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In light novel Volume 5 and Volume 6 - Phantom Bullet, it is confirmed that Kirito is going out with Asuna. From Volume 5 - Chapter 1, when. I was so drawn to Kirito and Asuna's love for one another, their . who found his asuna, I'm doing the best I can to offer the advice the old me. I want to comment about their relationship in my first post I love how author And many people talk about asuna is kirito's first love but she isn't.

Beauty and the beast, Romeo and Juliet, and even Twilight.

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The Black Swordsman and the Lightning Flash. But plenty of people in the anime community have doubts that they even go well together. After they won the fight, Kirito dissolved their party and they went their separate ways. So we can believe that this interpretation will no doubt be the new canon in the near future. In the novel they were depicted as an odd dynamic duo. They had great teamwork on the battlefield, but they would easily get into arguments and misunderstood situation do to the fact that they were shy teenagers.

But despite their short comings, they supported each other through certain struggles and gave friendly advice when needed. Also, they were depicted to have already been attracted to each other in certain ways. Asuna would sometimes dream of Kirito saving her life but in a more romantic light, and Kirito would fantasize about asking Asuna out. They walked their separate ways since. Asuna would think that Kirito was too laid back and uncaring.

And Kirito would think of her as too uptight and strict. Until the moment came on floor 59 where everything changed. Asuna found Kirito taking a nap under a tree and enjoying the weather. She got mad and scolded him for being so lazy while everyone in the assault team was working hard to clear the current dungeon. And then, he said the words that would later change her outlook of the virtual world. In fact, he was gaining a day. She saw that as he was relaxing under the tree so she took his advice.

For the first time in who knows how long, she slept peacefully without having nightmares. So later on after sharing a meal, and after solving a murder mystery involving deaths in a safe zone, they decided to become friends again.

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Time went on and the two became closer as friends with a mutual trust. He gives it to Asuna and using her maxed out cooking skill, she cooks them a lovely dinner. They then decide to grind together in the floor 74 dungeon. After they found the boss room, they had lunch together and had a friendly conversation about cooking in Aincrad.

Later on they were challenged to save innocent players from Gleam Eyes, the floor 74 boss. In order to end the fight, Kirito used his unique skill, duel wielding, to kill the monster, but almost died as a result. After witnessing him being so close to death, Asuna throws herself into his arms and hugged him while sobbing.

She wanted to take a leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath because she wanted to keep him safe. After hearing her say that, he started having flashbacks of her, symbolizing the feelings he had for so long.

kazuto and asuna relationship counseling

However, despite creating these girls and their problems, he always has one solution to their problems: Since Kirito is the main protagonist of the story, Kirito was always the hero which would show up to fill this role of legendary MMO player. Kirito is the game's hero and all of the focus and glory shines on him and his perspective. Additional comments on this matter by Kawahara in volume 2 Author Notes: Besides that, there's one more thing that I must apologize to everyone about.

Even though the four female characters in this book are all different female players, their male counterpart, as discussed earlier, was always Kirito-san.

I love you both. She kissed Kazuto lovingly, which he gladly accepted. This continued for a few more minutes until Sugu coughed to get their attention, "Anyways…the second thing you need to do is go out and have a day just to yourselves.

And there are two ways to get it out: And I don't think one fight merits couples counseling.

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So this weekend, I'll watch Yui while you two go out and do whatever the heck you two do, but no VR. That's what started this problem. Kazuto nodded, "Yeah…We could go to a movie…and have dinner afterwards. Asuna smiled, "I'd love that.

Now I owe you two. Now we just wait for Yui.

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The first thing Yui noticed was that Kazuto and Asuna were standing in the entry way waiting for her. Asuna knelt down to her daughter, "Yui…I know I scared you with all my screaming at daddy, but let me assure you. That won't happen again. I'm so sorry sweetheart. Yui hugged her back, but was still nervous, it was her father she was worried about. After the hug with Asuna ended, Kazuto approached her. It wasn't until he was so close to her, that he realized just how big a mistake he made back in STO.

kazuto and asuna relationship counseling

Kazuto looked down, "Yui…I can't apologize enough to you…you needed me…and what did I do? I left…" He said shakily, tears coming down his face, "I'm such a fool…You deserve a father better than me… One that. Yes, I wanted you with me that time, but you're still my Daddy! I don't want another Daddy! I just want MY Daddy!

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Hearing this caused Asuna to shed a few tears as well. Kazuto, rendered speechless, simply hugged his little girl for all he's worth, "I promise.

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I'll always be there for you when you need me from now on. The young child smiled towards Asuna, who couldn't help but join in on the hug.