Jane and lisbon relationship history

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jane and lisbon relationship history

Robin Tunney said the 'Mentalist' romance is a relief to play and she gets that chance in network TV to really tell the whole story and finish it where "Both Jane and Lisbon are private, self-contained, protective people, so it. Teresa Lisbon is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by . Patrick Jane leans in to kiss Lisbon when asked to "Say it again". The episode ends with the two of them kissing passionately as the screen fades to black. USA & Canada. Expand; Fashion · Mums · Competitions · Quizzes · Got a Story ? The Mentalist: Can Patrick and Agent Lisbon keep their love under wraps? Things are hotting Jane and Lisbon are trying to stay professional and keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues. So for the man.

This led to one of the greatest scenes the show has ever had: Is your favorite show safe? Check out our guide to what's been renewed or canceled! Anyway, there were one or two problems. First of all, caterers and Sylvan themes did not add up to Lisbon's perfect idea of a wedding, and also Lazarus didn't die in that explosion.

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It just rendered him a bloody mess, which raised a few eyebrows as he wandered around trying to track down Jane by killing television hosts and pretending to fill out a marriage license. The FBI first thought he was going to show up to Abbott's house, when in fact, Lazarus had hitched a ride with the judge to where Jane and Lisbon had decided to elope: While we thought Lazarus was about to creep up on the unsuspecting bride and groom, he actually opened the door to find a whole shack full of agents, plus Lisbon in a wedding dress, holding a gun.

Jane's would-be murderer was arrested while the wedding went on in the yard, uninterrupted and adorable, with the whole team, Lisbon's brothers, and Van Pelt and Rigsby in attendance. Speaking of adorable, there was more: Our squeals throughout this finale were off the charts, people.

As for the team, Abbott's moving to D.

The Mentalist: Can Patrick and Agent Lisbon keep their love under wraps?

Lisbon's relationship with Hightower is much more adversarial than with Minelli. Hightower makes Lisbon responsible for Jane's behavior, threatening to sanction Lisbon for Jane's missteps.

jane and lisbon relationship history

The threat that Hightower made becomes reality for Lisbon in the episode " Blood Money " when Hightower suspends Lisbon for five days for not controlling Jane and his behavior, despite Jane's effort to stop this. Patrick Jane[ edit ] Lisbon tolerates Jane's misbehavior, although she is often antagonized by his actions and has to apologize for him to both her CBI superiors and others with whom Jane is allowed to interact in his capacity as a consultant to the CBI.

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She sometimes places high stakes on her career by supporting Jane. The two often engage in light flirting and teasing of one another, with Lisbon sometimes being visibly affected by Jane's charm. She and Jane have shared several personal and deep moments throughout the series, however, which can be interpreted either as romantic interest, or just in the context of being best friends. She is shown giving Jane multiple chances and is often seen, even when she is unhappy with his behavior, to be supportive of him and help him.

Jane certainly respects Lisbon more than others, often making sure she is not held responsible for his antics. Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, has stated: Some people see that as a very sort of intense but cryptic romantic relationship.

jane and lisbon relationship history

Other people see it purely as brother and sister. And I think we leave it to time and the audience to play that out and the chemistry of the actors. In the season 6 finale, Blue BirdJane hops over a fence at the airport and storms onto Lisbon's DC-bound plane to confess his love for her. Later, Jane and Lisbon confess their love for each other as Jane is being held at airport security for his plane stunt. Patrick Jane leans in to kiss Lisbon when asked to "Say it again".

jane and lisbon relationship history

The episode ends with the two of them kissing passionately as the screen fades to black. However, at the request of Lisbon, their love affair is kept secret from their team. It is assumed that the two weeks each had off from the FBI after the events of Blue Bird were spent together, in what Heller described as a 'honeymoon' phase.

In the series finale, White OrchidsJane surprises Lisbon by proposing to her.

jane and lisbon relationship history

Lisbon accepts his proposal. The two get married on the property Jane bought to build their home in front of their family and co-workers. Lisbon reveals that she is pregnant at the end of the episode. Personality[ edit ] Lisbon is smart, witty, sarcastic, no-nonsense, sometimes impatient, and occasionally playful and mischievous, particularly if Jane is involved. She is also courageous, willing to put herself in danger, and is willing to keep an open mind, but can often be abrasive.