Jeff buckley and tim relationship

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jeff buckley and tim relationship

Greetings From Tim Buckley is a fictionalized account of musician Jeff Buckley's relationship with the father he barely knew, Tim Buckley, a folk. Jeffrey Scott Buckley (November 17, – May 29, ), raised as Scott Moorhead, was an His biological father, Tim Buckley, was a singer-songwriter who released a series of .. In , at Toronto International Film Festival, Greetings from Tim Buckley premiered; the film explores the relationship Jeff Buckley had. Jeff only met his father, Tim Buckley, a few times during his childhood, and the ' 60s cult folk icon was not present in Jeff's life. Jeff never.

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But David Browne discovers they were inextricably linked. Is this goin to be about my father? Because I never knew him. I had already seen him perform at Sin-e, a small East Village coffeehouse, and had been captivated by his expansive voice and elastic repertoire.

Now, this soft-spoken year-old with short, spiky hair and a red T-shirt was sitting across from me, instantly on his guard.

jeff buckley and tim relationship

Although his query about his father was surprisingly direct, I understood his concern. Now he had signed a supposedly enviable contract with Columbia Records, was about to begin recording his first album and was bein touted as a next-big-something. I did ask him a few questions about his family and upbringing; the topic was unavoidable.

Like Father, Like Son? - Tim Buckley

Speaking of his own music and plans for the future, Jeff was the definition of enigmatic: He played Sin-e a few days later, and afterwards, as he forlornly stuffed his electric guitar into a black plastic case, I asked if he had a few minutes to talk. Gently but firmly, he shook his head; he seemed emotionally and physically spent. I looked around the club awkwardly, and when I turned back, he was gone. Tim, in fact, abandoned his mother when she was pregnant.

He will regret this choice during his life, and his lyrics proved it many times. At his funeral, his son was not yet Jeff, nor Jeff Buckley. The family called him with his middle name, Scottie.

jeff buckley and tim relationship

The funeral was not logistically far, but he and his mother were not invited. That missing invitation will open a wound that nothing will ever heal. Not even that grace that Jeff tries desperately to find during his whole life, the one he chose as the title of his only album Grace.

jeff buckley and tim relationship

He will be able to greet his father only in a celebration, on April 26th,when he attends the memorial tribute concert in St. Ann Church in Brooklyn. The whole art produced by Jeff Buckley and Tim is basically the story of an absence.

jeff buckley and tim relationship

A moment, something that flies away with no recover possibilities. For both, music will be a haven for the soul, a friend that alleviates the torments and the regrets, an ally against loneliness.

Tim and Jeff Buckley: two stars, one story

Tim and Jeff shared little time together, but their tragic fate was identical. Father and son will be fatally bound by a tragic, premature death, not without mysteries. Tim dies for a heroin overdose. For Jeff, however, death comes by accidental drowning in Mississippi.