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Jungkook wrote on the concept of gold as his nickname is “golden Jimin's poem spoke about the difficult inner thoughts he has when he's. It was a great way to close their season with touching poems which is that Jimin would want his relationship with Jungkook to stay healthy. ☆. Sep 17, BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hope's are all We took a look at the dating history and current relationship status of.

Everyone would cringe at that cheesy line, right? However, in real life, this would be a wonderful thing to hear. Try to imagine how sweet that line is. The boy is desperately hoping for a single day when he could meet his girl. But isn't it quite amazing how the boy is yearning for the girl even just for a day, just like how every Army would want to see the boys for just one moment?

It expresses not only the love of a young man wishing for the girl to see him, but on the other side, it also expresses the wish of many Armies to see BTS even for just one day. As the chorus says: Just one day, if I can be with you Just one day, if I can hold your hands Just one day, if I can be with you Just one day just one day If only we can be together Anyone hearing the song would imagine a day when they could date these loving boys.

That day would be the best day ever! Wings About the song: Like a sweet intoxication, "Spring Day" has a lovely sound, yet sad lyrics, which shows BTS's artistic development. It's a lonely song, yet it features a warm lovely tone, which makes it a masterpiece. Hearing Rap Monster's "bogoshipda" in intro is already a total turn on.

Plus, Suga's cold voice saying, "Niga byeonhan geonji" will make you fall deeper in love with the song. How many more nights do I have to stay awake? To see you to see you To meet you to see you The boys successfully expressed the feeling of sadness, longing for someone you're dying to see and embrace.

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But worry not, because no sadness is forever. We just have to wait, and the right time will come. Our tears will no longer fall and we will no longer feel distant from those we love. Skool Luv Affair About the song: This song deals with narcissism, self-centeredness, and selfishness.

In the same interview as the above, he said he likes his passion. He used to listen to My Chemical Romance. The name comes from Jungkook's old dorm room, which was basically a big walk-in closet and the first part of his nickname, Golden Maknae.

This is where he recorded his covers and such before moving to the new current dorm.


His Zodiac sign is Virgo. He is the youngest member of BTS. He attended Baek Yang Middle School. His hobbies including drawing, filming and photography, playing games, playing football, and dancing. He has a habit of sniffing a lot because he has rhinitis. He wiggles his fingers often as well. His shoe size is 7. He does not like tasteless things, insects, hurting himself, or studying. In Grade 7, Jungkook learned B-boying at a club with friends and hyungs. He has a black belt in Taekwondo.

His dream when he was younger was to become a badminton player. In his first year of high school, he listened to G-Dragon songs and changed his dream to that of becoming a singer. He likes to read comic books. Jimin says that Jungkook smiles when he swears. Jungkook likes collecting Bluetooth speakers.

Jungkook and Bambam mentioned the '97 squad in their 'thanks' from their recent albums. RM's knowledge, Suga's diverse knowledge, J-Hope's positive spirit, Jimin's persistence and effort, V's natural talent, and Jin's broad shoulders.

Jungkook likes matching sets. He feels uneasy whenever his top and pants are different. He can play games on two computers at once. He has said RM is a role model of his, mentioning on numerous occasions how much RM continues to inspire him. In his earlier days, Jungkook would cry if he felt he didn't sing a song correctly or well.

He is a perfectionist and is very self-critical and meticulous. He is a huge fan of IU; his ringtone is one of IU's songs.

His favorite avenger is Iron Man. Out of all the members, Jungkook responds to texts the least. He prefers to wear darker hair colors black and various shades of brown. He thinks unnatural and bright colors don't suit him. However, he will wear colorful highlights ex. He once bleached his hair completely white, but changed it back to brown because he thought he looked too much like a grandpa.

When Jungkook first moved into the dorms and met the other members, he was very shy and would shower late at night when everyone was asleep to avoid seeing or disturbing them.

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Jungkook's solo song "Begin" is a song dedicated to the other members. He explained that the song was about how his journey started at the age of 15 Korean age and was a way of him thanking his hyungs for helping him become the person he is today. Earning him a spot at Jungkook is very competitive and hates losing, especially in things pertaining to athletics and games. He is very athletic himself and considered the strongest after Jin and the fastest out of the members.

Jungkook has had the most ear piercings of all the members. He's had 8 in total. Only wears one piercing on each ear currently. Suga and Jungkook always joke about opening a lamb skewers restaurant when they retire. Jungkook likes Banana Milk. He is currently learning how to play piano. He is the third member to play piano, after Suga and Jin. However, in a recent Vlive, he mentioned that he stopped because he didn't have someone to properly teach him. Jungkook mentioned one of the most embarrassing moments for him was when he got scolded by Jimin.

Jungkook is sensitive to smell. His favored type of scent is soap smell. Jungkook's BT21 character is a pink rabbit named Cooky. Jungkook has a small scar on his left cheek Because of a fight with his older brother to play first on the computer when he was little Originally, Jungkook's stage name was going to be Seagull. However, he and the members, as well as Bang PD decided his real name suited him best.