Kazuma and bishamon relationship

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kazuma and bishamon relationship

I'm so glad that they managed to hit it off well, and the fact that Kazuma and Bishamon both wanted their relationship modeled after the. And then Kazuma so kindly explains to us when Yato and Yukine have gone to kill Bishamon because they think that she's kidnapped Hiyori. In her debut, Bishamon is seen discussing Yato with Kazuma. Later, she appears to her privately. And this is a symbol of their long relationship together.

Hiyori He cares for her and does not consider her as an enemy. On episode 6 of season 2, he cared for her safety and was desperate to get her home seeing how her life was in danger from being out of her body too long. Nora He doesn't like her so much that he doesn't even want to hear her name because she's a little: Like all Shinki, Kazuma has the ability to create a Boundary, though he struggled with it at first.

Kazuma is exceptionally skilled at tracking people, gods, and their Shinki. He is also a skilled navigator. Kazuma has the ability to manipulate his surroundings. He was able to make it so that Vaisravana and Kuraha were unable to see Hiyori. Kazuma has the ability to cast a binding restraint on a target with a power equal to or less than his own. This ability appears to take the form of invisible chains.

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Kazuma used this spell on Kugaha in an attempt to get him to say who he was working for. He used this on Yato, but found it ineffective. He used this skill again to make Yukine talk unwillingly. However, Yukine was able to break the spell.

kazuma and bishamon relationship

Though I think he was meaning more her title than personally, if that makes sense. Kazuma tried so hard to find a suitable nickname, give that boy a medal. Humans have a very different form of relationships than Gods, one that they probably understand, but cannot experience themselves.

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And no, not in a romantic way. And Bishamon feels similarly for Kazuma, as well. She never wants to lose him—which further propelled her actions of wanting to keep him far away from the danger that Father possesses.

kazuma and bishamon relationship

She even adds on, ordering Kuraha to take care of him. Even being tossed away by the person he loves most, he is still worried for her and tells her to escape. I think this speaks volumes—as he may have come to the realization that she is only trying to protect him. Moving on, we see Yato heading off to end the conflict between Bishamon and Father, leaving Take to try and explain that Bishamon is simply trying to rid the heavens of the sorcerer.

Who is very much still alive. I really, really hope that Take is able to take a stand.

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Like Yato said, taking out just a few would barely register overall. And having a close tie to the near shore like Yato does in Hiyori influences that. The current event would easily be the triggering situation to bring about his full power with the use of his shinki.

Gods are beholden or indebted to their shinki.

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This is of course, probably what she wants. She wants that power to defeat the sorcerer—and more, if it consumes her.


The next few bits need to be further evaluated—mostly dialogue and intention. Or is Nana losing herself?

kazuma and bishamon relationship

Yet, unlike Father, Yato still has hope.