Long distance relationship and stress

How to Cope with Anxiety in a Long-distance Relationship

long distance relationship and stress

Don't stress about your relationship. This is step number one because it is one of the most important. Stress is not ideal in any situation, and this. Stress is huge source of tension in relationships. Most of us in long distance relationships have experienced times when we felt close to. Anxiety in any relationship can cause conflict between partners, but long- distance relationships, as you may imagine, can be particular stressful.

But you're making me nervous — because it doesn't seem like you appreciate the gravity of your situation.

long distance relationship and stress

You're stuck between a rock and, kilometres away, a hard place, and I don't think you realize it. Let's break it down. You have two choices: Now, I've never been a fan of the long-distance relationship. I believe, more than anyone, in geographical proximity culminating in co-habitation. Nothing soothes the jangled recesses of my soul more than hearing my wife stirring and snoring softly next to me.

These days I guess that makes me a little old-fashioned. Recently a friend was telling me about her exciting new relationship with some dude who lives thousands of kilometres away, in another country. They were "sexting," she explained. And it was, she said, "the best sex I've ever had.

long distance relationship and stress

I'm a caveman that way, I guess. I want my mate in my cave with me, snuggling under the same sabre-toothed tiger-skin. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement But in your case, sir, I would advise continuing your long-distance relationship a little longer.

Consider the following scenario — and I've seen it play out like this a few times now: X and Y live together in place Z. Y gets a job offer in say Brisbane, Australia. X quits job so Y can pursue glorious career opportunity and they move to Australia together.

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Two years later X still hasn't found meaningful work in Brisbane and is struggling and dependent financially and emotionally on Y, who has tons of new friends from work. One day Y looks at X and thinks: Not fair, but as they say: Let's go find whoever told you life would be fair and beat the crap out of them. To people who get to be around you in person, it might be obvious to them how to treat you because they can see your physical signs of anxiety.

You can get reassuring text messages from them, you can Skype them, you can talk on the phone, but none of these will match up to having your boyfriend or girlfriend there holding you and telling you that everything is OK.

That means that you may have to develop some techniques that you can use by yourself. Here are some things that I do to soothe myself: I have a playlist on my phone of songs that bring comfort to me or are associated with happy memories. I learned a method recently called Safe Space, which is a visualization technique where you think about a place you feel totally calm and what you would be doing and you would be there.

It takes a little bit of practice, but I recommend researching it and giving it a go.

long distance relationship and stress

When you make a commitment and decide to be in a relationship with someone, you have to have a certain level of respect for that person. You now have to think of them before you do things, and that means you have to be open.

How to Cope with Anxiety in a Long-distance Relationship

No matter how bad your anxiety is, pulling away and leaving them in the dark for long periods of time is not fair. I know it sucks when all you want to do is shut the world out and go to sleep, but you have to at least keep them informed. This sucks, too, especially in a long-distance relationship. The best advice I can give to you is to just be available.