Merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

In The Merchant of Venice, what are the relationships between Portia and Nerissa Portia hardly sees Nerissa as a servant but deems her a friend. Merchant of Venice, what quotes illustrate the loyalty and friendship between Nerissa and. Antonio is the title character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. An influential, powerful Antonio manifests anti-semitism by cursing and spitting at Shylock . At first Portia protests but then decides to test Bassanio's love for her by asking Guide on The Merchant of Venice · Cliffs Notes on the Merchant of Venice. The The Merchant of Venice characters covered include: Shylock, Portia, Antonio , Bassanio's love for the wealthy Portia leads him to borrow money from.

The gentlemen leave in such a rush that they cannot consummate their marriages. Antonio, with Solanio and the jailer in attendance, tries to reason with Shylock and convince him to stop pursuing payment of the flesh, but to no avail. Further angered by the elopement and conversion of his daughter Jessica to one of Antonio's Christian friends, Shylock is more determined than ever on revenge.

Shylock looks to the law to allow him to fulfill in a legal manner his murderous intent. Antonio is not optimistic about his chances remarking that "The Duke cannot deny the course of law. As Jews were considered foreigners the fair adjudication of Shylock's contract was necessary to keep secure the trade of the city.

Act 4 We begin this act with Antonio's trial. The Duke pleads with Shylock to give "a gentle answer", a double entendre on the word Gentile, which meant someone not a Jew. Shylock refuses to deny his bond.

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

Bassanio and Gratiano are in attendance and advocate strongly that the Jew be thwarted by any means necessary. Bassanio attempts to bribe him with three times the amount of the bond.

Shylock says he will have nothing but his pound of flesh. All is lost until Portia and Nerissa arrive in the guise of young men pretending to be a learned doctor Balthasar and his clerk. Portia pleads for mercy and getting no further than the previous applicants she seems at first to confirm the strength of the bond and tells Antonio to prepare to pay it.

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

When all seems hopeless Bassanio declares his despair: Antonio, I am married to a wife Which is as dear to me as life itself; But life itself, my wife, and all the world Are not with me esteemed above thy life, I would lose all, ay sacrifice them all Here to this devil, to deliver you. Shylock is foiled by Portia who points out that there is a loophole in his contract.

He omitted the request to shed blood in taking the pound of flesh. As it is not possible for him to remove the flesh without taking blood which he did not ask for the bond is forfeit.

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

Since Shylock is so insistent on absolute adherence to the law he is made to lose his bond and since he as a foreigner attempted to harm the life of a Venetian he is himself subject to punishment. Shylock leaves without his revenge with the added pain of having lost a portion of his wealth and his identity as a Jew through a forced conversion. Antonio and Bassanio leave together with Gratiano and run into the doctor and clerk still in disguise.

They praise the doctor and insist on proffering favours onto "him". At first Portia protests but then decides to test Bassanio's love for her by asking for the ring she gave him which she made him swear never to part with as a symbol of their love.

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Not realising the doctor is Portia in disguise Bassanio refuses to part with it but later after Antonio convinces him that surely his wife would understand that he did it for the person who saved his friend he sends to ring with Gratiano to the doctor. Nerissa then manages to secure the ring she gave Gratiano from him as well.

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

Act 5 Antonio accompanies Bassanio home to Belmont to celebrate his good fortune and meet Portia. After some teasing, all discover the ladies deception in regards to the rings and the trial.

Antonio plays benefactor again, this time to Jessica when he gives her legal documentation to show that she is to inherit Shylock's property at his death. The play ends with Portia bearing good news that Antonio's much-anticipated ships have arrived safely in port.

The couple that I would like to discuss in order to observe this motif is Bassanio and Portia. In their relationship, Shakespeare exaggerates and emphasizes how love and friendship are pitted against each other. In fact, Bassanio and Portia had just discovered their mutual love for each other and had become engaged when a friendship of Bassanio's threatened to come between them. At this point, Bassanio was sent a message that the bond which Antonio had negotiated on Bassanio's behalf had come due at approximately the same time when Antonio's ships failed to come in.

Therefore, Antonio could not pay Shylock his money.

When Bassanio heard of this, he felt pulled by his friendship to help Antonio. Portia and Bassanio's marriage had not even been consummated when Bassanio rushed off to help Antonio, his friend.

Here we can see how Shakespeare exaggerates the normal struggle between love and friendship to draw attention to how the situation is handled.

Shakespeare also emphasizes the point that only true love and friendship can complement each other and coexist. Only because Portia understood Bassanio and his need to help Antonio could she so easily allow him to leave her so soon after their marriage.

merchant of venice portia and bassanio relationship tips

She did not feel threatened by his friendship with Antonio and furthermore understood it. She displayed this by taking the risk of impersonating a lawyer to help Antonio even though she had never met him.

On the other hand, a close look at Antonio's actions reveals how friendship gives way to and even helps bring about the love between Bassanio and Portia.

Antonio valued Bassanio's friendship and happiness so much that he took out a loan with Shylock, his greatest enemy, so that Bassanio could be better prepared to court Portia.

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