Johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

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johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

Johannes Brahms moved in with his friend Robert Schumann and was a romantic connection between Clara and Johannes, then why. Those relationships we call platonic are difficult enough to Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms, Then came Johannes Brahms. There is a very good chance they did However we will never be completely sure, since they destroyed most of their letters to each other. Robert Schumann.

Clara's journal reveals that Robert stimulated all of her most noble and artistic qualities. Their relationship had many elements. They improvised and played piano together, shared memories and experiences, and fantasized about music they might create. InClara dedicates a work of hers, Opus 3, to Robert. When Robert would leave to visit family, she would write him letters to make sure he kept an interest in the musical scene in Leipzig and an interest in her.

She usually ended her letters with a cautious neutrality: ByRobert had ended his relationship with Ernestine. Clara is now 16, and still performing locally. Robert respected that she was a young and impressionable girl, and as such remained only her close friend, even thought it was apparent throughout his journal entries that he did feel love for her. But after her 16th birthday he abandons all principles and assures her that his relationship with Ernestine is over.

johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

Robert's diary reveals how he feels for Clara during their first months together. A wonderful Christmas spent together. She wrote to him later, "When you gave me that first kiss, I thought I would faint; everything went blank and I could barely hold the lamp that was lighting your way out.

At first Clara's father was oblivious to their relationship. But when his suspicions were at last aroused, his first reaction was to remove his daughter from Leipzig in January of At first Robert persisted in the belief that Clara's father would approve of their marriage. He thought that Mr. Wieck would be overjoyed to see his daughter together with a talented musician such as himself.

Unfortunately this was not the case.

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The struggle between Wieck and Robert for Clara was complicated by the fact that Robert and Clara both needed Wieck at this point in their lives. Robert longed to be a son and son-in-law to his old piano teacher.

He was shocked to discover that he could not have a relationship with both Clara and Wieck. Clara knew that she was in love with Robert. But she loved her father and the musical success she enjoyed as a result of all his hard work as a father. Her music and career still remained the center of her life. Wieck wrote letters to Robert informing him that all connections with their household were over.

Clara Schumann

He and Clara continued touring together. It was a miserably unhappy tour. For almost a year and a half, Clara and Robert did not see each other and rarely communicated. Within the next two years, however, Clara would take her first faltering steps on her own towards love. During this long separation, Robert threw himself into his work, composing, studying, writing, and collaborating with some of the Romantic era's great musicians.

johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

These were the years when Robert Schumann created some of his best known works. The Engagement During the summer ofa mutual friend began exchanging letters between Robert and Clara. On August 13, Robert wrote to her: As indestructible as my belief in you is, yet the strongest spirit loses confidence when nothing is heard of the one who is loved more than anyone else in the world. And you are that to me. I have thought it over a thousand times, and everything says to us, It must be, if we wish it, and act.

Write me just a simple "yes" if you will give your father a letter from me on your birthday. Just now he is well disposed toward me and will not reject me if you add your pleas to mine.

For the rest of their lives they considered the following day, August 14th,the day of their engagement. In his diary Robert wrote, "A union for eternity. The letters exchanged between the two lovers over the next few weeks are beautiful. The letters reveal so much joy as the two pledge themselves to each other, even as Clara's father continued to adamantly disapprove of their relationship.

In September ofClara asked her father for some of her earnings during their tours together to act as a dowry, but he refused. She thus resolved to provide her own dowry of sorts by performing on her own. The young artist was clearly a little nervous about the new life ahead of her. Her diary shows her questioning how the two would support themselves on their own, as well as weather or not Robert really did find her physically attractive.

These doubts would quickly disappear. There was some delay of their wedding due to legal matters regarding a blessing from Clara's father. The time Clara and Robert spent together in Berlin and Leipzig while they were waiting for these issues to be resolved during the long months of and were some of their happiest.

They made music together, and went on daily walks just as Clara had done when she was a child. They both had a hard time communicating with words, and so composing music together was a wonderful form of communication for them. They were married on September 12th,the day before Clara's 21st birthday.

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Robert was 30 years old. This settled the dispute between Clara and her father, she was now the wife of Robert Schumann. In Weimarshe performed a bravura piece by Henri Herz for Goethewho presented her with a medal with his portrait and a written note saying: In her creative hands, the most ordinary passage, the most routine motive acquires a significant meaning, a colour, which only those with the most consummate artistry can give.

He moved into the Wieck household as a piano student of Friedrich's by the end of when she was only 11 and he was In when she was 18, he proposed to her and she accepted. Then Robert asked Friedrich for Clara's hand in marriage. Robert and Clara had to go to court and sue Friedrich. The judge's decision was to allow the marriage, which notably took place on September 12,the day before Clara's 21st birthday, when she would have attained what would come to be known as majority status.

See "Family Life" section for specific detail. He played a new violin concerto of Mendelssohn's, which is said to be wonderful".

Clara wrote that he played "with a finish, a depth of poetic feeling, his whole soul in every note, so ideally, that I have never heard violin-playing like it, and I can truly say that I have never received so indelible an impression from any virtuoso. He played some of his own piano solo compositions. Both Schumanns were deeply impressed. Robert published an article highly lauding Brahms.

johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

Clara wrote in the diary that Brahms "seemed as if sent straight from God. Their relationship has been interpreted as bordering between friendship and love. Tours, often to Britain, often with Joachim[ edit ] Drawing of Clara, Clara first went to England in Aprilwhile Robert was still living but unable to travel. She was invited to play in a London Philharmonic Society [23] concert by conductor William Sterndale Bennetta good friend of Robert's.

Wylde, who Clara said had "led a dreadful rehearsal" and "could not grasp the rhythm of the last movement. James's Hall, London, which opened inhosted a series of "Popular Concerts" of chamber music, of which programs from through are preserved.

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Most often on the same concert programmes would be second violinist Joseph Ries and violist J. George Bernard Shawthe leading playwright and also a music critic, wrote that the Popular Concerts helped greatly to spread and enlighten musical taste in England. Saunders who managed all the arrangements.

Clara was accompanied by her oldest daughter Marie, who wrote from Manchester to her friend Rosalie Leser that in Edinburgh Clara "was received with tempestuous applause and had to give an encore, so had Joachim. Piatti, too, is always tremendously liked. Performance repertoire[ edit ] During her lifetime, Clara Schumann was an internationally renowned concert pianist.

johannes brahms and clara schumann relationship

Her only other piano concerto, a Konzersatz in F minorwas left unfinished. Her busiest years as a performer were between andafter Robert Schumann's death. She ceased to play any of his works; she suppressed her husband's dedication to Liszt of his Fantasie in C major when she published Schumann's complete works, and she refused to attend a Beethoven centenary festival in Vienna in when she heard that Liszt and Richard Wagner would be participating.