Lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

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lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

He also saw no problem with collapsing a large portion of Tokyo, resulting in countless . Suzaku, who Lelouch had not met for seven years, finds the vehicle and .. Marrybell has a good relationship with Lelouch and Nunnally since youth. The problem arises in that Suzaku is the foil. Before that, we get a rather tense relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku, something which gives off the feel. After locating Nunnally, Lelouch and Suzaku are shocked to see a bomb to tell from holding her hand that she is downplaying the problems it will cause. When Lelouch converses with Charles and Marianne in The Ragnarök Connection.

The Student Council adopts him and builds a cat house in the council room.

lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

Following this incident, Nunnally along with the rest of the student body watches Prince Clovis' funeral on live. During the funeral, the Emperor of Britannia, makes a speech on the virtues of inequality and the social battle for evolution and betterment. Afterwards, she appears again being kidnapped by Mao who is using her to get to Lelouch for payback for what he did to him. After locating Nunnally, Lelouch and Suzaku are shocked to see a bomb located above her.

However, with teamwork, Lelouch and Suzaku manage to rescue Nunnally. She is kidnapped by V. Not only is he unsuccessful in doing so, being captured by Suzaku en route, but his departure leaves his forces powerless against the well-coordinated Britannian forces, ending in their decisive defeat.

lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

The second season reveals that everyone's memories of Nunnally have been erased, Lelouch's included. It is unknown if Nunnally and Julius encountered each other between the two seasons.

After recovering his memory, Lelouch deduces that Nunnally is likely being held hostage by the Emperor, who would not hesitate to use his children to achieve his goals. As a result, Lelouch must try to maintain the masquerade that he has not regained his memories in order to protect her. Nunnally makes her first appearance in the second season as a Britannian princess and the new Viceroy of Area She still remembers Lelouch, though she is unaware of his identity as Zero.

Nunnally suspects that something has happened between her brother and Suzaku. Nunnally has vowed to continue her late older half-sister Princess Euphemia 's will by reinstating the Special Administrative Region in Japan, sharing her and Suzaku's belief that the world can be changed in gentle ways.

His position is a double-bind: But really, social progress is secondary to his personal atonement. However, Suzaku does so publicly and has to face the backlash from the Japanese as well as Britannians personally while Lelouch has an alter ego. On top of that Suzaku makes his identity public on purpose, out of a mix of respectability politics and psychological self-harm. His reasons are rather unpalatable, which is probably what makes him unsympathetic to fans.

Lelouch better understands him after that and ideally the audience would too, but instead I have to read shallow takes about how Suzaku is a liberal. Where are all the jokes about how Lelouch is a white guy anarchist? And of course, Suzaku does eventually give up on working within Britannia to ally with Lelouch.

Oh my gosh, I have so many feelings about that episode. I had always liked Suzaku from episode one.

lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

Then the reveal of his backstory and suicidal ideation completely broke my heart. Like you said, I felt like I better understood him and just how much pain he carried around, very much like how Lelouch carries around the pain of his family tragedy. The way he presents himself, as nice, noble, and self-sacrificing, suddenly turns into kind of a tool. Not to be maliciously deceptive or self-serving exactly, but to make his presence less of a burden on others. The racial aspect to his trauma that exacerbates his self-loathing and isolation also struck a chord with me.

Suzaku can fully embrace it, since he can leave it behind by faking his death and taking up the role of Zero. His wish to die finally comes true, but with an unplanned rebirth. He finally kills Lelouch like he wanted, but as agreed between them in an elaborate plan and he even weeps for him. Even in politics I imagine the new Zero as more of a figurehead, but this is all speculation. In the alter ego and marginalized identity analogy, I suppose that means if you anonymize your identity you depersonalize and lose human connection.

Though the timeskip that glosses over Lelouch convincing Suzaku to join his plan with C. I think only once the efficacy of the Britannian Empire was totally destroyed in his eyes and Lelouch demonstrated his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace particularly with no public redemption or glamorthen Suzaku could join him. They could only reach the ends they did through the other.

As I said before their relationship is the core of the story, so my love for the relationship and the show go hand-in-hand. It was my introduction to this particular dynamic, at least to this extreme i.

How do you feel about relationship between Suzaku - hiatus

What appeals to me about Lelouch and Suzaku is they were friends in the past, and you can tell they would still be friends if not for their situation. It makes their strife compelling! You want them to reconcile no matter how much they hurt each other, which is why the ending is so satisfying.

There may be romantic feelings, sure, but they can hardly maintain a friendship over the course of the show, much less a romantic relationship.

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Meanwhile, Lelouch has a habit of not realizing how much he loves people Shirley, etc. This essay puts it in better words than I can: The lead up to Zero Requiem gave them lots of time together to reconcile, romantic or not. Like you said, they keep hurting each other but you also always want them to make up with each other.

The foundation of their relationship, that summer at the Kururugi shrine, is so innocent. I think for him they represent the time in his life before he killed his father.

lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

Their friendships represented those better, peaceful times. The show frames her relationships with Suzaku and Lelouch as a symbol of purity and love, sometimes to the point of being a bartering chip between the two of them.

Lelouch vi Britannia

This dynamic is best exemplified by the episode that shows Lelouch and Suzaku working together to save her. I just love her a lot. Their peaceful friendship is all the more poignant considering they clashed when they first met.

How they became friends over the summer at the Kururugi shrine is mostly explored in side materials, rather than the show itself. Sometimes exposing an origin feels cheap or shallow to me such as in the Star Wars prequels or Dangan Ronpa 3but I enjoy them in this case.

The Shipper's Manifesto

Anyway, in the side materials it becomes apparent how drastically the invasion of Japan traumatized and changed Suzaku and Lelouch, by essentially trading attitudes. Her name is Lilycha Gottwald.

Suzaku and Lelouch's Happy Ending

I felt like I could write joyously in that direction, but… rejected. Japan won in Black Rebellion. Japan that regained its name and pride, began to lynch the Honorary Britannians. In a situation where he lost his ideal, got stoned by people even when he just walked around the city, Suzaku escaped to refrain, living like a garbage on a street corner to be continued [Geass Memory 62] continued even as he lashes out at Japanese people who derogate Euphy, his body is already tattered.

The Suzaku who ends up getting beaten to pulp by funny thugs. In front of such worn out Suzaku, Lloyd who was disguised in shabby appearance showed up. Dec 15 29 notes Anonymous asked Hi can you tell me what is going on in this scene? Especially the last part with Suzaku saying something to Euphy which made her back to normal. Euphy told Zero to fight her and vanish together with her.

Zero realized Euphy was under geass influence and was about to kill her when Suzaku showed up and asked Zero to let him be the one to fight Euphy instead.

lelouch and suzaku relationship problems