Munah and hirzi relationship tips

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munah and hirzi relationship tips

YouTube comedy duo Munah and Hirzi on infamy, influencers, we realised where the line is, and what we have to do to tip-toe on this line. Munah and Hirzi recently commemorated their fifth anniversary as a duo. elections to fasting tips to employers abusing interns, and their skits often feature “And I think it's really nice, the relationship we've built with them. Don't be surprised if you spot Maimunah Bagharib dancing next to actress is one-half of Munah & Hirzi, a wacky duo who've gained an But I think that's what makes the relationship so interesting. With Valentine's Day on the cards, Men's Health asked Maimunah for a few tips about being a fun date.

Above all, I know he loves me for every nyonya I scare, foreign worker I annoy and random person I traumatise. Simply put, he loves me for who I am and he makes me feel complete. What makes a good date?

munah and hirzi relationship tips

Spontaneity is a lot of fun. I think a good date transverses the typical movie and dinner gig.

munah and hirzi relationship tips

Always think out of the box. Simplicity is good on some occasions but when you want to make an impression, I think a little effort goes a long way. Another important thing is being able to have an intriguing conversation — something fun and light but still gets the ball rolling. I hate being on dates where only one person is moving the conversation.

Munah and Hirzi: Friends forever

It gets really awkward after a while. You just lose interest. Define sexiness in a man. I like a man with enough self-confidence and who takes on the world head on.

Munah Bagharib on what it's like to be a Youtube comedian in Singapore | Her World

Share 3 tips to impress on a date. How are you supposed to get others to like you then? Especially when you talk.

munah and hirzi relationship tips

Being comfortable is the most important thing. Dates are not that stressful as some make it out to be. While the pair, whose YouTube channel MunahHirziOfficial has more thansubscribers, are feeling "bittersweet" about the split, they have been planning to do this for a long time, they say. I'm just thankful for all the opportunities that we've been given all these years," says Hirzi, To bid their fans a proper farewell as a twin act, they will be putting on a stage show at Capitol Theatre, where they will portray nine of the most popular personas featured on their YouTube channel.

These include the nosey makcik auntie in Malay and two versions of the minah, a colloquial term for Malay girls.

After Hours S2E3: Best Foreplay (Feat. Munah and Hirzi)

Hirzi says with a laugh: I'm nervous about the show, but that's also a good thing, because it means I really care. The best friends had fun putting up guerrilla-style YouTube videos, where they would go out on the street and surprise passers-by by doing dares, such as suddenly breaking out in song and dance in the middle of Orchard Road.

YouTube comedic duo Munah Bagharib, Hirzi Zulkiflie end their run with show at Capitol Theatre

What started out as "something just for fun" turned more serious when the clips quickly went viral. It was not long before the two changed directions and started producing videos with proper concepts that "had more meaning", they say. For example, a musical spoof video they made of Beyonce's Run The World Girls in was part of a call for mandatory rest days for all domestic workers in Singapore. So, what is next for the comedic twosome?

Munah will be pursuing work in theatre, while Hirzi will be doing more writing, possibly for stand-up gigs. I've never met anyone with whom I've shared such good chemistry. That will never change.

It's like our generation and how we grew up watching Friends A select group of people will always speak fondly of them all together, but people these days also know Jennifer Aniston as an individual actress.

munah and hirzi relationship tips

I won't say that we haven't had our rifts, but one thing great about us is that work is work and, as soon as a shoot ends, everything is immediately reset and it's back to just being friends. I think our comedy was raw and honest.

Munah Bagharib on what it's like to be a Youtube comedian in Singapore

And It wasn't just another template Internet channel - it was something that people could watch and relate to and maybe take something away from. It's so hard to choose one. But I think it's a good fight between my domestic-worker character and my minah character.

Both of them have an equal amount of sass and it's always so much fun playing them.