Rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

On paper, a police procedural called "Rizzoli & Isles" set in Boston Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander's Maura Isles with an endearing odd couple flair. I think it took some time to massage her relationship with Jane and. TNT's Rizzoli & Isles — as in Jane and Maura, played by Angie and hopefully those experiences help inform the relationships that they have. Detective Jane Clementine Rizzoli is a homicide detective working for the Boston Police During high school, she got into a relationship with Casey Jones. Jane first met Dr. Maura Isles while working undercover for the drug unit. Since she.

Angela Rizzoli Lorraine Bracco: Jane, Frankie and Tommy's overbearing mother. Angela is fiercely protective of her children, saying she has not slept since Jane decided to become a cop.

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

Angela wishes Jane could be a little more feminine and is constantly trying to set her up on dates. She currently works at the bar that Vince Korsak bought and that they all frequent.

The two maintain a close bond after years of working together, but Korsak is clearly bothered that he is no longer partnered with Jane.

He seems to care for her like a daughter and is nearly as protective of her as Angela is. It is revealed in the series pilot that he saved her life from Hoyt.

He will drop whatever he is doing on a moment's notice to rescue an animal, and enjoys watching videos of dogs on the Internet.

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After remaining a detective for nearly his entire career, Korsak was finally promoted to sergeant-detective in season two, and took the lieutenant's exam in season five. In preparing for retirement, Vince bought the local bar that they all frequent, the Dirty Robber, and employed Angela. Korsak has been divorced 3 times, despite the jokes that he is behind the times he is very wise and observant. He also has several hobbies including playing guitar and sailing, Maura has even once before asked him for his expertise on seaman knots and skills.

A whiz when it comes to computers and technology, he is terrified of dead bodies and becomes ill at the sight of blood. He is very protective of Jane and stands by her like a loyal, tough partner.

In the season five premiere, he is killed in a car accident while returning from vacation. In the season five finale, the team establish the Barry Frost Memorial Scholarship, intended for students who are academically gifted and seek to go into professions that would help others but lack the resources to do so. Francesco "Frankie" Rizzoli, Jr. Jane's brother and police officer.

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

He looks up to Jane, but does not like feeling caught in her shadow, especially as he tries to make his own way on the police force. Like all the men in Jane's life, Frankie is more protective of Jane than she would like. He is a cop against his mother's wishes, and sees his sister as a role model. In season four, Frankie is promoted to detective and starts taking night classes in computer science in season five to increase his skill set in Frost's absence.

In season seven, he begins a romantic relationship with Nina and eventually successfully proposes to her. Sean Cavanaugh Brian Goodman Seasons 3—4, main; 1—2, 5, recurring: Fiercely loyal to Jane and an old friend of Korsak, Sean is willing to bend the rules for his guys. It is later discovered that Sean lost his wife and son in a fire set by Paddy Doyle back when he and Korsak were rookies.

Nina Holiday Idara Victor Seasons 6—7, main; 5, recurring: Formerly a detective, Holiday transferred to Boston Homicide in order to hone her analytical skills in an office-based environment. Kent Drake Adam Sinclair Season 7, main; 6, recurring: Recurring cast and characters[ edit ] Annabeth Gish as Alice Sands.

Alice was born into a distinguished law enforcement family, but she dropped out of the police academy while Jane was enrolled. Alice was second in her class behind Jane, after having been the best at everything prior to then. This created her dangerous fixation on Jane, which led to Alice inserting herself into a circle of tunnel residents and having them do her bidding. Following a shootout at Korsak's wedding reception, Jane seems to make a personal vendetta against Alice.

Jane ultimately corners Alice, who has taken a teenager hostage, and shoots her dead. This leaves her team to wonder if Jane shot her in the line of duty or an act of vengeance. She has described herself as having a very physical memory; when circumstances required her to take point in an investigation, she made various dioramas to explain her reasoning.

Jane Rizzoli

In the third-season episode "Class Action Satisfaction", she is revealed to be a nudist. She was killed in the sixth-season episode "Misconduct" as part of a complex plan to frame the forensics department for poor handling of a recent case, but the subsequent investigation exposed the killer's true agenda. He constantly made fun of her, calling her "Frog-Face" and "Roly-Poly Rizzoli" because she was slightly chubby when she was younger. When he leaves for Washington, DC after being appointed as the liaison between Boston and Homeland Security, he claims that he had liked her for a very long time.

Paddy claimed Maura had died as a baby and made sure she was adopted.

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She loves Maura but is sorry that they don't have a close relationship. Colin Egglesfield as Thomas "Tommy" Rizzoli: He returns to the family fold following his release from prison. He tries to kiss Maura when he comes back to pay her back for her kindness, but she stops him and he develops a huge crush on Maura as he works on starting a new life.

A US Army officer assigned to the Middle East, he returns to Boston in season three but breaks up with Jane because of injuries that left him partially paralyzed below the waist. He returns in season four's first episode after a successful operation and proposes to Jane, but when he receives the offer of a promotion to colonel, he decides to stay in the army, leaving Jane behind as she was unwilling to leave her life. He is aware that Jane was pregnant with his child, but respects her decision to raise the child alone as he had also made the choice to return to the army; she loses the baby midway through the fifth season after being attacked while protecting a witness.

Darryl Alan Reed as Rondo, a man with access to information in the criminal world. Although Jane initially dismisses his offer to be her confidential informant, he does become her informant later on and is currently providing Jane with information from the criminal world. He has also been shown to have a comical character persona, similar to Larry Laffer. He frequently hits on Jane, calling her "Vanilla", and eventually develops a friendship with Angela, referring to her as "Mrs.

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

He later becomes romantically involved with Detective Jane Rizzoli, but she ends this relationship when he tries to use her as part of a plan to capture Paddy Doyle that forced Jane to shoot Paddy. He owns and runs a plumbing business called Rizzoli and Sons. He and Angela separate and then divorce after the first season. He later tries to have their marriage annulled so that he can remarry in a Catholic ceremony.

He returns to announce he has stage 2 prostate cancer, and, despite the news, his family finds it difficult to overlook his past transgressions. Matthew Del Negro as Giovanni Gilberti, a dim-witted former classmate of Jane's and a blue-collar auto mechanic.

He is under the impression that Maura and Jane are dating, which Maura came up with in order to save the two of them from Giovanni's advances. Michael Massee as Charles Hoyt, a former serial killer who stabbed Jane in both hands and continued to threaten Jane, even from behind bars.

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

Jane shoots and kills the apprentice and throws a flare at Hoyt. Jane then shoots him in the hands and says, "We match". In the episode "Remember Me", Hoyt, despite dying of cancer, lures Jane and Maura into his hospital room with the aid of a new apprentice with the goal of killing Jane before he dies, but Jane manages to get the upper hand and stabs and kills Hoyt with a scalpel while saying, "I win".

Jane and Maura are special. Just a cute little story from various points of view Disclaimer: Not mine, make no money Authors note: I'm still working on the sequel to 'Jane's Diary' but this popped into my head and wouldn't come out, so It didn't take him long to pick up on the vibes coming from the detective though, Jane Rizzoli. She was smiling at him pleasantly enough, but he could see in her eyes a certain jealousy that flared whenever Dr Isles spoke to him or smiled at him.

While he was very interested in fashion, he tended not to mention it around women in general, simply because they did tend to come to the opinion that he was gay; however in this case he thought it might be a good thing.

Sure enough, the surprise that came from both women when he mentioned the designer of the outfit Dr Isles wore helped to lessen the intensity of the stare coming from Rizzoli. When he mentioned knitting, crocheting and beading, Rizzoli exchanged an amused glance with Dr Isles and relaxed completely.

It was a short lived reprieve though, as directly after that, Dr Isles was forced to call a Code Red on a possible pathogen present in a recently deceased woman, resulting in all three needing to strip down and take decontamination showers.

Alex tried to make the two women as comfortable as possible by continuing to play on the gay card, yawning deliberately as they undressed. Rizzoli was uncomfortable in her nudity around him, dragging around a container to hide behind, but he noticed that she seemed to have no problem giving Dr Isles a full view of her naked backside and he grinned to himself quietly as she communicated with some other cops through the window. Oh yeah, they were a couple. He would bet on it.

Susie Chang The first time that Susie thought that Dr Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli were in a romantic relationship was actually within her first week of work. Detective Rizzoli was always down in the morgue, and she and Dr Isles had an ease to their interactions that spoke of a deep connection.

At first, having no true 'gaydar' to speak of, she merely thought they were friends, but when she overheard them chatting about whose house they were going to stay at that weekend, she quickly re-evaluated her opinion. The thing that cemented her idea of their relationship though, was the time when she confided in Dr Isles that she met her boyfriend at a nudist retreat and asked her if she would like to join them.

Detective Rizzoli was, as she so often seemed to be, in the morgue with Dr Isles at the time, and she answered for both of them. If they weren't together, she was a monkey's uncle. Lydia Lydia wasn't the smartest cookie in the jar, she was able to admit that easily enough.

rizzoli and isles jane maura relationship

But she was quite proud of her 'gaydar'. After all, she knew that Mitch Townsend from high school was gay long before Mitch himself even knew! So when she met Jane and Maura, she immediately started studying their interactions and conversations, cataloguing them so that she could come to a definitive conclusion.

Firstly, she came to the realization that they always seemed to be together. When they confronted her about the father of the baby, they were together, when she got gestational diabetes and Angela took her to Maura's house, they were together. Lydia also came to realize that quite often, when a murder victim was found, Operations usually only called one of them to get them both to the crime scene, knowing that they spent a lot of time together.

Lydia also enjoyed watching them communicate, often without words. It spoke of a deep intimacy to her. She put down her pen, looking at the notepad she'd been jotting notes on. Result of her studies? They were a couple. Lydia's mum Rose Sparks had various issues, she knew that. She was an alcoholic for one, but when Lydia had her baby, she was determined to change that so that she could be a good grandmother. She didn't want her grandson's memories of her to be of a drunken woman.

She also found that Lydia's relationship with her improved exponentially when she was off the booze. Lydia actually spoke to her mother. At first, Rose was unsure as to the relationship of Maura to the rest of the family. She knew that Jane, Tommy and Frankie were Angela's children, but, judging by Lydia's discussions of the family, she knew that Angela only had 3 children. So then she thought that perhaps Maura was involved with Frankie, but that option got thrown out the window quickly as Lydia never discussed 'Frankie-and-Maura'.