Miles and tristan relationship

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miles and tristan relationship

Miles cheated on Tristan (who was in a coma) with Lola, who got an .. He says, and Tristan stands on his own, near-stumbling to kiss Miles. And with the others, I really liked how Miles and Tristan ended up. I know there are a bunch of people who wanted them to be together, going. Miles and Tristan have their personal reasons for not moving past Despite the fact that relationship labels were not yet established at the time.

Tristan and Miles definitely did not come out of nowhere. I did not know Triles was coming, but when it got here I looked back and saw all the framework that the writers put down for this. Tristan went from having a crush on Miles in the beginning of the season to becoming friends with him. Then the circumstances of their lives pushed them together. They each had their own stories separate from each other. I really felt that was the case for Zane with Riley even though I loved the pairing.

It makes sense for Tristan and Miles to lean on each other with where their lives have taken them. Miles and Maya were Toxic. Not the Britney Spears kind. I never thought that made the way Maya treated him acceptable. She never took the time to try to understand him and instead would just point out what he was doing wrong. Actually, I'd like him to reach out to Tristan AS he's dealing with things. Ever since they've met, Miles always said how easy it is to talk to Tristan, which makes the other boy a big part of his support system.

Once that happens, I think Tristan should say a firm no to the possibility of romance. I honestly don't think they can form a healthy relationship right now and, at this point, I don't think Tristan would be able to believe that Miles' feelings are genuine, not after getting burned twice. With time, after they both find a way to navigate their friendship and deal with their issues, they could try again. Though, if they do, I really hope Degrassi writters won't gloss over how difficult it can be to reunite with someone who you broke your trust.

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As for Tristan, I think that I've been correct in my assumption that Tristan doesn't believe Miles' confession was genuine. The way both he and Zoe discussed Miles behaviours as nothing more but means to mess with Tristan pretty much confirms it I do think Miles was jealous.

He tried to hide it but slipped up when Vijay actually showed up. I was also incredibly proud of Tristan in this episode. I was a little worried he would try to use Vijay to make Miles jealous, so I was pleased to see there was genuine interest there.

An Episode-by-Episode Review of Degrassi: Next Class Season Four

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miles and tristan relationship

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miles and tristan relationship

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miles and tristan relationship

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