Michiru and haruka relationship quotes

Quote by Naoko Takeuchi: “You’re so unfair, Michiru…To leave into your ow”

michiru and haruka relationship quotes

Haruka's quote from Episode Haruka Tenou is the civilian a male, due to her androgynous features and is in a relationship with Michiru/Sailor Neptune. At the end of the episode, Michiru teases Haruka that a lot of girls have of others to use air quotes when describing queer relationships is a. Let's return to that key quote before. Despite being in a committed relationship with Mamoru Chiba There is a great moment where Michiru comments how Haruka is neither male or female, but both at the same time.

This is Michiru Kaiou. She is extremely intelligent and a brilliant painter. She really wants to meet you. You didn't break a sweat. I think you were holding back. What do you mean? You can hear the wind rustling, can't you?

michiru and haruka relationship quotes

At that moment, I knew that she was that person. And she knew about my real figure! I was born a soldier, it was destiny. I was not ready to accept that fact. Probably, because I knew that once I did, everything would change So, what do you want of me? Would you be a model for my painting?

I don't like that kind of thing. You are more than welcome here,genius racer, Haruka Tenno! You know a lot about me, don't you? Did you paint this? You're famous, aren't you? In my school, there's lots of your fandom. One of them wants to ride along the coastline with you in your car The end of the world How can a pretty girl who won't hurt a fly It is not imaginary! I can see it clearly! That's how the episode ends! Sailor Moon is relevant to queer audiences for a lot of reasons.

As someone who grew up on the English dub versions, some of its influence is good, but some of it isn't great. When you grow up queer, you notice certain things that the people around you do to explain your queerness.

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While most of the explanations are intended to put people at ease, they more often than not serve a double purpose of making you yourself feel less comfortable in your own skin. Sailor Moon did provide a window into that, but it also really confused me.

Even with the English overdubs, they are undeniably involved in a way that most cousins hopefully aren't. A world where children can stay as children Becoming an adult makes it more fun. They shouldn't interfere, should they. Evidence 4 - Dance Take a look at this picture. It certainly looks like they enjoy dancing together.

Most of us have seen two girls dance together though who weren't necessarily lovers or even dating.


Sailor Moon S ep. Look at both the hands do best friends hold hands like that? Are you starting to get convinced? It was a bit small and blurry at first, so I had to sharpen it and increase the size. As you can see, Sailor Uranus is running along with Neptune, who is going gaga over her. Notice the little heart over Neptune's head.

michiru and haruka relationship quotes

Notice how they're both looking into each other's eyes and how Uranus' body is pressed against Neptune's. Uranus also has her hands around Neptune's chest, an area that women do not allow to be touched by anyone other than the people they care about the most.