Janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

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janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

The Doctor teaches Seven about dating and romantic relationships, but then realizes that he On the other side of the room, Seven of Nine is obviously observing them. While Captain Janeway is with the Kadi, their representative is to be left entirely in the hands of Neelix. .. "What did the counselor say to the hologram?. "Admiral" Janeway's plot devices suddenly make the Borg a (once again) Chakotay and Seven of Nine have a doomed romance, the Doctor. Star Trek: Voyager has seven seasons under its belt. Janeway and Seven of Nine were one of the defining relationships of the series, but . filming television, and changed Janeway's name to Kathryn on Mulgrew's advice.

The Doctor says "freeze program. Annoyed, he discusses with Seven her conduct which, far from making friends, would alienate a lot of people. Seven is very uncomfortable with the exercise and, against his wishes, leaves the holosuite, demanding that the doctor perform his weekly physical examination. On the bridgeCaptain Kathryn Janeway and the bridge officers watch the viewscreenlooking at a Mutara class nebula.

The nebula is so large that long-range sensors cannot see beyond it and they can only see a distance of several light years ahead. Going around the nebula will take far too long, therefore Janeway orders a course through it. Soon everyone on the bridge begins to wince with pain, then convulse in agony as burns and sores appear on their faces, necks and hands.

Act One Edit Janeway, fighting intense pain, orders Lt. Tom Paris to reverse course out of the nebula immediately. Paris tries but collapses before he can. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok manages to get to the helm and execute the order. Janeway calls sickbay for emergency medical help. The Doctor is there with Seven, dealing with a barrage of crew-members who are in the same state as the bridge officers.

However, he and Seven are unaffected. He dispatches Seven to the bridge with dermal regenerators. It's too late for this officer, as he's already been burned to death by the radiation.

Seconds later, as Voyager moves away from the nebula, the agony suddenly stops. Seven arrives and administers aid with the regenerators.

It is too late for one officer though as his face was burned beyond recognition. Janeway, after having ordered all-stop, meets with Seven in the astrometrics labwhere Seven brings up a sensor scan of the nebula, showing Voyager's position outside of it. She reports that the nebula is at least one hundred and ten light years wide. It will take Voyager over a month to travel through, a trip the crew would certainly not survive.

Janeway realizes that going around the nebula would add a year onto their journey, which is not a welcome idea.

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Janeway is determined that, after all the crew and ship have been through and traveling 15, light-years, this nebula won't stop them.

She speaks to The Doctor in sickbay about the effects the nebula had on them.

Sex and relationship with Seven of Nine?

He has found that it has massive amounts of subnucleonic radiation which caused the burns and agonizing pain. If you take the time to read a chapter, please take the opportunity to review and keep the Muse happy. Chapter 1 When thirty-nine year old Commanding Officer of the United Star Ship Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway exited the turbo lift and stepped onto the Main Bridge, all officers present, bar one, were surprised by her appearance and demeanour.

The five foot five Captain was bouncing on the balls of her feet and cheerfully announced, "At ease and good morning people. Lovely day isn't it?

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He looked at his Captain and replied, "Morning Captain, we are running efficiently at Warp 6 and are on course for the Alpha Quadrant. By the way, how is the beautiful Lieutenant Harris doing? Chakotay, a hulk of a man of Native American Heritage and the leggy blonde Amanda Harris from Security had been dating for the past month and their relationship was progressing nicely.

He avoided making eye contact with his Captain and answered, "Very well, thank you Captain. He had never seen Janeway this personal on the Bridge before and was at a loss as how to react. He was in two minds about calling for the Doctor and having Janeway examined for a possible unknown virus or illness.

After several seconds, Chakotay finally decided on belaying a request for the Doctor to attend the Bridge - for the time being. Ensign Harry Kim, twenty-seven with shiny black hair, lowered his eyes to his work station, acted as if he was busy then finally replied, "No Captain, nothing to report. Oh, by the way Tom, how is that lovely wife of yours doing? He had to stop himself from glancing back at her and asking if she was feeling okay.

Captain Janeway looked towards Ensign Kim and caught his eye, Harry swallowed hard and waited for the question he knew was about to be asked. Once Harry had managed to get over his infatuation with Seven of Nine, former Borg Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01; he had asked Megan out on a dinner date and they had been happy together ever since.

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Janeway waved her left hand in the air, "Good to hear Harry, good to hear. By the way, remind me to speak to you during the next couple of days about a promotion. Commander Chakotay had mentioned it to him in passing some time ago, but nothing official had been discussed. He was smitten with the suggestion and Megan would be thrilled. In turn, that would make Harry extremely happy - he was planning on asking Megan to marry him once a promoted came through.

Captain Janeway stood up from her chair and announced, "Commander Chakotay, you have the Bridge.

janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

I will be in my Ready Room if needed. The crew watched in silence as she sauntered towards the door then held their collective breathes when she suddenly turned and said, "Seven! Janeway beamed broadly then added, "Oh, and Seven. The Bridge remained in stillness for several moments after the pneumatic door to the Ready Room had closed.

Commander Chakotay finally broke the silence, "Did everyone else just hear and see what I think I just experienced? Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, one hundred and twelve years of age, had been unsurprised by the Captain's behaviour and announced, "Do not be alarmed, Captain Janeway is, I believe, experiencing a change of view brought on by her impending milestone.

The answer was swift from the automated voice, "The date on Earth is Wednesday May 19th Chakotay looked at the Vulcan crew member, "Would you like to enlighten us further Mr Tuvok? Seven stopped her thought process and said, "Commander, I have efficiently concluded my duties here on the bridge.

May I be excused and return to Astrometrics? She was less than impressed by the lack of deference currently on show on the Bridge and wished to return to the serenity of her work station in Astrometrics. She also wanted to be as far away as possible from any questions the others may have regarding the Captain's openness in requesting her presence for dinner.

Although, it was common knowledge throughout the ship that the Captain and her often dined together, the causal way in which it was mentioned in front of her fellow crew members on the Bridge, was not the norm.

The PADDs were neatly piled atop her expansive desk. It was a task she routinely put aside until the last minute, but today she felt it was less a chore than usual.

janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

To ensue this occurred, she had to give herself a swift kick up the bum to get onboard and be on time. He had been about to retire to bed for the evening, when there was a request for entry at his door. A dishevelled and anxious Janeway stepped inside Tuvok's quarters and instantly apologised, "Sorry to bother you old friend, but I need your advice on an urgent matter. Janeway settled on the couch, "Thank you again dear friend. I have been pacing my quarters for the past three hours and getting nowhere fast.

Janeway placed her head in her hands, "Personal, very personal. You appear to have grown distant towards her. Seven and I were involved in a game of velocity when she stumbled to avoid the disc I had put into play. I reached out to steady her fall and we both ended up crashing onto the tiles. To be more precise, I found myself on top of Seven and face to face. Our eyes held each other for the longest time and after having denied myself for so long about my real feelings for her, it suddenly hit me like a meteorite.

During the last two years, my feelings for Seven have evolved from pity, sorrow, sympathy and intrigue to fascination, admiration, adoration to love. Tuvok, I am scared of ruining the close bond we share if I tell her the truth. Of course, the fact that she is only twenty-six and I am thirty-nine has caused me no end of conflict.

Doesn't Seven deserve the right to know how you feel about her? It would shatter me. Kathryn looked at her trusted friend with eyes wide open and enquired, "Do you know something I don't? Has Seven spoken to you on this matter?

You asked for my advice and I suggest you communicate with her. Be honest and discuss these issues logically. Now stop exhausting yourself with unfounded fears and doubt and get some sleep. She had difficulty in concentrating on her work panel and after reassessing the events on the Bridge, realised she was angry. She was irritated at the Commander and Lieutenant Paris for what she considered childish and unprofessional behaviour towards the Captain.

There was something else about the situation that was making her feel something else, something she couldn't quite understand.

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She was deep in thought when she heard the door whoosh open behind her. Turning, she found the brunette Chief of Engineering, Lieutenant Torres approaching her. Lieutenant Commander Torres, do you wish to pursue a romantic encounter with me?

It is just an expression. Phew, I keep forgetting you are still relatively new at this socialising game and sometimes need an explanation or two. After all this time I think we have progressed into friendship. We share a close bond. Since being severed from the Borg Collective, the Captain has been my mentor, my guide, my confidant … my. B'Elanna exclaimed excitedly, "I knew it. If you will please excuse me I have work to attend too.

Lunch hours in the Mess Hall, see you then. She was happy to be finally finished with the reports. Suddenly she felt peckish and checked the time. It was hours ship's time. Standing up from her desk, the brunette decided to make her way to the Mess Hall for a bite to eat. Chakotay looked up as she exited the Ready Room, "Captain on the Bridge. Commander you have the Bridge. A beaming Neelix approached her and exclaimed, "Captain, what a pleasant surprise.

It is good to see you. Now what have you got on the menu to tempt me with? Neelix chortled at the Captain's behaviour, "Right away Captain. She spotted an empty chair and approached the diners. B'Elanna nearly choked on her food before saying, "No, no Captain, please join us. She noted that her lunch companion was a bright shade of red and B'Elanna decided that lunch had just become very interesting. Kathryn looked towards Seven and declared, "Seven, thank you for your comprehensive weekly report, it was fascinating reading.

It's good to know that at least two of the departments are consistently running at maximum efficiency. Two compliments from Janeway in a row were unheard of. After she stopped coughing, she replied, "Thank you Captain.

janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

Seven and I are fortunate to work with competent teams. Luckily for B'Elanna she had no food in her mouth at the time, "No complaints yet and I must say it has had a very positive affect on Tom. He is spending less time in the Holodeck as Captain Proton with Harry. Seven looked up and responded, "It is … adequate.

janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

I am still adapting to taking solid nutrition rather than liquid supplements. She closely observed the woman sitting opposite her as she ate, talked and laughed.

janeway and seven of nine relationship counseling

She was totally mesmerised and it wasn't the first time. Earlier, after exhausting the ship's computer database on human relationships and copulation, Seven had been left in no doubt that she wanted more than a close friendship with her Captain and wanted to experience a full romantic relationship with the woman she adored.

Until a fortnight ago Seven was unsure if the Captain would ever reciprocate her feelings and was reluctant to express her longing for the woman she held close to her heart, but when the Captain had fallen onto her chest during their Velocity match, Seven had realised that the bond between them was much more than one of mere friendship. The former Borg had been expecting them to grow closer in the days following their connection, but was deeply saddened and confused when the Captain gradually retreated and the time they usually spent together came to a complete standstill.

Seven had tried to manipulate time alone with the Captain to discuss the matter, but all attempts were thwarted by Kathryn and that morning, she had been relieved to receive the Captain's invitation for a game of Velocity after the completion of their shift. The blonde had actually smiled when she read the message on her personal computer when she logged on after her regeneration cycle had completed.