Liara and feron relationship

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liara and feron relationship

So, my Shepard been romancing Liara since ME1, and after taking a brief Specialist Traynor > Relationship with dull naggy housewife Liara. Liara's feelings for Feron are the reason why Shepard and Liara spend the entire DLC arguing. Liara gives Shepard some serious glares, and. Liara knows who's "Big Daddy", however being that she's only I'm sure she has her fun with Feron on the side. As long as she's home in.

So even if Shepard doesn't find someone else and start a new romance, it still makes sense that she would try to move on emotionally, for her own sake and for her partner's sake.

liara and feron relationship

But at the same time, it still hasn't been two years for Shepard. So she probably still has feelings for Liara, and it's hard to deal with watching the person you care about fall in love with someone else. Shepard is only human.

liara and feron relationship

If you didn't romance Liara, Shepard can ask her after the Shadow Broker fight if she and Feron are together. If there wasn't a reason for Shepard to think they were in love, she wouldn't have asked Liara. Liara will say that making a move on Feron while he's "in a vulnerable state" would be wrong. This heavily implies that she would like to make a move on him. If Shepard did romance Liara and asks about Feron, Liara either a points out that Shepard's kiss made things obvious what was what or b teases Shepard that she's jealous, depending on whether or not Shepard took the earlier Paragon kiss.

Basically, Liara never denies that she loves Feron. In fact, she dances around the question entirely. I don't think she really understands her feelings being so young and inexperienced and probably doesn't want to hurt Shepard.

If you think about it, Liara met Feron in the Redemption comic very soon after Shepard's death, and they weren't even together long while hunting for Shepard's body. Shepard's corpse was barely cold, and yet Liara developed feelings for someone else! Liara falls in love with Shepard almost immediately in the first game. She does the same thing with Feron and feels terrible about it later when Shepard is resurrected.

But with that being said, I don't believe Liara ever had sex with Feron. Anyone who played Liara's romance knows that she is very reserved and doesn't just jump into sex willynilly. She was intended to be a subversion of the Promiscuous Asari stereotype that was presented in the first game -- just as Wrex was a subversion of the Dumb Krogan stereotype and Tali was a subversion of the Weak Quarian stereotype.

The alien followers in the first game were meant to give the alien races the appearance of having depth and being nuanced, rather than the two-dimensional archetypes that they were.

So for Liara, jumping into bed with a practical stranger is completely against her personality. But Liara being cold and ruthless was an act. Without Shepard there to protect her, she had to become cold and hard, and I think she hated it -- one more reason she may have actually resented Shepard. Feron Is Not Innocent Bastard.

liara and feron relationship

What's more, Feron is not someone to be pitied. If you read the comics, you know that Feron betrayed Liara at least twice in an attempt to give Shepard's corpse to the Shadow Broker.

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Liara will also confirm this in the Mass Effect 2 base game. Feron did that on purpose.

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He realized he wanted Liara for himself and tried to get rid of Shepard. But he loved Liara so much that in the end, he sacrificed himself so that she could escape, having realized just how important Shepard was to her.

That was what Feron meant when he said he didn't deserve Liara as a friend: Or maybe Liara does suspect but is still loyal to Feron anyway.

Mass Effect: Yes, Feron and Liara Were in Love

After Shepard's death, she seemed to have isolated herself from the rest of the crew and was very friendless and alone while she grieved. As soon as he is finished, he tells Liara to unleash her biotics to disable the communications in the room, preventing any of the Broker's hired guns from learning their location.

While en route to Shepard's location, Feron admits to Liara that Cerberus attempted to recruit him a few times but he refused to betray the Broker, until hearing about his deal with the Collectors. Working directly with the Illusive Man, they came up with a plan for Feron himself to snatch the body. But the Broker learned about this, so Feron had to use Liara to accomplish the plan. Feron then meets Tazzik and the Collector he is talking with, claiming that the Broker wanted full payment for Shepard's body.

Tazzik is willing to believe him, until the Collector blurts out that Feron's a traitor.

liara and feron relationship

The drell holds off Tazzik so that Liara can escape. She is uncertain if he was killed or tortured, but she is determined to bring down the Shadow Broker for what he has done.

Mass Effect 2 Edit Inwhen Shepard goes to Illium and asks Liara about how she's been doing for the past two years, she eventually mentions a "friend" that she is looking for. She says that they were led to a place on their search together and were ambushed. Liara was able to make it out but her friend didn't.

Liara believes he has been either captured or killed. Lair of the Shadow Broker Main article: Shepard travels back to Illium and passes this information onto Liara, who examines it and determines that Feron is indeed alive, and in the custody of the Shadow Broker. After surviving an assassination attempt by a rogue Spectre working for the Shadow Broker, Tela VasirLiara, with assistance from Shepard and the information obtained from Cerberus, travels to the Shadow Broker Base on the planet Hagalaz.

There, they find Feron being tortured for his previous betrayal of the Broker. Unable to remove the drell from the device holding him down without killing him, Liara and Shepard confront the Shadow Broker, killing him in the process. Now free from the Shadow Broker's custody, Feron opts to remain in the Shadow Broker's base so he can assist Liara, who has taken over as Shadow Broker following the previous Broker's death.

He remains unsure what he will do afterward. Liara expresses great concern for Feron, worried his ordeal has left him mentally scarred. Shepard can ask Liara if she is romantically involved with Feron, and her answers will differ slightly depending on whether or not Shepard is in a relationship with Liara, but both result in Liara denying it.

liara and feron relationship

However, her response is somewhat ambiguous if Shepard is not romancing Liara. She points out that at this time, Feron is too emotionally unstable for a relationship and that it would be irresponsible "to take advantage" of the situation. Asking Feron about his relationship with Liara will result in him saying that Liara is a far better friend than he deserves.

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Mass Effect 3 Edit If Shepard assaulted the Shadow Broker's ship with Liara, Feron helps her abandon the base and save the valuable equipment when Cerberus attacks the ship. He then takes up a role as one of Liara's agents and takes control of Terminus operations, much to the dismay of Tazzik.

He sends Shepard an e-mail: Info for you Hi, Shepard: It's been a while.