Letting go and moving on from a relationship

How to let go. Discover the power of releasing the past.

letting go and moving on from a relationship

It can be tempting to hang on to all the old relics of a past relationship. Doing so, however, may prevent you from moving on with your life. It's natural to seek a dialogue at the end of a relationship for a In theory, good closure should help you let go and move on with your life. When you meet someone you fall for and build a relationship over a is to let that individual go and allow yourself to move on with your life.

Understanding why the relationship failed could have positive effects on future relationshipsbut the letting go always happens from within. D proposes the following questions when she suggests that we are responsible for our closure Brenner, What or whom are you holding onto?

letting go and moving on from a relationship

Does holding on truly make you happy, or are you hanging on to a situation the way it once was, or the way you wished it had been, instead of how it actually turned out?

Are you using this "holding on" as an excuse to stay stuck and unresolved?

letting go and moving on from a relationship

In other words, is dwelling in the past taking you away from moving toward your future? Are you trying to avoid dealing with loss and the void that loss creates? If you're willing to let go, what does that really mean?

What will you have to do? Are you afraid of not knowing what the outcome will be? Ultimately, what do you believe will happen to you if you let go? These powerful questions can help uncover fears around truly letting go, such as the fear that accepting closure of your relationship makes you available to be in another relationshipand potentially hurt again.

Doing the important work of letting go will take you a long way in knowing when it will be time to explore dating again. Seek the Help You Need Yes, friends and family will be there to listen to your immediate feelings and help you process during the early days of a break-up. Instead, use your experiences as a tool to push you further, not as an excuse. When the facts are terrible or heartbreaking, it is human nature to blame someone else or even a past incident, not ourselves.

This is why is it can be so hard letting go of someone you love, and very tempting to blame them for your misfortune. This is why you blame others when learning how to deal with a breakup, or another person for something terrible that happened; however, the energy it takes to stoke and maintain the fire of blame is on our own backs.

letting go and moving on from a relationship

The person we are targeting is gone, but still we keep the blaze going at our own emotional expense. Maybe at first you felt righteous about it, like the anger was helping you move forward.

Once you decide to commit yourself toward letting go of a relationship and moving on, you may discover other moments that you can afford to move on from as well.

Letting Go Without Closure: 6 Strategies to Help Healing

Whenever you hold on to something, you prevent yourself from receiving new things in life. Forgive yourself for putting yourself through this trauma. Forgive yourself for everything that has happened.

As you forgive yourself, forgiveness of the other person will occur naturally. For more on forgiveness, read; Day Do the things you love Steps are tied to your inner world and specifically dealing with the root of the issue.

Get into some activities. What are the things that perk you up? Things that excite you, enthuse you, make you feel rejuvenated? Going out with friends? Engage yourself in them. Meeting new people, friends or romantic potentials alike, reminds how there is a whole world out there. There are many great people to know out there. I always find it an amazing adventure to know someone new and be exposed to a whole different life.

It helps me understand life from a whole different angle.

How to let go

However, this is an erroneous belief. If the relationship could only happen if you are XXX person with XXX traits, then it meant you are not the right person for this relationship.

letting go and moving on from a relationship

Everyone looks for different people. There is someone out there for you. Look at your friends. Look at the people on the streets. There are 7 billion people in the world. For every couple you see out there, there are multiples of other singles.

For every single you see, there are even more singles. It just means you have not found the right person. Meanwhile, focus on living your best life in your definitions. We are complete by ourselves and relationships should not be there to complete us. Once you do, a life of new beginnings and opportunities await you on the other side. Almost automatically, new things will start flowing into your life.

Final Thoughts Today as I look back, it has truly been a long, long healing process. I no longer beat myself up or think myself as not good enough when it comes to love and relationships. This experience has helped me become a better person.

letting go and moving on from a relationship

As I mentioned in the start of this series, I have written this with the intention to help others move on from whatever they may be holding back on. We always have a choice. It takes courage to take the latter step.

Letting Go Without Closure: 6 Strategies to Help Healing

When I was writing this series, I was singly focused on connecting with like-souls out there and helping them move on from whatever they are entrenched in. As I write this, I can say this series achieved more than I have aimed to.

Some gained strength in moving on from past wounds. However, there is going to be tricky, especially as sharing of my personal experiences will sometimes include sharing about other people in my life.

Authors, other bloggers, and musicians also write from their personal stories.