Jace wayland and clary fray relationship quiz

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jace wayland and clary fray relationship quiz

Read Clary fray from the story The Mortal Instruments-Facts Quotes Quizzes to force a relationship with Clary to convince her that she has feelings for him. See results from the Shadowhunters Characters by Surname Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Fairchild/Fray/Morgernstern, Clary. %. Herondale, Jace . 'Modern Family' Characters by Relationship. After college, Clary Fray divulged herself into her career, never anything else. So tell me Jace Wayland," she uncrossed her arms and poked him in the chest. . They promised to do a long- distance relationship. .. "Our answers were too different, and this is not just some quiz that we need to answer.

She couldn't believe the transition she felt. From tired out of her mind, she suddenly became more awake than she felt since the last time he was here. She smiled tearfully as she dropped all her belongings and ran towards him, wrapping her legs around his waist as he caught her.

They stayed like that for a pretty long while. I felt like I'm in a freaking coma those two months. But I knew I need to be here on your birthday. I couldn't miss this. She was fondling the orchid while he was fondling her.

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He smirked, caressing the side of her arm. They spent most of their time in the greenhouse, mainly because it was serene and no one would ever think that they would hang out there. He kissed back with more force, removed the orchid from her hands and set it down on the table.

He gripped her thighs and sighed at the kiss as she moved her hands on his chest. Their control was gone as soon as he moved to kiss her throat.

Two months is way too long. They made love on that chair, and he moved them to the bed where they laid down, not quite sleeping yet.

She joined in after a while. I haven't heard it in a while and it kinda brings back happy memories. I need the energy boost. My perfection can give anyone a very big energy boost any time of the day. You want another try? She slapped his forehead. She snuggled in his chest. It was after a year when things started to turn around. It started as a small argument, when they were talking about their plans after she graduates. Clary thought that when Jace finally becomes stable financially, he will move to New York and look for a job there while she starts her career.

She has grown to love the city, and was sure that her success as an artist will happen there. Apparently, Jace had another plan on his own. She could feel her heart beat faster.

What abou-" He shook his head as he leaned on the table. I thought you'd move back after you finished. That was your plan, right? She can feel it. The space that will break them eventually. Here's the conflict that she was praying not to come. After that, not one of them gave up on their own plans. Small fights often occurred every time the topic was brought up.

As the time passed, those small fights led to big ones, which led to walking out on one another. Jace sometimes didn't bother on visiting her anymore, and would only come once in three months.

She would sometimes go back to Idris and visit him, but would normally end in another fight about their distance and future. He was getting tired of it, and she was determined for him to live with her there. To make matters worse, salt was added to the open wound.

While the issue was still the main problem of their relationship, he came in and took an interest in her. He was in one of her classes, and applied as a waiter in her work. He was such a gentleman, and became good friends with her, but he was no Jace. Unfortunately, it was too late when she realized that he was feeling more than friendship towards her.

It was a Saturday, and her some of her few friends planned on having a night out as a celebration on surviving their finals week. She agreed, realizing that she needed the stress release. They arrived at the bar and settled in on one of the couches. They were talking about random stuff and drinking from time to time when one of her friends, Kaelie, pointed behind her.

They all looked, and Sebastian waved at her. She smiled at him in greeting, and went back to her drink. He's always there when you're around and I bet he applied at the Restaurant because you're there. Those are hardly coincidences. You can see him doing his googly eyes on her. So go for it! That blonde hotness of yours was unbelievably a notch higher compared to one Sebastian Verlac. You do pick them fine, I must admit.

Now I can see why you remain to be loyal for how many years. Clary rolled her eyes. If you're meant to be you're really meant to be. Are you really gonna pass up that kind of opportunity? He seemed to be always there when she's around and he always offered to spend time with her. She'd told Jace about him; but that was before she realized his feelings.

She didn't know if she would tell him about it. In the end she told him, but left the part that he likes her. Jace saw through it, though. He told her that her little friend had a crush on her. She disagreed though, believing that she was nothing special to be crushed on. Her doubts vanished when Jace came to visit her. It was a week-long vacation and they agreed they would hang around the city after a few days.

Shadowhunters Characters by Surname Quiz Stats

Their argument about the future was somewhat pushed down temporarily and she couldn't believe how much she missed him. After she picked him up in the airport, he wasted no time and immediately hailed a cab, kissing her all the way to her apartment. They didn't leave the place for the whole weekend.

On the third day, they walked around the central park. She requested a leave at the restaurant so she wouldn't have to come to work on that day. They were enjoying the place, laughing and being all sweet to each other. She missed these moments where everything looks all too simple.

No arguments, no issues and no problems. Apparently, he missed her just as much, since he hadn't brought it up ever since he came. They were walking around the park, with Jace's arm wrapped around her waist and talking sweet nonsense in her ear. She was chuckling at something he said when she heard her name on the other side of the area.

Both of them snapped their heads and turned at the source of the sound. Hey, don't forget our change of shift in the restaurant. Hodge kept reminding me about it, saying we need to be early because the others are gonna be a bit late.

Thanks for reminding me about that. She completely forgot to introduce Jace. Sorry I haven't done this earlier. Jace, " she looked at him, "This is Sebastian, my co-worker in the restaurant, and schoolmate. Jace kept his eyes on the fading figure of Sebastian as Clary looked on curiously. After that little incident, Jace couldn't seem to leave it be.

Even when he got home, he would still ask Clary about him, until she got mad with all the questions. All he would ever say is that he doesn't trust the guy and he's getting a bad feeling about him. To add to that, their current future issue still remains unfixed.

It went from bad to worse. Those nights when all they wanted to do was talk to each other ended up in argument. Jace wouldn't give up his dad's business and seemed to believe that after she graduates, she'll move back to Idris so they can get married and start a family.

He wastoo determined to follow the footsteps of every traditional family in Idris that settles down at an early age. But Clary wanted other things. They're both still young and she wanted to experience other things first before starting a family. She still wants it all with Jace, but she also wants to try out new things with him, too, while they're still young.

She wanted to learn so much more, to go out there in the world and enjoy life. Why couldn't he see that? Every time he comes to the city, or she to Idris, all they would do is argue more. Clary could understand his jealousy, but this is getting too much. She hasn't done anything wrong and he knows it. He just wanted to be mad at her because of her decision to go against him. It was a rainy Friday night when everything went downhill. Clary was in the cafe, just finishing up her hour with Sebastian.

With the graduation coming up, she was too busy to change her shift so that she wouldn't be with Sebastian. She had started avoiding him ever since she and Jace had a big argument about it. That, and he was also creeping her out with him suddenly appearing out of nowhere. It was obvious the guy couldn't take a hint, and Clary was too kind to reject him, not when he hasn't said anything about it.

Clary was in the counter, fixing her stuff when she heard his voice. There was no reason to be cold, he was kind to her after all. There's nothing holding you back? He's really a nice guy and he hasn't done anything bad to her. I've been meaning to ask you for months now, Clary. She wasn't expecting that. He must have taken her silence as a pleasant surprise. She didn't realize he was so straightforward, like he was expecting for her to swoon on him and say yes with all her heart.

Suddenly, the need to be away from him was urgent. But the silence was too long and again, he seemed to take that as an invitation. So he pulled her forward and kissed her then and there. Clary was too shocked for a moment, not responding. The mere touch felt wrong. And before she could react, she felt herself being pushed backwards and away from him. Do you want a disciplinary action?

This embarrassment wrong in the worst ways. She didn't even realize what was going on until Hodge stepped between them. Part of her wanted to tell Hodge it was all Sebastian's fault but she knew that wouldn't be of any help. We seemed too caught up in the moment. You know how it is with teenagers and hormones, right? She was about to say something when she heard a voice that made her heart drop. No, this couldn't be happening. Jace stood in front of the counter, his face silently shocked and jaw set.

She forgot that he was coming over in the city this morning. You know I won't do this to you. She didn't realize that Hodge left and that Sebastian was still there. Clary moved to go after him, but Sebastian's arm stopped her.

He'll go away if you don't follow him. She ran after Jace. She forgot about the rain so she slipped a few times. Finally, she was in front of him. I didn't know he would do such a thing!

You have to do it in front of my face. You know I'd come pick you up after the airport. I don't like him and I love you! I'm so sorry, Jace. Am I really far off that priority list of yours that the moment you stepped in this city, all traces of me were gone by the window?

Just forget about it, Clary. Just go home and dry yourself. Until she saw that he was looking in front of her and she turned around. I'm just making it easy for you. It was hard to stop him when all she wants to do was to be the one who punches the jerk in the face. You most certainly looked like you enjoyed it, darling. And never ever go near me again. Realizing he's probably doing it for his sense of judgment, she begrudgingly agreed. And after what seemed like hours and hours of waiting, he finally came back and they talked about what happened.

Jace was still mad about Sebastian although he knew the kiss wasn't meant, he wouldn't leave it be. But they left it like that because both were too tired to argue. The next day, after a series of bad moods, the argument was back again. This time it was more intense than the usual. Jace wasn't being fair about the Sebastian situation and Clary was getting tired of it. And like any of their arguments, their issue regarding the future was brought back.

The fight lasted more than a day without them backing off, until Clary couldn't take it anymore. It was the first time she ever saw him reveal any vulnerable emotion and it hurts her to know she's the cause of it. But she couldn't take it anymore. They're growing apart and they need some time away. They both knew that, but neither has the courage to admit it. She knew she has to be the one in the end.

This is a life-changing decision. I couldn't side with you. He scoffed bitterly, tears falling down. This was by far the worst feeling she ever felt in all her life. Giving up Jace wasn't supposed to be an option or even something to think about. But if she was honest with herself, she's been fighting this off, avoiding this for a while now.

She loves him, but she knew they're not going to work unless they do what they have to do. She closed her eyes. That's what she was scared of.

The heated arguments are the ones she could face, because that's how they work. But the silent ones, they're the most dangerous. She knew what she was going to say, and if she failed to say this right, she's going to lose him forever. We're still young and it just sucks that we don't have the same plans. We need to do this for ourselves, Jace. He held onto her just as tight. It's not about that! She knew the risks, but it still hurt a hundred times more when it was Jace that said it.

Still, she was determined to say what she needed to say. I'll always come back. I'll accept it if there was no room for me anymore, but just so you know Jace," she stroked his cheek. She looked at him and was kind of surprised at how much glitter he has around his body. After all, she can't consume herself on thinking too much of Jace until she gets there. Those glitters were too much. So he's not from the city? I'm just meeting his family.

Are you staying for good? He must have sensed it because he tried to backpedal but she answered. That sounds like a serious issue. I haven't talked to anyone about any of this and it feels good to say something. To some stranger you met at the airplane. That's more than fine by me. I love controversial stories, not that I'll spread this around.

That's not my style. I mean, that's pretty tricky, charging without an armor. In all honesty, she pretty much preferred it if her heart gets stomped. At least she'll have it in her thick head how stupid she is for letting him go and wallow her own misery. No doubts or second thoughts, just misery. What happened to that other guy? He's sort of unlikeable, based on your story. After a moment of silence, Magnus spoke up. Honestly, even if she met someone else between those four years, she was sure she'd still come back for Jace.

She's gonna keep her promise no matter what, even if he wouldn't honour it anymore. The plane landed and both Clary and Magnus walked together to get their baggages. I went to NYU, though. That's how I met my boyfriend. But maybe you should, since you're coming back here and all. Magus seemed to be looking for someone, while she was about to hail a cab. She was thinking about where she should go, when she saw him smile broadly.

She looked ahead and saw a black-haired guy go over at them, wearing an identical smile. The black-haired guy hugged Magnus. I made a friend. I knew it was you, Alec. He hugged her back tightly. Magnus, who seemed to be confused at the moment, spoke up.

I guess Izzy forgot to mention it to you. Yeah, I'm gay now. With Alec and Magnus' insistence, she rode with them on the way to the Lightwoods. Alec was insisting that she should visit Izzy first before she went by her other plans, knowing the black-haired beauty would be hurt if Clary didn't went to see her. Alec was looking at her in contemplation and she knew why. They were driving on the freeway when he spoke up. Did you come here to visit Izzy? She just wanted to talk to Jace first.

You're not gonna stomp on him, are you? After all, he was Jace's best friend. For that she was grateful he wasn't screaming at her for leaving Jace, and being kind to her about it. She knew Alec can be protective of him. She guesses he's matured enough not to pry too much. She promised she would talk to Jace about everything first. He's my best friend. Though, it's kind of hard to do that now since Magnus is Alec's boyfriend.

She heard Magnus suck in a breath. She turned to Magnus when she realized he mentioned his name. They went to visit me in the city-" Alec tried to interrupt him but Magnus continued, though realizing Alec's attempts he slowed down. So Jace still went to New York in the past four years.

Hadn't he thought of seeing her?

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quiz

She tried to shake her head but the idea kept pushing in her mind. Maybe he's over her. Maybe she's the only one who was still hanging on.

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She noticed the two men looked at each other with volumes. As Magnus gestured for a zipped mouth, Alec looked at her from the rear-view mirror. We just thought we weren't in the position on informing you about it. She was continuously looking at the window, as if in a daze.

She was jerked back in reality when the car pulled over and she recognized the white house with a red door. They're at the Lightwoods. She stepped out of the car and started to bring her luggages with her when Alec stopped her and motioned for the door. I'll take care of this. She knew he knew that and hugged her in return. She laughed and walked to the front door. As she opened it, she felt home. This was the house that tolerated her teenage self and welcomed her like she was part of their family.

She looked around and noted that not much has changed, just a couple of new furnitures and displays. All is the same as it was used to be. The Alec she knew from before was serious and glum. He would not smile at all. This Alec seemed too natural to smile. She had to thank Magnus for this. Hearing it without the noise of the phone made Clary want to run upstairs and hug her tightly.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quiz

Then the long silky black hair of Isabelle Lightwood was instantly followed by her long slender body as it descended down the stairs. I thought you're fetching Magnus from the airpo Her face instantly lit up as she lunged for her. She heard Alec laugh from behind. After a few moments, they let go of each other. I'm so tired of the phone conversations we had! It's good to finally see you again!

She really missed her best friend. I guess were both too busy to see each other. I can't wait to see the rest. The girls talked and talked about their careers as they progressed from there. As Isabelle talked about her and Simon's upcoming wedding, she instantly sobered up as she asked Clary about hers.

But I still care for you guys. I know you're gonna keep your promise no matter what, it's just a matter of time. And Alec told me he's not into them anymore after you. But I chose other things than him. No one blames you. This is the moment she got all worked up for. She took a deep breath. The ride from the Lightwoods was smooth and full of anxiety. She couldn't get it him out of her head, now more than ever. All those doubts and fears she kept pushing inside were coming out now that she was going to see him.

She decided to head straight at the Herondale household.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quiz

She hadn't been there since thanksgiving three years ago. When she arrived, she saw a familiar lady lounging at the veranda. The old woman squinted her eyes and stood up immediately. They hugged each other.

She was the grandmother Clary never had. Even before she and Jace got together, Imogen treated her like she was her granddaughter. After all, she was the substitute mother for Jace, since his mother died in childbirth.

You look healthy too. I see life has been treating you well. They're expecting a baby boy. But I'm here to see him. He could be at the shop, or in Taki's. After a few moments of catching up, she said goodbye and looked for Jace at the town. As she speeded up, she tried to think of the places he might be. She checked Taki's but he's not there at his usual spot. She also tried his shop, and after she saw that he's not there either, she took a good look around and felt proud for him.

The shop was not too much, but it looks great. She smiled in as she saw that it was too clean for a shop. Same old neat-freak Jace. She moved on and tried to look for him down the street while thinking where he might possibly be. As she let her mind wander, she didn't notice a boy crossing.

Reflexes kicked in and she pushed the brakes. Fortunately, as she stepped out to inspect the damage, the boy was unscathed. She breathed a sigh of relief as she crouched to level his position. The boy nodded shyly. He just pointed at the end of the road and as Clary followed the hand, she gasped inwardly. It was the church. She and Jace used to sneak inside to climb at the rooftop, to the greenhouse.

She stood up, as if in a daze, never leaving her eyes on the view. How could she forget that church? She broke off her reverie and looked at the boy again. She reached inside her pocket and pulled out a bill.

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And go back to your parents. Be a good boy, okay? As the boy took off, Clary turned off the car and walked ahead. A few misunderstandings here and there, and they are stopped from forming a real relationship, even though both clearly love each other.

Jace especially visibly becomes distraught. In the following few weeks, things become awkward for both Jace and Clary because despite finding out they are brother and sister, they cannot rid themselves of their romantic feelings for one another.

They try to deal with it by entirely avoiding each other, communicating only when extremely necessary. Clary attempts to start a relationship with her best friend, Simon and Jace also hooks up with Helen Penhallow — both attempts backfiring because of the mounting jealousy for the new person in the two lovers.

These weeks are harrowing for both Jace and Clary who are forced to share a passionate kiss at the Faerie court and also almost commit incest in the heat of the moment while in Idris. When Jace, again mistakenly, finds out he has demon blood, he realizes that maybe this is why he feels what he does for someone who is supposed to be his sister. He gives in to his passion and love and offers to start a clandestine relationship with Clary. Jace is horrified that she would think what he feels for her could be sick, creating quite an irony at the situation.

Later, Jace and Clary share a platonic night together and Jace leaves her a letter admitting that he loves her with all his heart and goes to find Valentine.

When Angel Raziel grants a wish to Clary, she asks for Jace to live again. The two are finally freed of this complicated situation now that they know that they are, indeed, not siblings. They officially begin a relationship and are happy with each other. However, their happiness is short-lived when Jace begins to have nightmares about killing Clary.

He starts avoiding her and is almost completely closed off, leaving Clary confused and hurt. He, himself, spends time with Simon who notices that Jace is physically showing signs of deep distress. When the cause of the dreams come to light via the Silent Brothers, he is asked to spend a night at the cellars in the City of Bones. While Clary goes away to meet the Shadowhunter team that had arrived at the scene, Jonathan Morgenstern, who was risen by Lilith as a balance to the rebirth of Jace, forces Jace into another kind of possession where they become one.