags members visit random houses to give cash prizes to It's Showtime viewers. Drama sa Tanghalan is a sketch comedy skit featuring the segment hosts for Tawag ng Tanghalan and other It's Showtime hosts, judges and guests. KemboTitas Female contestants aged 35 and above [6] compete everyday to showcase their dancing skills on a throwback and modern dance numbers.

They are accompanied by one member of the HashTags.

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SingTunado Two contestants will compete each day. The Singing Tunado will hum a song and the contestant will guess the song being hummed. The contestant will guess 5 songs in one minute. The contestant with most number of correct answer wins and will be given an additional P5, But in case a tie occurred, the Singing Tunados will be humming together, the first contestant to press the button and answers correctly wins.

Junior Hashtags A kiddie competition segment where kids aged 7—12 compete for the Magic 8. There are 4 sets of Grand Finalists who will be given a theme for their dance. The winner each day of the Weeklong Grand Finals will have a sure position in the Magic 8.

The losers from the 4 sets will come back at the last day to fight for the remaining 4 positions for the Magic 8. Three telephone numbers will then be revealed after the break. The first person not part of the studio audience to call on each number would potentially get a chance to answer the hosts' question about Anne's trip. A wheel would determine the lucky phone number.

Singing Mo To This is a segment where the person sings an original song at the live music video. This succeeds Junior Hashtags.

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Clash of Celebrities Clash of Celebrities features different celebrity guest stars competing in different forms of showdown. Good Vibes The hosts give prizes to lucky audience members. Hulanino Hulanino is a guessing game for the hosts and audience members wherein they will guess the actions portrayed by means of shadow play depending on the category given.

Liit's Dance Liit's Dance is a puppeteer competition for groups of celebrities. Todo BiGay A competition open to gays who have talent in different fields.

The segment was originally part of a skit during Sine Mo 'To. Pastillas" Angelica Yap participates in a matchmaking segment.

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Among eight, there were three of them to whom she will choose from Topher, Mike and Richard and will be hailed "Mr. In the October 17 episode of the show, Ms. Pastillas chose Richard as her "Mr.

This segment, which name is lifted from the Tagalog question "Ano'ng sabi? What did you say?

It's Showtime: Billy courts Coleen the F4 style

Each guessed word is worth P1, An additional P5, will be given on either of these conditions. Only one contestant have at least one point The score of the contestant is greater than the opponent If both contestants ended as a tie, then it will be based on the remaining time after the last word was guessed. If either one or both contestants fail to guess a word, Kim will receive punishment, which will be determined from a set of cards.

The title was derived from his famous catchphrase "Rock and Roll to the World! Papa Pogi "Papa Pogi" is a contest for men with unconventional looks and talents. Twerking Girls This segment features two girl contestants competing to be the best 'twerking' girl.

Istoryahan A sub-segment spun-off from Sine Mo'To wherein hosts are gathered onstage and one of them will tell some tall tale fictional stories and humorous jokes. It is regarded as a "filler segment" that is only produced when warranted in cases that the last segment ends earlier than expected and leaves behind a vacant time more or less than 15 minutes before the show ends.

its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

It is succeeded by Walang Basagan ng Trip. He or she will win both P 20, Elimination Round — There will be 6 contestants which will introduced one-by-one by the hosts. Then the players will give the paper containing names of themselves in the "Bunutan" box. The hosts will pick one contestant name from the box to determine which one of the 6 has the power to the first round of the play. The hosts will pick a category and the contestant with power has the right to choose a player.

Like the first contestant, the chosen contestant do the same but this time, they will go to the podium to the other side of the stage.

its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

Otherwise the first contestant will have Php and if this scenario continues, the hosts doubles the money of the first contestant. If someone loses, they will win nothing or a money they earned during the rounds. Jackpot Round — The winner of Elimination Round will proceed to this round. The hosts of It's Showtime will introduce 8-word cards that will present a mystery question. It features five new tracks as well as one remix and one instrumental.

It was released through the independent label Jackpot Records. Music and television career[ edit ] Crawford had major chart success in France and other parts of Europe, but did not repeat this success in the United Kingdom and the United States, although his single " You Didn't Expect That " did make the lower reaches of the UK Top 40, peaking at number Crawford's album Big City was released in in France and Asia only.

The single "Bright Lights" was unable to break into any Top 10 charts. Actress Jenna Dewanwho was one of the main characters in the popular film Step Upwas featured as Crawford's dance partner. Another song from the album, "Candy Store" was leaked from the album and received airplay on London radio. Thought to be a duet with Ginuwine, it is featured on the Big City album. After doing the first ever online reality show The MSN Dance Show, his third single from the album, "3 Wishes" was canceled by his label.

Crawford felt it was time for something new and decided not to re-sign his contract with V2 Records.

its showtime 4th anniversary vhong coleen and billy relationship

InCrawford began recording a new album which was expected to be released in Inhe toured during the summer with the group L5 in France and in November he was scheduled to return to his home country to shoot a film. The show searched for six back-up dancers to be called The Movers, for his very first Philippine concert, 'Billy Crawford: It's Time' held at the Araneta Coliseum.

He brought along the brainchild of MOVE, then-wife and official dance choreographer Marie Courchinouxknown as 'Maryss from Paris' to be one of the main judges of the show as the Move Master.