Muslim father and daughter relationship too close

The Right of PARENTS AND CHILDREN In Islam - Chapter 3 - Section 6

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

The child is a part of his father's heart and a piece of his body. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has ordained marriage and has forbidden adultery so that paternity. This held true in his role as a father to his daughter Fatima radi Modern day psychology highlights the remarkable impact a daughter's relationship with her father has on how to empower their daughters through understanding of Islamic . a blessing in disguise because now I am ever close to my dad. The sister does not have a good relationship with her father; she feels he hates Remember that having a child that is not close to you is hard on a parent also.

Having little to no physical contact. Whether your daughter is five or fifteen, both of you should be comfortable enough to turn to each other for a hug that lasts longer than five seconds at any time.

Little to no emotional communication. Building this bond will create a feeling of security and trust, and your daughter should be able to turn to you for help at times of emotional hurt and conflict. Not expressing pride in their daughters.

Nothing can thrill a daughter more than knowing that her father sees his own good qualities in her, that he is really and truly proud of her and her accomplishments. The greatest, most perfect example of father-daughter relationships can be found in the history of Islam. We all know the stories: Fatimah is a part of me. Whatever pleases her pleases me and whatever angers her angers me. When the Prophet saw her approaching, he would welcome her, stand up and kiss her, take her by the hand and sit her down in the place where he was sitting.

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

How many lessons have been derived from the Seerah, from incidents pertaining to this father and to this daughter?! How much knowledge, how much wisdom, was transmitted from father to daughter, and from that daughter to her own sons, al-Hassan and al-Hussein radhiAllahu anhum?!

How can we ever belittle, neglect, forget the importance of such a bond?

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

And neither are we. Not like we used to be. Or maybe never were. Yet how can I even think such a thing? After all, I know God. I know all my God can do. Most days I boast, that is. Alana has called me on the phone to say hi, tell me she loves me, wish me the best. I wish she was still a Christian. And right here on a page.

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

But oh so brave. Just a desperate plea. How did my younger baby leave the faith of Christ and stop believing?

How did we come to this moment in time and, by faith, become divided? A Christian and a Muslim? In the same family?

Parents And Children

How, O blessed God, did such a thing happen? Too many times I tried to find an answer. God knows I tried. In the quiet of silent nights and the roar of jam-packed days. How in the robust name of Jesus did this happen And like those other mothers everywhere, I was angry when I asked. Maybe angrier at God for not stepping into the messiness of this business we call life and calling a divine stop.

And look how I say that. As if I do know God.

10 Rights of a Daughter, According to Islam -- Every Muslim Should Know

As if I understand God. So the psalmist nailed it right? Saying it this way? Before this embattled earth was formed, he knew Alana and I would be rumbling over these three defiant words spouted from her beautiful confident mouth: It sank straight to the floor.

The Effects of a Poor Father-Daughter Relationship | About Islam

But not from the announcement. It sank from the struggle that had brought us to this moment. First, those teen years—with their relentless arguments and fussing and door slamming and confusion and yelling. Then the testing years—when, at twenty, Alana joined the Nation of Islam. And I fought that. Arguing against the theology of the Nation. Thundering against the messages that sounded to me like too much hate. She was twenty-something and a junior in college. So I gripped the phone and asked about school.

How her car was running. How her car was running? Yes, I asked her exactly that. Then we said a few other neutral things. Have a good afternoon. Talk to you later. Then I hung up the phone. Not on that day. My life had changed. My Christian daughter became a Muslim. And my life and every single thing about life just flat-out flew apart.

So here I sit today, ten years after my daughter made her announcement, staring at my keyboard in my belabored home office — which also is a wreck and needs decluttering and an overhaul.

Still, even in this mess, I commit to speak truth about the biggest mountain in my life that has yet to move.

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

They are shortsighted and deliberate. Unless they get startled. Then, experts say, they go on a rampage. And my home and hearth are messy enough already. I long for logic and order and peace. And I long to talk.

muslim father and daughter relationship too close

To finally look together at the reality of our life — and not end up arguing and slamming doors and yelling and walking away, especially without answers. Surely now — with almost ten years stuck in rubble — we finally can talk.

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