Kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

for kurogane to heal he's going to have to recover from all of that | Tumblr

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

Characters: Fai, Kurogane/Fai, Tomoyo, Souma, Kendeppa, implied Souma/ Tomoyo .. with Souma and Tomoyo, asking them questions about a young Kurogane. their relationship would have been like had Kurogane still been with them. The characters of Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane were created in order to have . He often teases Kurogane, who questions this nature, sensing that it is just a false . A connection between her and Clow Reed is implied, with Yūko stating her. you who read my own ending of Kurogane and Tomoyo's relationship! So Yuui didn't know how they died, she didn't dare to ask questions.

She is the princess of the Kingdom of Clow, who befriended and fell in love with the original Syaoran during her childhood.

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They first met inside the ruins while she is under her cleansing ceremony. She then confesses her love to Syaoran, and remains in the Kingdom of Clow awaiting his return.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

Upon arriving in the world of Tokyo, Subaru fell asleep due to two of Sakura's feathers. He awakes when Syaoran takes the feathers from the cocoon where he is sleeping, and before leaving to another, he searches for a way to restore the water from Tokyo's City Hall. Reservoir Chronicle characters including plush, keychains and figurines.

Reservoir Chronicle, other people would "get out of the series. Tomoyo our heroineher older sister, Kendappa, their father, and their aunt Souma. Aunt Souma and Tomoyo didn't have a close-knit relationship, unfortunately.

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This was not to say that Tomoyo hadn't tried to bridge the gap, but, frankly, her aunt was too reserved to pique Tomoyo's interest, and she had gradually stopped the effort.

Her sister, however, wasn't half so delicate with the matter. Oh, she was a great orator; but only to people she liked or had no choice but to like. In this case, Kendappa would turn her full attention on aunt Souma, flooding the bewildered woman with questions on the latest fashions of the day.

Kendappa adored all things fashionable, and was well aware that her aunt had no clue of it.

  • for kurogane to heal he's going to have to recover from all of that

Tomoyo was similar to her sister in that she enjoyed these hobbies to a degree, but unlike her elder sibling, her spectrum was wider; she could talk just to fill a quiet evening, but she also knew when to be silent though she didn't always follow this instinct. Their father had always been a tad eccentric, and so when he announced at dinner one night, after Tomoyo's nineteenth birthday, that they were no longer ridiculously wealthy which had been a mistake - Kendappa nearly choked on her fish she was bothered, but retained some hope.

Tomoyo twirled a dark lock of hair around her index finger a sign that she was deep in thought and asked if she was still allowed to keep Ruu, her gray kitten. Aunt Souma mentioned in a whisper how she didn't mind cats.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

Tomoyo began to feel a kinship to her at last. It really was a shame the silks and linen Kendappa was used to wearing didn't grow wild on trees.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

It was another of her hobbies, and the one she enjoyed most of all. So serious in making sure her daughter could defend herself and be strong like a warrior.

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It made Tomoyo laugh and smile like crazy although she was always worried that they would hurt themselves in some way. Tomoyo shouted to them: Kurogane approached to Tomoyo while not letting her eyes off of his precious daughter. Afterwards, Kurogane came with Tomoyo to the temple to accompany her in the daily ritual that Princess Tomoyo, as a priestess,had to endure to protect the village from evil spirits.

It was that time of the day when Yuui always skipped her mother's instructions and instead of heading home she headed towards her grandparents graves.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

It was her favorite place in the entire world. She felt at peace there. That white flower that lived there was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen in her entire life and she loved any chance of seeing it. She could spent hours there without realizing, just listening to the soft movement of the leaves touching the wind. The birds flying high up in the blue sky. Tomoyo and Kurogane had decided not to tell Yuui about how her grandparents died.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship questions

It was a really sad story and they didn't want to burden their child with the suffering that her father had had to endure his entire life.

So Yuui didn't know how they died, she didn't dare to ask questions, she knew it was a tough subject that her parents would rather not talk about. But, anyway, every time she spent time in that grave she could feel how the magic filled her heart.