Kanade and otonashi relationship test

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kanade and otonashi relationship test

Kanade helped him fight Naoi and saved Otonashi and the SSS from being eaten by The plan involves sabotaging Kanade's test results to tarnish her clean. K guys, so when Otonashi confesses his feelings to Kanade at the end, why there's a special connection to those who remember "My Song.". The episode Japanese anime television series Angel Beats! is based on an original concept . In the meantime, Yuri and Otonashi fight Angel to buy enough time for the Guild members and Yuri orders class distractions to test Naoi's enforcement, though Naoi remains vigilant. Yet, she had one special wish: marriage.

But then that would have created turmoil in the SSS. Maybe they are just close friends and nothing else? Or maybe Hinata is just a ladies man and is cheating on Yui as soon as she leaves.

Kanade Tachibana

He's exclusive only to the anime. Yuri seemed pretty eager to recruit him in the beginning. And the second episode was totally reserved for those two. I almost was convinced by then that they would become a couple. They the writers killed off the rest of the team so quickly, just for those two to have their moment together. The part where Otonashi has to climb up Yuri's body was another major hint. He wonders why she smells so good. And when he reaches her face and their faces are close to touching, Yuri blushes soooooo noticeably!

Yuzuru Otonashi

So obviously romantic moment, and it's at such an early point in the anime. Usually those indicate something.

kanade and otonashi relationship test

Otonashi also calls her a great leader. And then Yuri, without him asking, just goes out and tells him her memories. Later on, she forces Naoi to make Otonashi remember his why him? And that scene before isn't the only time those two are the only ones remaining during a mission.

Also, I've noticed that Otonashi is always summoned to take part in the mission. She continues helping people in the afterlife pass on, but this time, with the assistance of Otonashi as her ally and companion. She acts as the primary defense of the newly-formed alliance as the SSS gathers the remaining members to assist.

Kanade single-handedly fights the shadows. They managed to rescue Yuri, and brought her over to the Second Computer Room, where the culprit behind the Shadows appearing was located. After the fight, Yuri was left unconscious for three days, during this time Kanade and Otonashi worked together to prepare a surprise for Yuri. Since most of the SSS members already have moved on, Kanade, Otonashi, Naoi, Hinata and Yuri are the only ones left to experience the graduation ceremony.

Naoi, Yuri and Hinata soon move on and disappeared, leaving Otonashi and Kanade. Otonashi then invites her to walk outside with him saying that he wants to feel the wind on his face.

While outside Otonashi confesses to her that he loves her and he finds out that Kanade has his heart, which he donated in his final moments. Kanade soon reveals that the true reason that she was in the afterlife was because she was looking to thank the person who had given her the gift of life through the heart; as it turns out, it was Otonashi's heart beating in Kanade's chest at the last moments of her life.

After thanking him for giving her an extended life, she disappears leaving Otonashi in tears and despair. A Fated Meeting Edit A fated meeting in the real world Sometime later in the world of the living, a girl that resembles Kanade, with shorter cut hair and a hat, is humming while waiting on the streets. A passing boy that resembles Otonashi recognizes the tune she is humming as Iwasawa's last song, "My Song" Most likely subconsciously. He turns in recognition of either the song or her.

In the scene, the girl checks the time on her phone and then proceeds to walk in the opposite direction of the boy after he passes by, but he then chases after her to tap her on the shoulder in order to get her to stop and turn round so they can meet. The scene fades to white just before the boy makes contact with the girl. This is likely that Otonashi and Kanade meet each other again in the real world as Otonashi was confirmed to have reincarnated back into the real world by the writer.

Her abilities are voice-activated, and can take effect almost immediately. Combined with her advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat, this makes her a formidable opponent for the members of the SSS. In SSS's attempt to infiltrate Kanade's dormitory room, they gain information about her abilities, which are compiled in her personal computer. This discovery deeply disturbs Yuri, who wonders why Angel is not getting her abilities from God like she first assumed.

This leads her to question if there is even a God, meaning that at all of their fighting has been for nothing. Later events support their earlier discovery and a manual called Angel Player is even discovered which is related to the program they discovered. Calls forth a single blade or a pair of blades, one on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel or even easily dispatching Shadows.

It has been shown to have many variations: Regular shape resembling a longsword. The main version she uses when fighting the SSS. Hand Sonic [Version Two]: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip.

All that she needs is a friend. A friend that will unravel her deepest feelings. The True Nature of Angel. Study Block A, Student Council Office Yuri straightened the last stack of papers on the desk, binding them with a stapler.

Please take care of everything," she calmly said and exited the room. Yuri waited until the door was fully closed, then stretched her arms, sighing as she relaxed. A chuckle came from the seat across her. Are you still thinking that you can go with the flow? She knew that he always used that way of speaking with people close enough to him.

Naoi Ayato, the student council vice-president from class 2-A, never meant bad intentions with his words. In fact, he's really fun and Yuri had grown quite close to him during the week. Doing this kind of thing isn't really my style, honestly," she played along with his mockery, smirking.

Then you shouldn't apply here in the first place. This is the suitable place for the serious, obedient type like the president," he raised a brow at her. She rolled her eyes. The president, I mean. Don't you think she's too obedient as a student? A normal teenager would want to rebel sometimes," she nodded towards the door. Naoi crossed his arms as he leaned back on his seat.

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I have to agree with you about that, she's completely the model student type. But don't forget the fact that she is, indeed, unusual. I might say that she's extraordinary. Tachibana-san was an acceleration student. She managed to finish her junior high course in just a year, so basically she's two years younger than us.

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How did she do that?! Naoi had to cover his ears so his eardrums wouldn't explode by her outburst. All I know is that right after she finished elementary school, she took the acceleration program abroad and managed to graduate in one year, then she came back to Japan and enrolled to this boarding school," he explained.

She gaped, then suddenly a question popped up in her brain. But how come the youngest student became the student council president? Weren't there other candidates more reliable than her? There were other candidates. But I think no one could compare to her profiles, though. Perfect grades, obedient, teacher's favorite Not to mention she also has that authority aura.

kanade and otonashi relationship test

And she has been doing great maintaining her job and responsibility. She did surpass other candidates in all aspects in spite of her age. Don't you think with all the rumo—" She was cut off when the door opened and the other members walked in.

Angel soon followed, carrying a folder in her arms. Well, let us begin the meeting for the upcoming cultural festival," she started, sitting down on her chair then opened the folder she's been carrying. They are—" Yuri tried to push the unfinished talk with Naoi to the back of her mind and focused on Angel's speech. She was a student council member now, at least she had to pay attention to the meeting. I think that matter has to wait for a while.

I'd be screwed if I, the student council vice-secretary, let my focus divides now and mess with the meeting report. Girls' Dorm, Yuri's Room "Fuaaah! What a nice hot shower! All my tensed muscles are relaxed now," Yuri threw her body onto the bed and sighed happily.

A good shower always made her feel better after a long and tiring day at school. She had been feeling more tired lately, especially after she joined the student council and appointed as the new vice-secretary. But surprisingly she kind of enjoyed her busy days, basically because it had been a while since the last time she did lots of works at school. She grabbed her phone from her nightstand to check for some new messages, and soon her face brightened as she opened one of her chat groups.

There will be a homecoming party for Senjou Junior High alumni? I wonder how are the guys doing right now.? Her friends from middle school were the best and closest ever. They were like her own siblings, they had a lot of fun together during the years.

Of course she missed them very much, since most of them went to different high schools which made it hard to gather and meet up with everyone. A reunion party was definitely the perfect chance.

kanade and otonashi relationship test

Study Block B, Class 2-B Yuri was about to get up from her seat and grab some lunch when somebody called her.