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'Longmire' season 5 premiere spoilers: Vic and Walt do what they do best

However, unlike the tv series, Walt and Vic's relationship isn't the focal And I think he had the right goals in mind even if he thought the ends. Aug 17, The upcoming season of "Longmire" is coming in a couple of weeks and a new 'Longmire' season 5 premiere spoilers: Vic and Walt do what they do best goal is but some have predicted that he might have entered Walt's. An age appropriate relationship is in the cards for Walt Longmire in season 4. Deputy Vic Moretti (Sackhoff) has visions of it being Walt's new woman. Walt is.

Detective Fales Charles S. None of the questions have to do with cancer or with medicinal marijuana. A murder investigation is underway, and Walt and Henry both are suspects. The crime has to be investigated further as it intensifies the unfinished business. The one that leaves the darkest wounds are with his daughter, and the bond between the two may be irreparably broken. The escaped prisoner is a serial killer of Native Americans, who sells their body parts for cash.

Much of this location at Red River, New Mexico, substituting for the Absaroka, Wyoming mountains, is captured beautifully on film. Walt may not be able to conquer his own demons, but he is determined that this man capable of such atrocities not find the freedom to victimize more human beings.

Henry knows how much tribal beliefs and rituals influence Walt, and rides through the snow-laden limbs of pine to try to find Walt before death finds him — whether from the human killer or the frigidity of nature.

Branch takes up the chase alongside Henry, both galloping for reasons of their own. A frozen portrait, of body and spirit. Are warmth and soul still contained within? Hookers and johns make up facing line-ups for Walt, Vic and Branch.

The Ferg shows the prostitutes a photo of the corpse, and Walt makes a deduction from facial reactions that will finally reveal some answers.

Henry has company in his vehicle later on, another hooker, Delila Angie MacDonald who believes he wants a threesome with Walt. She has no problem with that. Poison that may be in the drinking water! Xander Berkeley Jeremiah Rains deals in mail order brides from Spain.

He was more rat than good guy on that show. Berkeley blithely explains his philosophy of love and getting people together. He slights American women with the same nonchalant quick manner. He may really care for the woman for whom he arranged the marriage. He might actually be concerned that she is hiding out, afraid that with her Basque but American husband gone that she will be deported. Vic pursues an immigrant widow, who may have murdered to keep the American dream alive for herself.

The Basques remain in many ways isolated, living on the land. Their history, as one of the surviving brothers shows is carved into the trees that grow on their property, telling who did what where and when.

'Longmire': Walt Reveals That He Cheated On His Wife To Vic (VIDEO)

The solution lies in the mist-covered trees, and in a murder mystery staple, poisonous hemlock that may have been placed in a well. A trucker who was hauling cattle to market disappears. Only the cab of his truck remains. Walt deduces that, and other facts, in true Western Sherlock Holmes fashion, and the deductions actually make sense.

Some of this leads to the rancher whose cattle have been stolen. I have been to a cattle auction. My sincere recommendation is that you not be tempted to sit in the front rows. Cattle show up wearing cardboard signs like: Skew old, my ass! The truck driver returns, having been released by the rustlers, found with bound arms and a severe battering.

Vic calls to tell the wife her husband is safe. That night, they find the husband, lynched in the back of a truck container. It all ends in a collision of vehicles and ideologies and conflicting ways of life smashing bloodily up against each other.

Lizzie makes a call to Walt, and is waiting in lingerie. Here in the States. Vic, however, is not in lingerie. Why someone would want to watch women beat each other bloody rather than dress in lingerie for them, and lit in candlelight is way beyond me.

But here, for old and young, you get to see both. Lizzie, meanwhile, meets Cady for the first time. Both women learn that Walt has never mentioned that he has been seeing Lizzie. Truly, Walt must be really depressed. Neither woman is thrilled by this news, and the meeting is awkward for both of them. The Heyoka is riding the horse, sitting backwards, face masked.

For Walt, the meaning is clear: Not long after, a practicing Cheyenne psychic, Cassandra, is found lying face down on the table where she reads the future and sometimes summons the dead. The election debate for sheriff between Walt and Branch commences, as voting day draws nearer. During the debate, Walt displays by accident how apps can sometimes interfere with pursuing the law or communicating.

The next display, however, is more disruptive. Two big events are underway in Absaroka, Wyoming that will change the way people live, and they are divisive projects among the constituents. The economic realities play havoc with any simple solution.

Money is a strong motivator even when it comes to parents seeking solace from the beyond, praying for some kind of solace, some kind of answer.

On the Blu-ray it is an extended episode. I love the episodes in this set that allow for character moments that were obliterated in the original broadcasts. And I love it that Warner Archives have left it so you can view the film the way it aired: In true noir fashion, Henry hears two men in his place perhaps discussing a murder for hire, the one man desiring a hit man to take his wife out of his life.

Henry offers himself as the paid assassin. She is a true film noir femme fatale. By the time guns gain solidity, thrust from the shadows, the noir questions are being asked. Who dies among the shadows? An illegal rodeo is playing like a floating crap game. Sharpshooters are firing a six-gun at some fool dumb enough to let him shoot a cigar out of his damn mouth. In the daytime, in the heat of the desert sun, a beautiful black horse runs with superb grace, dragging a corpse behind him.

When Walt forces the issue, guns come into play, and it is a tense stand-off, with Vic steady as she aims her glock, ready to pull the trigger in a dispossession case that has turned volatile. For the whole damn planet, in the long run. My son, Rob, is in his thirties. This episode speaks loudly to him. Methane gases causing flame to erupt from faucets. Is it from shattering the earth with deep drilling?

Rallies of protestors form where Rob lives in Rockaway, New York where platforms stand in the ocean, rising in dark metal against the sky, just off the shoreline where Hurricane Sandy devastated the area, leaving homes in scattered rubble. Images that were bold and dreadful in the weeks to follow the disaster.

Now, many have forgotten the wreckage, the misery, the cost of lives, and the metal structures rise in the aftermath, and some fear the consequences to an already fragile landscape surrounded by water. Oh, and with a beautiful view of a distant Manhattan, so far removed. Vic has to help Walt arrest her own husband, whose company is defending and using the debatable practice of fracking.

That has to be hell on a marriage, especially one where there is already unrest. The series shifts into emotional high gear for the main characters. A tragic accident on the highway shifts attention from the election, as personal tragedy often does. Adhering to its Western routes, modern and past, Longmire puts himself through a tortuous tribal ceremony. As you can see below, the scenes are evocatively filmed, with intense mood.

Review: Longmire Season 6, The Final Season - Old Ain't Dead

The winner of the election is announced, and it is irrelevant to those who were at its center. The point is clearly made. Life goes in directions one cannot pre-determine. And it can change in a heartbeat, with one act, with one devastating declaration. The shards of wood connecting him must go through flesh to atone for acts of anger that leave scars in the psyche.

Vic has no idea what Walt has been through as they investigate the slaughter of elk out of hunting season. Vic fins preserved body organs as they begin to squeamishly uncover that there is money to be made in herbal medicines. Antler velvet and the pancreas from the animal can be harvested and sold for big bucks as possible remedies for cancer victims or as steroids to help performance for athletes.

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That theme is a constant in the Western; only the ways of committing acts of greed and living off the misery and hopes of others remains unchanged. Just a note for his fans. While Vic and Walt are occupied with handling body parts, Branch examines the car involved in the accident during Election Day and comes to some questions that disturb him profoundly.

As Walt struggles with a case that begins with a severed finger being sent to him, and dinosaur bones a Triceratops skeleton somehow connected to the case, and duplicitous behavior even by Lucian, Vic finds that her nemesis from the past, Ed Gorski Lee Tergesena retired cop from Philadelphia, is stalking her.

In the war of nerves, Vic loses her cool, even in public, much the way Ed had hoped. Vic finds even the shower an unsafe place.

Teeth marks shows where her soap has been bitten off in chunks. Vic decides jailing herself is a better option than staying at home, isolated. She tells Walt her darkest secret. He brings her to his home until they can figure out what can be done to resolve what is happening to her.

It gave Katee Sackhoff a chance to show more emotional depth that she previously has in this part. I discovered when I wrote this post about the age difference between Walt and Vic that many fans of the books felt they should be together in the TV series as they were in the books.

Vic told Walt in many ways that she loved him, without ever coming out and saying the words. I could have done without that bow to the patriarchy as Walt and Vic reached their happy ending.

Longmire - Walt and Vic

Despite my complaints about how Walt and Vic ended up, most of the season rolled along with the same amount of danger and tension that characterized all 6 seasons of Longmire.

Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him. Primal heroic story, that. I loved every scene she was in. It seemed they were determined to give every good character a happy ending. It got a bit too sweet and fluffy for me. I assume they felt the fans deserved it for saving the show and giving it extra life on Netflix for the last few seasons. Keep everyone on the edge of their seats for 5. Longmire inspires admiration for its straight arrow, all American hero Walt Longmire.