Johnny storm and lyja relationship

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johnny storm and lyja relationship

She is well-known for her marriage to Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Lyja's Skrull teammates kidnapped Alicia when the Fantastic Four where on a mission. Lyja is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Lyja instead seduced Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. their relationship but then the Fantastic Four were thought dead after fighting Onslaught. Since the details of Johnny Storm's life aren't exactly common knowledge, Masters, but was later revealed to be Lyja the Lazerfist, a shapeshifting Skrull spy . . For further reading on the Spideytorch relationship, go here.

Quicksilver has always been aggressively protective of Wanda, owing to their time as refugees in Europe and having to flee from people who fear mutants. Even after they reform and join the Avengers, Quicksilver puts Wanda first, denouncing her relationship with the Vision and contending with Magneto, whom they believe to be their father.

As revealed in Fantastic Four Annual 2Richards offered to be von Doom's roommate but was brusquely rebuffed. Worse, von Doom wouldn't listen when Richards pointed out some errors in von Doom's notes on matter transmutation and dimension warps. Von Doom doesn't correct his calculations, blows up his room and gets expelled -- and ever after, blamed Richards for his mistakes, leading to a lifelong enmity as he moved on to become armored despot Doctor Doom and Richards became Mr.

Stacy was sweet and personable, where Watson affected a flighty party-girl air. Stacy was kidnapped by the Goblin and tossed off the Brooklyn Bridge mistakenly labeled the George Washington Bridge in the story. Spider-Man tries to save her with his webbing, but inadvertently breaks Stacy's neck.

The Vision debuted in Avengers Volume 1 57 October ; it is revealed he is a construct of Ultron. They both reformed and joined the Avengers, and their relationship bloomed.

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Unfortunately, the children were revealed to be magical constructs, and both the Vision and the Witch have been considered threats to the world because of how they cope for their longing for family. Storm was right with Richards on their first published adventure, in Fantastic Four Volume 1 1 Novemberjoining him on the ill-fated space flight that transformed them, her brother Johnny and Ben Grimm into the first superheroes of the Marvel Age.

And through family squabbles, stressful pregnancies, outsiders undermining their marriage, strong arguments and spacefaring adventure, their love has endured. In that one-off tale, he invents a way to shrink. In issue 35 Septemberhe develops means to communicate with ants and becomes Ant-Man.

johnny storm and lyja relationship

Issue 44 June brings in socialite Janet van Dyne, who becomes Pym's longtime love and the superhero the Wasp. In Avengers Volume 1 60 Januaryvan Dyne invites the team to a surprise wedding -- to Yellowjacket, a new super-being who claims to have killed Pym. It's revealed that Yellowjacket is Pym, having a psychotic episode, and that van Dyne knows who he really is. Their relationship after that is tumultuous.

The two established an enduring, long-term romance through many adventures with the X-Men.

Spider-Man and the Human Torch

The inconvenient fact that he does not have a heir is a minor impediment; he just made one. Ben confronted her as an intruder, who appeared as a shadow, and continued to change into various forms to elude him, until he rounded a corner and found Alicia there-who claimed she encountered nothing.

Ben explained what he saw, though the rest of his team were skeptical. Later, Lyja discussed it with Johnny, who refused to believe that it was simply a hallucination. Lyja suggested that it could have been someone like the Puppet Master.

Does anyone think Johnny Storm is becoming a Hypocrite by hooking up with Medusa?

Then, right on schedule, Ben slammed his way through the door alongside the Puppet Master and came after the woman disguised as Alicia. Johnny tried to stop him, but the Thing eventually snuffed his flame and threatened Lyja to reveal herself to the whole team, proving that she had duplicated Alicia. Only when the Invisible Woman used her force field on him did he burn himself out and calm down. Lyja then told them all the details of her mission, explaining that she had been Alicia since before Johnny married her.

The Torch refused to believe this, thinking that he had married the real Alicia, and Lyja had simply replaced her later.

johnny storm and lyja relationship

But Lyja insisted, explaining that she had shared his bed and his life, and was soon to have his baby. Again, Johnny was furious but he restrained himself.

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Though once Paibok appeared and turned on Johnny for the imagined indignities he felt the human had made Lyja suffer, she was torn between the man she had lived with and her former lover. The Thing dropped a massive pillar on Paibok, putting him out of commission. The Torch ran to her and asked her why she would do what she did. She seemingly died in his arms as he professed his own love for her. Calling her Lyja the Lazerfist, they plotted their revenge and soon attacked the Torch while he was attending Empire State University.

Paibok and Devos chased him around, firing at him, until Lyja appeared. Feeling abandoned, Lyja hungered for revenge and used her new bio blasts to try and destroy the Torch. She again claimed to be pregnant, and together with her two allies, she poured fire upon the Torch until he lost control and used his ultimate weapon against them: Johnny turned white-hot and partially burned down Empire State University while Lyja and her cohorts fled. Lyja and Paibok appeared in a crowd during his arrest, revealing themselves enough to send him into a frenzy, but acting as innocents once he turned on them; further damaging his image.

johnny storm and lyja relationship

She stopped the Ghost Rider from killing him, claiming that as her right, but fought alongside of him when they were taken to the Moon shortly afterwards by Uatu The Watcher.

Lyja fought the villains, and her former allies, until Paibok reminded her that her baby would not be born properly without a "genefit of a Lacaroo". The fight went out of Lyja, and she slumped to the ground, but Johnny appeared to save her, though he took a blast in the back from Klaw.

Afterwards, while Reed worked to fix a mutated Ms. She later collapsed in pain due to her pregnancy, but made the then-teenage Franklin Richards promise not to reveal it. Luckily, they were captured by Paibok and Devos and taken to the Skrull Homeworld, where Lyja and the remaining members of the Fantastic Four followed the lead of the Invisible Woman after the apparent death of Reed Richards, along with Doom.

On the way off the planet, Susan grabbed a vial of birthing medicine. Triton swam both Lyja and Johnny away and back to a hospital while the rest continued on. With very little time left, Lyja entrusted herself to a human doctor, and Johnny handed him the birthing medicine she needed.