Pak and russia relationship

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pak and russia relationship

Russia and Pakistan: A Durable Anti-American Alliance in South Asia. Why the Moscow-Islamabad security partnership will likely continue to strengthen for the. Moscow boosting mutual security cooperation as Islamabad-US ties sharply deteriorate. Over the past decade, Russia and Pakistan have been building a relationship which was in cold storage. The growing bonhomie is reflected in.

Pakistan and Russia may not take benefit of the natural resources until the US presence and restoration of peace in Afghanistan. Thus, both have common cause to make efforts for the solution of Afghanistan imbroglio.

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Fourthly, closeness between Russia and China has also brought Pakistan closer to Russia. Sixthly, Pakistan is in search of new friends.

pak and russia relationship

Russia also needs friends to extend its reach to different areas of the globe. Seventhly, both countries are situated in Asia continent which carries important maritime locations of Strait of Hormuz and Strait of Malacca. The oil travels to the Western countries from the Middle East through the straits and maritime links located in Asia.

In order to protect the collective interests of the continent, Pakistan and Russia have important role to play. Lastly, the Soviet Union desired to have access to warm waters through the Gwadar seaport.

pak and russia relationship

It is main source of transportation of CPEC. Russia has found opportunity to respond the Corridor positively to serve its interests.

pak and russia relationship

Cordial relations between the two countries may not change nature of bilateral relations between Russia and India. However, as done in the cold war period, Russia may not blindly support India against Pakistan.

So, there is quite a wide spectrum. And, of course, this is a reflection of our approach to the relations with Pakistan, which to our country has their own independent value for us.

Trump suspended all military assistance to Pakistan in January until it takes decisive action against militants on its soil.

Pakistani leaders have rejected terrorism and other charges, saying they stem from U.

Pakistan, Russia Sign Rare Military Cooperation Pact

They also say that halting decades-old military diplomacy will fuel misunderstandings between the two countries. An official statement issued after the meeting said the prime minister-in-waiting said his government will engage with the U. Khan called on the U.

Russia seeking Pakistan's help with Taliban

He also emphasized the "revitalization of diplomatic ties between the two countries and stressed the need to transform it for the benefit of both Pakistan and the United States. It's our very valuable partner of tackling such challenges and threats as terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, etc.

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Our countries face similar challenges and threats to national security," said Russian ambassador Dedov, while speaking at a seminar in Islamabad. A deal for the purchase of MiM assault helicopters in August was signed, and Pakistan finally received four helicopters in August This is a historic first, given Pakistani reliance on American military equipments for over six decades.

pak and russia relationship

The first Russia-Pakistan counter-narcotics exercise was held in October followed by a second exercise in December The first-ever Russia-Pakistan joint military exercise was held in the Pakistani province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in September The only concession that India received from Russia was a change in the venue: The special forces of Russia and Pakistan conducted a two-week joint counter-terrorism exercise in September-October Asserting that Russia's 'trust-based' relations with India would not be diluted by Moscow's growing ties with Islamabad, President Vladimir Putin told in an interview in June that there is no other country in the world, other than India, with which Russia has such deep cooperation in delicate areas including missile technology.

But Putin also sidestepped a question on Kashmir, saying it was up to India to assess whether Pakistan was fuelling terrorism in Kashmir. Pakistan provides a potential market for Russian weapons which is a huge incentive for Moscow as Russian economy is heavily dependent on arms exports. At present, the amount of Russian military equipment supplied to Pakistan is still very small and Islamabad does not have the financial wherewithal to make big-ticket purchases from Moscow.

Pakistan's bloated military is not only unsustainable but it also presently lacks the resources to invest financially for purchase of highly advanced military systems for future. But given an obsessive anti-India strand in Pakistan's strategic culture, Pakistan's military establishment can be expected to indulge in any economic adventurism. Negotiations for the purchase of Russian Su fighter jets are in their early stages, and Pakistan has already expressed its desire to acquire T tanks from Russia as part of a long-term deal.

Russia and Pakistan continue to work closely in Afghanistan to challenge the US and, this effectively translates into supporting the Afghan Taliban with greater vigour.

pak and russia relationship