Love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

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love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. When entering the final years of middle school, kids have a tendency to develop . But today I just finished Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions and Love, . to steal Yuuta away or cause mischief among the group and relationship. . Even though chu2koi has a happy ending the last 4 episodes are very. Love, Chunnibyo and Other Delusions: An Analysis:purple_heart: . The song to me is about the relationship between Rikka and Yūta, and how Rikka Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! Ending Theme. The ending theme song is called “Inside Identity” and it is performed by the Black Raison D'etre.

Chuu2’s ending sucked and you need to accept that

Despite her constant arguments and fights with Sanae, Shinka grows to care for her and vice versa. Sumire Uesaka Japanese ; Brittney Karbowski [1] English An anime original character, Sanae is a third-year junior high student who has very long blonde elastic twintails that often prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Like Rikka, she is extremely delusional and often indulges in fantasy with her. However, unlike Rikka, she is a superb student who is at the top of her class and has already completed the entire junior-high mathematics curriculum.

Endless Eighth (but not really)

She owns several copies of the magic-spells book which is the remaining evidence of Shinka's delusional days. She is often at odds with Shinka, whom she does not believe to be the real Mori Summer. She often ends her sentences with 'desu', emphasizing it to make it sound more like 'death'.

love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

She is aware that her delusions are nothing more than delusions. She comes from a very rich family and tends to behave normally around her classmates.

She loves sleeping and often carrying around a pillow or many with her wherever she goes. In one extreme case, she is even shown sleeping in a full futon on school grounds. Having been home-schooled before high school, she is very sheltered and conservative, lending her an old-fashioned ladylike demeanor which Makoto finds attractive.

Her own "Nap Club" is integrated into Rikka's social group for lack of members. Out of respect for Rikka and Sanae, she earnestly attempts to understand their delusional fantasies. She has a tendency to sleep talk. She is also quite fond of cats. He joins the Light Music Club so he could be with girls and attract their attention by carrying about his guitar, though he does not seem to have learned how to play it.

Fond of his thick hair after being forced to wear it short for sports activities for the last three years, he is forced to have his head shaved once more when his notebook containing the "Cutie Poll" of the girls in his class is discovered. In the anime, he gets a crush on Kumin. She often has to put up with her younger sister's delusional antics, often punishing her by whacking her with a ladle.

Hoist by His Own Petard: Rikka found out about Yuuta's 'Dark Flame Master' persona after seeing him put on the act one last time before school.

In his defense, he really wanted it out of his system and he thought no one was around to see. Sanae got herself entangled on her very long hair after trying to use it like Sanae, in Ep 4, got dizzy after spinning around at an attempt to attack Shinka.

Near the end of the series, when the characters are enjoying the holiday at Rikka's, Tsuyuri reveals to Shinka that she never had a boyfriend because she was homeschooled for the entirety of elementary and middle school. This may well explain her strangeness.

Every episode title includes elipses save for the last two, where Rikka is forced to grow out of her chuunibyou delusions. Touka is damn near deadly with a common kitchen ladle. And not in the imaginary world, in real life.

love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

Yuuta is the only male character of any significance, and even his friend Insult Backfire: In episode 10 two Nibutani's former classmates appeared at the school festival and tried to gloat at her past as "Mori Summer", only for Shinka to remember their eight-grade obsessions.

It Runs in the Family: It sounds like the females in the Takanashi household have the tendency to run away from reality. Rikka's mother ran away physically while Rikka herself does that mentallyand Touka pretended it never existed.

love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

Touka, who gets her happy ending when Rikka is forced to get over her chuunibyou and goes to Italy to pursue her dream of becoming a master chef while everyone back in Japan angsts and struggles with the situation that she left behind. Rikka uses this code on a soda machine, with arm gestures. She gets a free drink. Several of the actors in episode 3, especially the one boasting that he has to be defeated to pass. Loony Friends Improve Your Personality: Yuuta to an extent.

love chunibyo and other delusions ending a relationship

Shinka also shows more and more of her caring side as time passes outside of her Yamato Nadeshiko facade. Used a couple of times in episode 3. First, Rikka attempts to form her club, but doesn't have enough members. So she tries to claim her cat as a member, but Nanase won't allow it due to the cat not being a human. She then channels a split personality to claim as the "fifth" member who only speaks Englishbut Nanase plays along, and uses more English than Rikka knows.

She then feigns a sickness, and then claims her personality is no longer there. Nanase then states that since they no longer have a "fifth" member present, she can't approve the club. Despite the setbacks however, Nanase does allow a legitimate loophole for them.

They can form a club, on the condition that they clean up an unused room first. While it takes a while due to the girls mostly goofing off rather than cleaning, they eventually do it, and Nanase allows them to form their club with only four members. Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Despite the chuunibyou focus being the unreality of its fantasies, the series gets a genuinely ambiguous moment during the napping contest against the rival siesta club, featuring an Inception -esque dream battle in which the contestants actually wake up in pain as their chuuni avatars get killed in the dream.

This obviously would not make sense at all if it were just a dreamand the club members are fast to comment the matter after the contest, though they look bizarrely okay with it. Yuuta gives Rikka a new umbrella for her birthday in episode 7 of season 2. He claims her old one was getting worn out, and she seems quite happy with it. Happens several times in season 2 with Yuuta regarding his childhood friend Satone.

Rikka becomes an Insecure Love Interestand constantly thinks he's cheating on her anytime she sees him with Satone, who also plays The Tease towards him, especially in episode 7.

Yuuta Togashi/Relationships

However, Satone makes her peace with Rikka, claiming that she started losing interest the whole chuunibyou shtick in middle school, but also sensed she'd be a Hopeless Suitor towards him, especially since he forgot the meaning of that coin she gave him.

She then disappears after telling Yuuta to come to the harbor so they could be alone together for the rest of the day. Happens a few times in the latter half of episode 7. Also, the episode itself relative to the previous ones. That's a little messed up when you think about it. Once an Episode there's a scene on how the chuunis see things through the filter of their delusions.

Starting with Season 1 Episode Rikka trying to open a train door by Dramatic Wind and then walked in as if nothing happened. Also in the episode: Rikka unseals her Magical Eye. Rikka versus Touka — in an epic battle of umbrella versus ladle — through the former's vision.

Rikka and Sanae's broom fight through their chuuni vision. Sanae's hair versus Shinka's pom poms. Rikka's doing her math paper. The various members of the club announcing themselves. Rikka versus Touka again. Played for Drama this time. Subverted with Rikka and Sanae versus Yuuta: Rikka is too distracted to properly activate her delusion filter and the "battle" is seen in normal vision. Yuuta becomes Dark Flame Master and invokes this, giving Rikka the chance to see the Ethereal Horizon and say goodbye to her father once and for all.

A drunk Rikka and Dekomori vs Yuuta. The battle ends with the girls passing out. Even with a disadvantage for Touka, she still easily curb-stomps all of them one-by-one. Rikka and Dekomori vs Yuuta again. She pleads Yuuta through Blackmail to keep Dekomori away from her class so she doesn't get sabotaged. This leads to Yuuta indulging himself in Rikka and Dekomori's chuunibyou antics. Unfortunately, Dekomori walks out before anything can get started.

Nibutani vs the Fake Mori Summer. Dekomori also gets in to protect Nibutani from an attack. Rikka vs Shichimiya at the beach. This time around, Rikka is being tested as to whether she should give up Chuunibyou to be closer to Yuuta or remain a chuuni for life like Shichimiya. Rikka and Yuuta summon the Dark Flame Dragon.