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Find Adults Therapists, Psychologists and Adults Counseling in Lisbon, Adults. "I work with adults and couples with depression, anxiety, loss and grief, relationship problems, and other difficulties. Jane Bisco, Clinical Social Work/ Therapist. Jisbon is a fanbase-coined shipper term for the possibility of a romantic relationship between CBI consultant Patrick Jane and team leader Teresa Lisbon on The. Area auto widened to Howard County - no Marriage Counseling Therapists were found in Lisbon, MD. Risa Jane Garon, Clinical Social Work/Therapist.

She barely resisted wrenching away and maybe hitting himremembering just in time that they were supposed to be a married couple and it'd look a little weird if they couldn't even touch each other. Second only to that time he'd checked her into an alcoholic treatment center, the jerk. Jane's hand slipped a little higher and Lisbon visibly flinched. Horvitz was giving her a really strange look. Great, she was totally losing this therapy session; It was obvious that the Doctor liked Jane way better.

Lisbon thought about replying that Jane was still emotionally fixated on his dead ex-wife, but unlike him, she wasn't at all eager to bring their real lives into this particular undercover assignment.

So she took the high road and resigned herself to her role of villain in these sessions; "It's really just a fling," she said, blushing. Horvitz, "but Teresa, you should know that for men that's rarely the case.

That's part of good communication strategy. If they couldn't pin this guy with a couple murders, she was going to be really disappointed. She has a number of barriers and it's like I can't quite — get to her. Every time I try, she sets up these slippery, icy walls, and I slide right off.

Yeah, he hadn't been planning that one at all. Jane, your body language is possessive, while Mrs. Jane, your body language is detached. And Jane had draped one of his arms across the back of the couch, just close enough to skim her shoulder. Feeling like she should apologize for her subconscious, she switched her legs so that she turned in, her shoulders squared to the room. She noticed that Jane didn't drop his hand back into his lap.

And this from a woman who routinely inspected decomposing corpses. Baby, " said Lisbon, reaching over stiffly to pat Jane on the shoulder. She hoped she wasn't actually, visibly rolling her eyes. Horvitz, scribbling a note. The sex is great," said Jane. Do you agree that you are sexually satisfied in your relationship? It's all … great. Clearly that hadn't come across realistically. She decided to invest some quality time in studying the toes of her shoes, another pair of the dark brown flats that Jane called 'Lisbon loafers.

Still, on a bet from Cho she'd once run a flat five-minute mile in them; there was something to be said for practicality. I asked if you could give us a little more insight into your perspective on the marriage?

lisbon and jane relationship counseling

The first word that comes into your head. There was silence in the room. It was a good look on him. But I'm sure he doesn't - doesn't mean anything by it. Horvitz, his tone placating and even. Jane's voice was just a bit too high: Horvitz was scribbling at a terrific pace now, while Jane tried to catch Lisbon's eye and she kept her gaze fixed on the carpet. This was a waste of time — they needed to be finding something to link the shrink to the killings, not adding to the body count.

It doesn't have to be a big secret, just any memory that you wish to share. I think this will increase your feelings of intimacy. She had zero intention of increasing her intimacy with Patrick Jane.

You don't need to talk, just try to maintain eye contact. I'd like you to hold this position for as long as you can, and be mindful of any feelings of discomfort. I want you to work through those feelings until you feel comfortable. Lisbon kicked his ankle. The secretary knocked softly and popped her head around the doorframe: He held out his hands wide in front of him, in a non-threatening gesture. This guy's affect is so low I don't know how he gets out of bed in the morning, to say nothing of shooting someone.

Horvitz over the last 12 months. All killed at night, their partners have alibis, and nobody else can think of any reason to hurt them.

Victim Three had financial troubles but Victims One and Four were wealthy. No evidence they ever met each other, their appointments with Dr. Horvitz never overlapped, and so far there's no other commonalities between them all. So what does that leave? Lisbon stole a piece but didn't break his flow of thought; he didn't always deign to talk through his theories out loud — in fact, he typically preferred to "surprise her" — so she wasn't about to interrupt him now.

Lisbon scowled around a mouthful of scone. Big flashy hunches were Jane's purview — and he knew damn well that she had to track down every lead, regardless of what she thought, in order to make an air-tight court case. We need enough for a warrant. They walked back to the hotel together, as seagulls flocked madly over the shopping plaza and the sky bled purple at the horizon.

For a moment it was like they were just another couple, stretching their legs after dinner. These moments of domesticity always put Lisbon off-balance. Lisbon ducked under his arm. You're not a very good liar and you know he's going to ask if we did the exercise. She pushed the button and they waited in silence. Finally the doors slid open and they both stepped inside. I could have snuck out from the camp any time, no one would have ever noticed I was gone.

I could have done it. And I'd lie in bed and always think, Next year. Next year I'll be brave enough to do it. Now she was going to have to keep him away from Canada. They reached her floor and she got off, Jane trailing behind her. He waited while she fumbled with the key-card in the lock, then pushed in before she could politely wish him goodnight. Which we're not in," Lisbon pointed out. And leave my stuff alone.

I'm not going to tell you so stop asking. But if you make something up tomorrow, I'll tell you if you were close or not. Jane had unzipped her carry-on bag and was poking through the contents. Lisbon mentally reviewed what was in there to see if he'd find anything important; a book, but he'd already seen it on the plane, and anyway it was a gift from her sister in law - it said more about Liz's tastes than her own. A change of clothes.

He unzipped the side pocket, where she'd stashed her mother's cross necklace when she went through the metal detectors at security. Well that wouldn't tell him much; she wore it almost every day. It hung between them on the end of its chain, swinging like a pendulum. Or a hypnotist's pocket watch.

lisbon and jane relationship counseling

She reached for it quickly. You're a very loyal person, you know.

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But after her death, he'd systematically destroyed everything they'd built together. Jane was looking at her, too alert; "Oh?

When she'd first started wearing it — those awful first few months — she could remember how much it weighed around her neck, like a millstone slapping against her chest. She could remember the sight of it, too large between her barely-formed, adolescent breasts, when it had never seemed too big on her mother. But she had grown into it. She had, even though she still dreamed sometimes that it was choking her.

She glanced up, having for a moment taken her eyes off Jane - always dangerous - and found him studying her expression intently. She'd never really seen him fidget before, unless it was for an act. For once, she didn't help him out; they were both quiet. Finally he shook his head, smiled, and reached for the door. Jane was taking long, exuberant strides and it annoyed her that her little legs had to move twice as fast.

He knew she was short, damnit. I so appreciate all of you who tell me to keep going, and never fear, we will get to an end at some point. I had originally hoped to finish before the season finale but I've been working so much overtime that seems highly unlikely.

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But then, maybe it's good to have something to keep myself sane during the hiatus! He hated getting used to a new phone, and he knew he'd have to look pretty hard to find a flip phone instead of one of those overly complicated smartphones. Lisbon asked, "Any sign of Lorelei? There's plenty of evidence she and Jane were both there, and we found the tranquilizers and syringe she used, which makes it harder to argue Jane was there willingly.

Cho continued, "The FBI is tracking down the owner of the property. Moore will be here later to get your statement, Jane. Lisbon said, "It goes without saying that we can't let Jane go anywhere on his own while Lorelei is on the loose. He looked at Jane. He cast an annoyed glance at the pair of female agents in the hallway who had stopped to stare at him, whispering to each other. He didn't think he looked strange enough to gawk at; some of the dye had washed out, after all.

So what if he was, temporarily, a brunet with blond highlights? Women changed their hair color all the time—wasn't it sexist to find it odd when a man did it?

Lisbon smirked a little. If I wanted to do that, I'd cut it too," she replied. You don't have to threaten me. As if I could ever believe your promises again," Lisbon retorted. Jane usually enjoyed playing a role, but he could already tell he was going to absolutely hate masquerading as an unfaithful husband. Lisbon deserved to enjoy whatever punishment she could devise for him, though.

And they were beginning to attract a crowd. Time will prove my sincerity," he declared. And keep an eye on this one. A surprising number of people were inclined to speculate about his marriage, and even take sides in a nonexistent fight about which they knew absolutely nothing, since he was positive Cho, Rigsby, and Grace weren't talking. Had Kirkland managed to get rumors started so quickly without even making an appearance? From what Lisbon had said, he was on good terms with Bertram, and Bertram's staff were some of the most dedicated gossips in the entire state capitol complex.

He wondered if the director would come see for himself. Or perhaps, since Bertram was technically his boss, he should go make a report or something.

Then he went into the break room and took his time brewing a cup of tea, pondering what he would get Lisbon for lunch. Since he was supposed to be in trouble with the entire team, he thought he'd spring for lunch for everyone.

But it needed to be something Lisbon would particularly enjoy, especially since he hadn't been able to cook her a good breakfast.

He wandered back into the hallway just in time to see Moore knock on Lisbon's door. He looked exhausted, but he gave a wan smile. I was just about to spirit my lovely wife off to lunch. You're welcome to join us. Jane followed Moore into Lisbon's office and plucked her jacket off her chair, holding it and waiting for her to stand. You have to eat, and we have to cooperate with the FBI," Jane pointed out.

He tried to drop a kiss into her hair, but she ducked away from him and shot him an irritated look. Jane chattered away with Moore, making small talk; she knew he was saving his account of his abduction until they were all together so he wouldn't have to repeat it. She was free to let her thoughts drift, so she did. It was hard pretending to be mad at Jane when her predominant feeling was relief at having him back.

She had to actively concentrate on the annoyance she felt at his having run off, but frankly she was used to that when Red John was concerned. She mostly felt resigned; although Jane had eventually chosen to come back to her this time, he would always struggle with his priorities when it came to Red John. She was so tired of this. It wasn't as if this was new knowledge about Jane, but when they'd become a couple, they were both under the illusion that they wouldn't have to deal with this issue anymore.

She didn't know how they could sustain their marriage without finding a better way to cope than their old pattern of reckless pursuit on his part and fruitless pleas for caution on hers.

It was a hopeful sign that Jane took his vows to her seriously enough to have abandoned his course, even if he'd waited until almost the last minute. Before, she thought he would have stayed, taking even the smallest chance to get to Red John.

But then, if this had happened before they became lovers, he would have given Lorelei what she wanted, perhaps increasing his odds of success. Jane was taking great pleasure in organizing their lunch, she noticed, making a point of choosing one of her favorite restaurants and charming the hostess into a table with a nice view when they arrived. He insisted on waiting until they had eaten to talk seriously, which she hoped was for Moore's benefit, not hers.

But finally they were all full, and it was time for Jane to tell his story. He stuck to the facts, but Lisbon could fill in the blanks with what he'd been thinking and feeling. She knew he hated anything that interfered with his ability to think, so he must have found being drugged terrifying. Moore listened closely, then handed Jane a copy of the note that had accompanied the ring. If I did, she must have dictated it.

I wouldn't have written it that way," he said, reaching for her hand under the table. I promised until death, and I meant it. Then she remembered she wasn't supposed to be forgiving him yet and said more loudly, "If you do decide to leave me, I expect you to give me the opportunity to tell you what a jerk you are in person.

And in the much more likely event that you decide to end it, will you promise to do it in person? Of course I would do it in person. In fact, I'd probably drag you to months and months of couples counseling first.

Then he turned back to Moore.

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Lisbon leaned over to get a look, stifling a gasp of shock as she recognized both the killing style and the victim.

Anything else look familiar? See the stained glass in the corner? At least he hadn't defiled the church she went to regularly, though he probably knew which one it was.

Instead, he'd opted for one with her name, to make the connection obvious even to people who didn't stalk her. Jane squeezed her hand, trying to comfort her even though she could feel how tense he had become, and said, "This is different. He laid her out formally. Was the sheet brought from somewhere else? The church staff said they'd never seen it before. Moore said, "My guess is that this is a message for you, Agent Lisbon. A gift, if you will. Because everyone knows you felt threatened by her.

Lorelei said that you wouldn't take me back because you wouldn't be able to believe me when I said I didn't sleep with her. He lacks my main advantage of increasing your case closed rate, after all. She couldn't live with herself if something happened to any of them because of Red John's obsession with her. Jane leaned close and murmured, "You are not responsible for anything he does.

Teresa Lisbon

How could he say that to her and yet refuse to apply it to himself? She bit her tongue to avoid pointing out that by that logic, he wasn't responsible for his first wife's and daughter's deaths.

That was a truth he wasn't ready to accept, and might never be. Moore continued, "But there's one very odd thing here. I don't know if you can see it, but this mark on her shoulder? It's a bite mark. We got a clean impression from it, which we can match to dental records when we get a suspect. But what bothers me is that it's so unlike Red John to leave such evidence. Lisbon's stomach turned, and she snatched her hand out of Jane's, threw her napkin on the table, and got to her feet, murmuring, "Excuse me.

She dodged his outstretched hand, snapping, "I don't want to hear it. He scrubbed at his face, frustrated that he couldn't tell how much of Lisbon's reaction was real. He had no such difficulty with Cho's and Rigsby's expressions of disgust, however. He'd never really recognized how much of his self-worth was invested in his identity as a good husband.

He'd been faithful to his first wife and proud of it, seeing his resistance to near-constant temptation as the mark of a strong character. And he'd indulged her to feed his own vanity, he realized now. But he hadn't been a good enough husband to give her what she really wanted, the one thing that would have saved her life: He'd remained true to her memory as penance, though, only giving up his celibacy for a chance at getting her killer.

Vowing to be a better husband for Lisbon, he'd felt virtuous for giving up his vengeance to save her. He pampered her and did his best to make her happy, pouring his energies into their relationship to keep from confronting the void left by his failure to kill Red John. But the moment he'd caught a glimpse of a chance to achieve his old goal, he'd taken it, despite the fact that he knew he was hurting Lisbon, possibly even endangering her, in the process. If Red John's goal had been to show Lisbon what an unworthy husband she had, he'd succeeded.

And now Jane was walking around with a figurative scarlet letter, an object of scorn. He hated it passionately. It felt like failure—spectacular, public failure. Moore cleared his throat, pulling Jane's attention back to the here and now. I already told you I distracted Lorelei by pretending to want sex with her. She liked it rough, so I bit her to make sure she wouldn't notice me lifting her keys.

That's all there is to it. Whoever did it wore a condom, though, so no DNA. You want to change your story? You said she liked it rough—maybe it wasn't Red John who had sex with her, but you? Moore glanced at Cho and Rigsby.

Because it's well known that Agent Lisbon's team are fiercely loyal. I could understand if you were worried about getting beat up in a dark alley for cheating on her. Rigsby dropped into his seat again, glancing worriedly around. Moore continued, "Can you prove your whereabouts between two and four a. The lobby security footage should support that," Jane said. I'll get the footage; that should help. Why do you want Jane's alibi? It could be a copycat.

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Stop talking now, until you get a lawyer. As much as Jane wanted to see Lisbon right now, he also didn't want to give her yet another problem. He could take care of this before it got out of hand. I don't think Jane killed Lorelei Martins.