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Click here to see a photo of Pete from an ABC ad in this issue of TV Guide. "The Fan .. "Pete Duel & Ben Murphy Confess: 'We Don't Believe in Marriage!'. "The only previous connection Roger Davis ever had with Universal was On the night of December 30, , 31 year old Pete Duel walked . In October , Universal offered Pete the co-starring role, with Ben Murphy. I was an 'A' student then, exemplary in most ways. But in my I don't believe in marriage being the next step in a relationship. Pete Duel Alias Smith & Jones.

This wasn't an original thought--Cecil Smith did it here, 25 years earlier. The film that goes with this narration shows snowy scenes from Penfield including the funeral home, the Deuel house, family and friends arriving at the church for the funeral, the inside and outside of the church, the school Pete attended, and the Four Corners area of Penfield. An article from Pete's hometown newspaper. Includes quotes by teenage male fans in Pete's hometown of Penfield, New York.

This was sent by Linda and Thorne. Death noticeTime Magazine, January 10, This includes several very interesting quotes from Pete. The writer was the entertainment reporter for the Syracuse Herald Journal, a major newspaper in Pete's native upstate New York. Includes short quotes that Pete had given the writer during interviews.

English translation, thanks to Elaine, of the above Spanish article. The article is somewhat lacking in accuracy--for example, Pete was 31 and his brother Geoff starred in Chisum. Short with Spanish and English included here.

Sent by Ana with translation by Elaine. Thanks to Linda and Thorne for the text and Kathleen for the photos. Short quotes from Pete published after his death.

This is very short, with both Spanish and English included here. Sent by Ana and translated by Elaine. A question and answer from Parade Magazine. From a question and answer column, in addition to the question about Pete another interesting question is included. Parade is a magazine supplement for Sunday newspapers; it's still around today.

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Discusses Pete's death and includes quotes from a recent interview with him. Peter Duel's Last Moments! It was a big thing with Judy Carne at first. We get our fill of each other during the day. We have our separate lives. If we were very much alike, it would probably be even harder to keep our working relationship from going on the rocks completely.

Her husband directed them — Jill and I acted in them. We did one called The Case of the Crushed Petunias, a Tennessee Williams one-act play about a vital, lively young man who meets a mousy, withdrawn young woman who runs a little antique shop. Well, the vital young man brings out the best in her; he brings out the woman in her. I was a friend of the family before Jill and Dick got their divorce.

I met them because I was going with a girl who was living in their home. They were going through a rough time when I met them. But they made the right decision. They decided to get a divorce.

Also, I used to baby-sit for Jill and Dick. When the kids were real teeny. Packy was one and Gabby was three. I was an out-of-work actor and they used to feed me.

So, you see, I was lucky enough to sort of grow up with the kids.

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One night when I was baby-sitting, Packy began crying his heart out. So I went into his room, gave him a little water and he was so glad to see me that I took him back to the other room with me, propped him up against a pillow next to me, and we both fell sound asleep. Boy, he was happy with that; it was great. There has been a minimum of hostility.

Every question the kids have had has been answered honestly, so now they know where they stand. Such as when they asked am I their father. They asked their mother and she explained it to them, that Dick was their father, always would be their father. That if she ever married again, to me or any other man, Dick would still be their father. And that her husband would be their stepfather. Then she explained that. We do things together as a family unit, the four of us.

And they respect me just as much as they do Jill, too. I really love those two kids. They are such beautiful children. There have been a lot of beautiful things that have happened between us. Recently, when the show took a break, I went back to visit my parents. And Packy and Gabby told Jill how much they missed me and wished that I were home.

These kids are so much healthier than most kids. They are very open and free. So divorce can be a good thing. It would be silly for her to jump out of one divorce into another marriage; we both feel that way. Then too, quite frankly, knowing myself, I feel that I am not emotionally ready to be married. Jill herself has put no pressure on me. At this point, she is no more eager to rush into marriage than I am.

She has the experience of an unhappy marriage to look back on; that may have made her cautious. She was so thoroughly ensconced in her role as the mother of a three-year-old girl, Gabriel, and a one-year-old boy, Pascal, I never thought of anything but friendship between us. Richard, Jill, and I were all friends; close friends find out about each other. They both confided in me. The only qualm I have is that a guy, when he first gets married, would like to start his own family from scratch.

But … rarely, if ever, does a guy find an ideal situation. I have at times been involved with women much older than Jill.

Many young men become involved with women in their late thirties and early forties. A few nights ago we were at a pizza stand with her two children. Dick and I have remained friends. We saw each other only this afternoon. Actually, it was not a case of one person leaving the other, and the other wanting the two of them to stay together.

Their divorce was a mutual decision.

I was aware, as were Dick and Jill, that there was not going to be any reconciliation. It was not a matter of reconciling two people unable to live together from the standpoint of peaceful co-existence.

Rather, it was a case of two people who wanted to go their separate ways. They probably could have co-existed peacefully on the surface, but all sorts of problems arise that way. Marriages where a husband and wife stay together just to maintain an image are destructive to them and to their children. If parents remain with each other, allied in that kind of a marriage, there is always an undertone of hostility.

But when two mature, intelligent adults like Jill and Dick decide on a divorce, their children are told what they have to know and given honest explanations. Gabriel and Pascal are delightful children; the divorce has had no traumatic effect on them.

They have accepted me; they also accept discipline from me, when Jill and I feel they need it. Jill and I have been going together for a year and a half. We never spank them except when they get way out of line. Pascal and Gabriel get one good whack if they really step out of line, after having been warned a couple of times. They probably each get an average of only a whack a month. The prime consideration in this divorce was the children. Richard and Jill had many honest discussions.

It was a thing they deliberated about for a long, long time. They spent all their knowledge and a year of their time considering the matter before they took a step. They finally made their decision, and got the divorce in such a way that everyone has come out smelling like a rose. They see their father throughout the week and spend most of their weekends with him. Sometimes Jill and I will be going out and Richard and his girlfriend will come over and babysit.

Are you planning anything with the kids? The youngsters know that we all love them, and there is none of the terrible feeling that children have who are being fought over. What first attracted me was her spontaneity, her great open-faced enjoyment of things. Jill has a wide range of appreciation. We go to dinner and the movies together; we also go to baseball games. We both like good books and good music — everything from present-day folk rock to classical music and opera.

Sometimes we both go skiing. I run the straight and narrow with her now. When we were first going together — well, let me put it this way — there have been periods in our relationship when I was less faithful than I am now.

When I do get married, I definitely hope it will be to Jill or a girl like her. As a matter of fact, I have a hard time imagining marrying anyone but Jill because of what she is and what she means to me. I found that out very quickly the two or three times we broke up. Once we had what you might call a trial separation for three or four weeks.

I stayed away from Jill for a few very lonely weeks. I was terribly unhappy without her. If we were married, Jill would never be perfectly contented; neither would I. The death rattle of a bachelor is a long and painful thing.