Luffy and hancock relationship marketing

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luffy and hancock relationship marketing

Nov 20, Well, here's what I wish Nami did in Thriller Bark. "KYAAAA!" I'm off the market! .. I highly doubt any of our relationships would change. Jun 25, Luffy is too immature/innocent(not being able to find proper word) to fall in love( which made Boa fall in love for him in return, and he, like a boss. Explore Walker Hildman's board "One Piece" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Boas, Luffy and hancock and Luhan.

The owner of the admittedly adorable sneeze was none other than Boa Hancock. Her sisters heard the tiny sneeze. It's nothing like that. I believe someone is talking about me.

Goodness, can't those pigs think of anything else? It's only natural for men to be infatuated by my beauty. All men are weak against it. Our sister's beauty is unbeatable. No man can resist it. They are all worthless. No man shall ever conquer us, especially not me. What if there's a drop dead gorgeous woman who actually wants Luffy for a husband? It was seriously huge, ugly, and a very manly sneeze.

The sneeze of a full grown man. The owner of the sneeze. What an unladylike thing to do. It just means that someone was talking about us. From a distance, and through a telescope, it would look like goblins scheming among themselves.

Actually, some incarnations of goblins are pretty cute. They looked more like deformed monstrosities. Off the coast of the island, far away from the shore, there was a pirate ship. One of the scouts was using his telescope to get a visual on the island.

The poor man was unfortunate enough to see the hideous sight. He ran off screaming, accidentally throwing the telescope into the air. The captain was able to catch the tool, and looked through it. What he saw caused him to vomit, and had him immediately order the ship to change directions. We are not landing on that island! I'd rather be eaten by a Sea King. The crew mate was close to losing his own lunch.

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He then turned around to give the captain's orders, vowing never to question his captain's orders ever again. Back on the Sunny. At least, not now.

luffy and hancock relationship marketing

The only time I'll ever get married I'd rather be married as the Pirate King, so my wife can be the Pirate Queen. So Nami, when I become King of the Pirates Hey Robin, what about you? You wanna get married when I become King? There he was, literally proposing to her, and yet he just proposes to Robin so easily. It was like it was no big deal to him. When she thought about it, it probably wasn't. She just ignored the feeling. Besides, it's not like Robin is gonna say "yes", right?

When Nami heard Robin giggle, Nami thought she was right.

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She looked right at Robin. She could tell that Robin wasn't kidding. She was dead serious. Being the Queen of the Pirates sounds pretty interesting, too. I'd love to be with you as long as I can. Though, Franky might have to make the ship bigger for the children. There would be kids on the ship?

luffy and hancock relationship marketing

Though, it would take a while. Nine months at the least. He ran over towards Luffy, and started shaking him by his vest, with a fire raging in his visible eye.

What do you mean? Had he looked behind him, he would have seen the same terrifying Robin he saw on Thriller Bark. Hey Usopp, help me out! His brain pretty much shut down when he heard Robin except Luffy's proposal. Hearing Luffy yell out his name woke him up. Let's put it in the aquarium! Remember what happened last time, Luffy. Let's just have it for lunch. Cook this guy, would ya?! Zoro was loving what he saw. Sure, hearing Robin say she wouldn't mind being Luffy's wife, as well as the mother of his child, was weird, but it was all worth it to see that cook's dejected face.

He actually hoped Luffy and Robin would tie the knot just to see Sanji's reaction. Hell, he just hoped any beautiful woman would marry Luffy, just for the sake of seeing Sanji suffer insert Hancock making another cute sneeze.

Feeling good, Zoro decided to go train in the Crow's Nest. His high on happiness allowed him to train practically the rest of the day, with only lunch time interrupting him. Chopper went back to making medicine. He was lost in thought.

But Luffy will marry Robin when he's Pirate King? Hm, maybe I should get some books about child delivery. Oh, I should probably make some medicine just in case the baby ever gets sick. But then again, it is going to be Luffy's child. Has Luffy ever gotten sick before?

Maybe I should ask him. Have you ever gotten sick before? How about you, Robin? Have you ever been sick? When I was a child, I suffered from a case of the flu. She couldn't help but giggle, and went back to reading. Brook noticed that Franky was writing something. Oh, I'm just making preparations for making the ship more kid friendly. I don't even want to know what Nico Robin would do to me if I let anything happen to her little one.

Then, I shall work on making new lullabies for the child. They'll be so soothing, that they will even make me shut my eyes in peace. Ah, but I don't have any eyes to shut. She really didn't like hearing any of it. She then looked at Robin, peacefully reading a book.

Practically on auto-pilot, Nami walked over towards Robin. She wasn't standing in her light, but Robin was still able to notice her. She didn't realize she was holding her breath I mean, Luffy's a kid. He goes head first into everything.

luffy and hancock relationship marketing

He's as immature as they get. He's the very definition of an idiot. True, he's naive and innocent, possibly as much, if not more than our little Chopper, but that's one of his many good points. As you've seen, he's extremely loyal, ready to fight pirates, evil organizations, self-proclaimed gods, and even the entire world just to protect one of his crew mates.

Twice in my life, I just wanted to die, first in Alabasta and then in Enies Lobby. In both situations, he gave me a reason to live. He's always giving me a reason to live, to try, and even He's also more than powerful enough to protect those closest to him, meaning the family he makes will be kept nice and safe.

Plus, a personality like his would be great with children. He'd be an ideal father. The two women heard a crash and the sound of something splashing in the kitchen. She looked up slightly to see that Nami still looked depressed.

Besides, he already has you anyway. Pirates don't tend to follow the rules of society, especially not Luffy. If he was told that he had to choose between you and me, who do you think he would pick? He's too selfish to decide between two things he wants or cares about, especially when it comes to crew mates.

Our captain is an extremely selfish and greedy man. He would never pick one and condemn the other. He'd just find a way to take both. Trying to make him follow the normal rules of marriage would be a waste of time. He'd see them as shackles trying to impede his freedom. Two women married to the same man? What would we even be to one another?

If I had to guess, sister wives, maybe? I also care for Luffy, and it's obvious that he cares for us.

luffy and hancock relationship marketing

Thanks to him, I feel like I'm part of a family, and this family has given me countless happy memories. Many of those memories were given to me by Luffy himself. Even if I were to marry him I highly doubt any of our relationships would change. He certainly wouldn't let them.

It caused Robin to giggle. He's not interested in marriage. Right now, all he wants is to be the King of the Pirates. It will take quite a bit of time for him to achieve that goal, even with our help. You have plenty of time to think about it. In contrast, Baby 5 is notorious for accepting every marriage proposal due to feeling needed by her fiances, even though all of them actually intended to use her. She also accepted Sai 's proposal despite the two having barely known each other, although Sai's proposal had much more noble reasons.

She is sometimes prone to viewing some of his actions as marriage proposals when they are not. This is common between royal families, as heirs are often expected to marry someone else of royal descent.

They may be granted some choice in the matter, as Nefertari Vivi was given a large number of princes to choose from, but still have the constraint of having to choose among royalty. Many of her children do not particularly like the idea of being forced to marry a stranger, but they accept it due to Big Mom expecting it, especially since most of them fear her.

This even extends to her own children, as she was intent on killing her daughter Lola when she ran away from a marriage that could have made Big Mom Pirate King. Celestial Dragons are often known to take multiple partners. After the vows, the marriage will officially be sealed with a kiss of oath, although in both of those cases the kiss and marriage never happened; the couple will not be considered married until the kiss is performed.

Boa Hancock

During Sanji and Pudding's wedding ceremony, the two of them were together before the ceremony started, which is uncommon in many real-world ceremonies. Doves seem to be a common theme as well, as many of them were seen flying by when Shanks attended a ceremony.

Sometimes controversy will arise if two people are known to be married, as king Riku Dold III worried would happen if his daughter Scarlett was known to have married the former gladiator and criminal Kyros. Thus, Scarlett had to fake her death and relinquish her royal status, and she and Kyros lived in an uninhabited area in order to keep their marriage a secret although the citizens already knew, and accepted without saying aloud.