Ragna and noel relationship

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ragna and noel relationship

When Jin abandoned his post to pursue Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel was .. a relationship with the game's main character (Noel being a replica of Ragna's. Summary: Ragna wonders what Noel loves about him after Hakumen memories about her and Jin and their relationship with each other for. Noel definitely has more-than-sibling feelings for Ragna, as evidenced Ragna used to be in a relationship with Nu but ever since CT, he has.

They were greeted off by Celica A. Later on, Nu reveals Noel's past to Ragna. It is revealed that during the Ikaruga Civil War, Sector 7 tried to create the Black Beast as a desperate measure to win the war, by fusing Noel with Hazama to become the Black Beast's heart.

Noel Vermillion

However she did not want to fuse with him as he was the one responsible for destroying her family and her own mind, where she wanted to die instead. And due to Take-Mikazuchi's attack during that time, she was saved from fusing with Hazama. Izanami and Phantom then appeared, where Phantom teleported Hakumen out of the area, then Izanami forcefully made Ragna and Nu go berserk, where she made Nu attack Ragna, injuring him, and then by making his Azure Grimoire go berserk, it turned him into a Black Beast-like state.

Ragna tells Noel and Jin to run away with Celica, but the two of them refuse to leave Ragna, where Noel transforms into Mu and with Jin, they try to stop the berserk Ragna.

After Tsubaki appears at the scene, it is seen that Ragna disappeared Noel and Jin are both injured, though Noel was only slightly wounded whereas Jin was rendered hospitalized.

She recovered and revived Lambda to go inside the embryo to find Ragna. She was the reason why the Embryo was denying everyone else's desires.

However, in her Act III Ending, it is revealed that she is the Master Unit herself and that she was using Mu as a vessel, until they split up, also, it has been revealed that she is also the Original Prime Field Device. Appearance Noel is a young girl with long blond hair although she covers her hair in her blue balmoral cap, making it seem like she has short hairand green eyes.

She wears a NOL blue cloak with hood, long black socks, and blue military boots. When she is in battle, she wears a jolting sapphire NOL uniform dress with a white collar and a short red tie, with two separate long sleeves that have two heavy metal bands and a long red strap, white gloves, and carries two giant pistols linked together, the Bolverk.

ragna and noel relationship

As a replica of Saya, Noel shares her physical appearance When she was adopted by the Vermillion family, she had her hair cut short and wore a white shirt with long sleeves, a black tie, a long, black skirt, and white stockings with dark brown shoes.

However in Amane's Astral Heat, she is shown wearing red tie, and blue skirt. When she was in the Military Academy, she had slightly shoulder-length hair and wore the standard school uniform with a short skirt, long white stockings and brown shoes.

In Chronophantasma, Noel dons a whole new outfit somewhat similar to her original outfit but doing away with the sleeves, replacing it with a collared cloth and no sleeves. She has also done away with her beret, letting her long hair flow freely with the addition of a blue-colored hairpiece. She has distinct features in her current attire that resemble Mu.

Personality Noel is the definition of the "shrinking violet" archetype. She is shy, clumsy, and tends to get worked up over the smallest things. Noel is extremely self-conscious, especially regarding her notoriously flat breasts. She can be socially awkward at times, but this has actually served as an endearing trait, which earned her Tsubaki and Makoto's friendship. In spite of this, she is shown to be quite passionate and determined when motivated, and is loyal to her friends and allies.

Then there's the soft and unfettered side to her personality that shows compassion to every person and being, and how everyone is being treated. With her job out of the way, she enjoys relaxing with friends and reminiscing, nostalgically.

When she cares for others well-being, she overlooks her down traits and is much more responsible. Then there's the typical Japanese school girl syndrome about her, always late, apologizing profusely, and even her outfit looks a lot like a school uniform of a Japanese girl.

All of this changes when she is reverted into her true form: In Chronophantasma, the experiences Noel has gone through have caused her to develop a new level of self-confidence and a determination to protect her friends.

The term Lacking Lady, by Taokakadirected at Noel Vermillion, is one thing she can't seem to stand, though being called a boy or a man is worse. Each sets off a domino effect. The first makes her feel vulnerable and then ponder her role as a woman as she looks to other woman with bigger breasts.

The second triggers a dormant volcano of emotion that is then directed at the person who makes the remark. When she is finally angry, she puts aside all shame and forlorn and builds up the confidence to abuse her title of position to call it, "Obstruction of Justice! Bolverk appears as a pair of large-barrel handguns, though it can take on other forms. Her style of fighting is a direct reference to the fictional fighting style known as 'gunkata', in which the practitioner uses stylized moves using firearms with the conclusion of the battle involving clashing the hammers together.

Unfortunately, the Bolverk is Noel's only mean of offense, becoming utterly helpless when stripped of it. Being the true successor of the Azure and the perfect Murakumo Unit, Noel can assume a stronger form and persona known as Mu Being awakened as "the Eye of the Azure" in Continuum Shift, Noel has gained the ability to see the distant and recent memories of people she touches, as seen with Carl Clover, Tsubaki Yayoi and Lambda In Continuum Shift, she has some new moves.

Also, her aura during Chain Revolver is now colored black, the color of Ragna's Blood Kain it was originally colored green in Calamity Trigger. Noel, being a replica of Saya, is also shown to have inherited some of Saya's memories from her childhood. Trivia When Noel's Fenrir initial hit connects, causing to give an additional blow, she will often yell: She was also born on December 25, otherwise known as Christmas Day.

While Noel has no angelic features, her right gun emanates a blue aura while her left gun features a crimson aura. She holds an inferiority complex about her breast size this is referred to several times in gag sections and by Taokaka and is comically obsessed with the panda that Litchi wears on her hair even going as far as yelling in English version "Hands off the panda!

Kondou is also a cook, which is very ironic because Noel is a horrible cook herself. She also possesses a relationship with the game's main character Noel being a replica of Ragna's sister, while Dizzy being possibly Sol Badguy 's daughter from Justice as well as the main rival though this is heavily inverted; while Dizzy ends up presumably marrying Ky KiskeNoel is treated horribly by Jin. Recent development in Continuum Shift drew more similarity whereas more people such as Kokonoe or Terumi started hunting down Noel for her being the true owner of the Azure Grimoire, just like Dizzy being put on a bounty and was hunted by everyone.

Noel is also serves as the counterpart of Guilty Gear's Elphelt Valentine. Both are gunslingers and are kind-hearted girls who were artificially created by the main antagonists' to be an instrument to ultimately end the world. They were born from a series of replicas that are modeled after the main hero's loved one Noel resembles Ragna's sister, Saya, while Elphelt looks like a younger version of Aria, Sol's deceased lover and saved the main character's life at some point.

Both characters also wield destructive powers that are accompanied by more violent alternate personalities: They also have a profound fear of bugs.

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Noel is constantly being mistaken for a boy by Bang Shishigami and they both have blond hair as well as a mainly blue and white outfit. Other similarities to Dizzy are colors, both share red, blue, yellow, green, black, and white.

Both of them are also said to have the same birthday, December 25, which is also shared with Axl Low and Elphelt Valentine. Noel's fighting style is what is known as a fictionalized style of weapon-handling known as 'gun-kata' which is borrowed wholesale from the movie Equilibrium.

Her victory pose and the pose at the end of her Astral Heat are poses performed by John Preston, the protagonist of Equilibrium. Noel has a similar outfit and combat style to Sion Eltnam Atlasia from the fighting game series, Melty Blood.

ragna and noel relationship

Also, Sion is her counterpart from Melty Blood. Both characters have a boss version of themselves, such as Mu playable boss version of Noel and Dust of Orsis non-playable boss version of SIon. In her sprites, and story mode artwork in Calamity Trigger, she is one of the only playable female characters not to have any undergarments that are directly shown, aside from Nu, who wears a full-body outfit when not in her battle form.

Noel comes in second for having the most musical themes in the franchise; the first being Ragna. If Noel meets a lady with a smaller chest size than her, she feels that they can become great friends, as seen in her Help Me, Professor Kokonoe! Of all three known Murakumo Units, Noel is the only one that is known to have partial memories of Saya's childhood, as well being the one that resembles her the most even than Saya herself after her appearance at the end of Continuum Shift.

Despite them being usually referred to as revolvers underlined by her drive, Chain Revolver, and her move: Revolver BlastBolverk actually is a pair of pistols, not revolvers. However, in one prototype sketch of Noel seen in the Material Collection, she's seen wielding a pair of revolvers instead, along with a more gag-like approach where she wields Equilibrium-styled "Clericguns". Noel also tends to drop used bullets while finishing her Chain Revolver, the same as with revolvers and shotguns.

Her fourth color scheme in Continuum Shift resembles the Intelligence Department's color-suits. Noel and Nu were featured in a montage of characters who were voiced by their current voice actress, Cristina Valenzuela.

The montage was drawn by Alex Ahad, art director from the fighting game Skullgirls. Noel, along with Taokaka, has been drawn as fan art from the artist of the fighting game Skullgirls. So far, Noel is the only playable character to have two entirely different costumes.

She is also the only character to have a scrapped victory pose. She is featured in the spin-off Queen's Blade. Noel's cooking is notoriously atrocious, having been referred to as "Death Dinner" in BlazBlue: It even incapacitates many who eat it. It was what the future would hold. He heard that in the future Noel and Jin was together. He knows that cause of Noel's special ability to look through some ones memories.

She looked through the memories of Hakumen and found that out. And wasn't very keen on that idea at all. Don't get him he imagined that his brother would find someone to cherish with. But he didn't expect it was Noel. They had nothing in common and he doesn't imagine them as a couple. He imagined that Tsubaki chick he encountered would be a better match for him.

Only now she's on the dark side and wants to kill Noel for she knows the future something he won't allow. They both decided that they will get stronger but away from each other. They opted to spend as much time as possible with the other.

Stepping out Kokonoe's home he found the girl he was looking for who was sitting near a pond looking at the koi fish with a expression of sad thoughtfulness. She probably was still upset about Tsubaki. Her long time friend now set on killing her. And to add to that Saya his sister is the imperator. He doesn't know if he has the heart to fight her let alone kill her.

He took a seat next to Noel the sun was out and the sky was clear. It wasn't a question it was statement that was true. They sighed same time. She turned her attention away from the fish to look at him. I 'm willing to-" Noel cut him off. God knows Makoto may not have the heart to do it but I have to. I have to beat the sense into her and save her myself. But Noel could care less right now.

Because of Terumi using her love for Jin Tsubaki now hates her and since she isn't part of the NOL she could give a rat ass for not calling Jin major.

He sure as hell wasn't getting respect from her after trying to kill her again after Ragna saved her.