Sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

How do you prove a genuine (bona fide) marraige for an immigration visa?

sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

Can we have an example of a successful relationship statement? no laughing matter, being genuine and honest is absolutely mandatory. A cover letter isn't necessarily a requirement for most Australian visas we have attached evidence of our genuine and continuing relationship. Let me try to ‘kill two birds with one stone’, so that I.

Over the next few days we struck up a close friendship that quickly developed into a relationship. In this time we also travelled to Hua Hin for a 2 week holiday. Our relationship grew very strong and we took our relationship to the next level.

On the 14th of june is when we started living as de facto partners, from this time we truly are commitment to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others. I returned to Australia on the 28th of june due to work and travel commitments.

Whilst in Australia we kept in constant contact daily via phone calls and i also started to send money to help with the support of her 2 daughter's with schooling and everyday life. Some of the things that we did werevisiting with my family and friends eating at restaurants, sightseeing, fishing,shopping and a short holiday together at surfers paradise on the gold coast.

And i stayed in Australia due to my work commitments, It was a very sad time for us both as we had no choice but to be apart for a short period of time.

Whilst we were apart we kept in daily contact and maintained our relationship with each other by phone,txt messaging,emails and windows live video calling. We returned together to Australia on the 25th of Nov They still have met only once. The reality these days is that most couples in the United States meet online often that is through online dating platforms, but not always.

We have had a significant number of clients who met within the United States or internationally through online gaming communities. There is no reason that a relationship gone this way cannot be perfectly legitimate and suffice for immigration purposes. In a sense, it is almost easier to document this type of relationship because of all of the online communication.

Communications within gaming applications often are not archived, but most chat platforms will be. It is relatively easy to produce screenshots of these chat histories to demonstrate how the relationship developed over time. Juliana is upper management at a multinational corporation. While working in Spain Juliana falls in love with a handsome waiter named Ramon. The two decided to get married, and she takes a six-month sabbatical so they can travel around Europe before returning to the United States.

Couples like this often have completely separate financial matters. Because they have been living in the same location, they will have little in the way of correspondences or even electronic messages.

In these situations, photographic evidence can be especially helpful and persuasive. Likewise, I like to document travel for a couple like this. We can submit copies of travel itineraries, hotel receipts — proof that the couple was actually traveling together at the same time and in the same place Evidence to prove the relationship.

I address photographs and affidavits from friend and family separately, because those are such big topics. Before continuing, please repeat after me: The goal is not to kill as many trees as possible by submitting a bankers box worth of paper that will only confuse and annoy everyone who has to deal with it. Go for the good stuff. There is absolutely no rule of thumb about how many pages of supporting documents you should provide. Because the number of pages does not matter.

What matters is whether you are giving the immigration officer a window into your relationship. Are you showing her how you met, how the relationship developed, and what you share in common the draws you together?

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

I sometimes hear other immigration lawyers basically brag about how big the particular filing was. But they will look at thoughtful letters from your friends, meaningful photographs of you together, and careful documentation of your living situation and finances. Statements for bank accounts and other deposit accounts. It is common — but by no means universal — for married couples to have largely intermingled financial assets. For a couple who uses a joint checking account or savings account, you should absolutely include statements from this account.

As a rule of thumb, we rarely submit more than 12 months of account statements. Clients often ask me if they should open a joint account if they do not already have one. My response is always that they should do this only if it makes sense for their own financial planning is a couple. If you do plan to handle marital expenses from a joint account of some sort, it makes sense to do this early in the immigration process. But you do not need to change the way you handle financial matters as a couple, merely for the purpose of papering over your application nor is it very helpful to open an account if you do not actually plan to use it substantially.

As described above, couples handle their financial matters all sorts of different ways.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

You do not need to change your families approach to financial planning just to get through the immigration process. Many couples such as those in second marriages, keep their finances completely separate, and there is nothing wrong with this at all. Similar to deposit accounts, you should document any joint credit card account. This goes both for an account that is truly a joint account, as well as any card to which the other spouse has access i.

As with deposit accounts, a rule of thumb is to submit 12 months of account statements. And as with joint deposit accounts. You do not need to open a joint credit card just for immigration purposes.

But as with deposit accounts, if this is something you plan to do, it makes sense to do it as early as possible in the immigration process. Proof of joint residence. If you have been living together, you should provide documentation of this cohabitation. For a couple who has been renting an apartment residence, provide a copy of the rental agreement. It is also helpful to provide proof of rental payments to show that the lease is being maintained.

It is very common for my clients to have a rental agreement where only one member of the couple is listed on the agreement. In most situations you can ask the landlord to amend the agreement to show that the other member of the couple is in authorized resident under the lease.

Were a couple owns a home, certainly you should provide a copy of the deed if jointly owned by the couple. In my experience this is rare, generally the home will be owned by only one member of the couple. In such situations it is important to provide other evidence that the other member of the couple is residing, such as identity documents with the home address listed, and other formal correspondences, such as bills, sent to the home address.

If the couple has a mortgage under both of their names, provide the past 12 months of account statements. However, this is relatively rare as many mortgage brokers resist adding a foreign national spouse onto a mortgage.

You should provide documentation of any insurance policies held jointly, such as health, car, or rental. To document insurance, it is usually adequate to simply provide photocopies of your insurance cards.

sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

I normally do not submit multiple months of account statements for insurance, as we simply wish to document that the couple is currently enrolled together. If the couple has just initiated a new policy, it is also common for us to submit a copy of the initial letter from the insurer confirming coverage, because this is often available before a card is issued. If the couple is right signing together, provide copies of any photo IDs that list your home address.

sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

Bills on joint accounts. You should provide copies of monthly statements from utilities like gas, electric, garbage, etc. These could include cell phones, cable, Internet, gym memberships, Costco membership, or banana of the month club. Such bills serve two purposes. First, if you are cohabitating, they provide further support of that.

sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

Second, the immigration service is interested in any sort of joint financial obligation. Even if it is for the banana of the month club. Regardless of whether or not you had a formal wedding, it is helpful to document how you announced the occasion to your friends and family. In a quote traditional quote situation, we would provide a copy of a formal printed invitation photocopy, not the awkwardly sized original ideally along with a list of recipients. In a less formal situation, this could even be simply a copy of the Facebook post where you announced your wedding, including the comments he received from friends and family.

There are no bonus points in this situation for having a fancy expensive wedding announcement — so please do not go by wine simply to paper over your immigration application — but rather the point is to show how you announced your wedding to your family and friends.

Receipts for significant wedding expenses.

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This could include things like a receipt for a wedding band, or invoices from a caterer or, venue, or DJ. You do not need to document every dollar you spent, rather the point is to show that you did in fact organize a ceremony. Address photographs generally below, let me make some points about photos of the wedding itself. First of all, we provide photographs of the wedding in virtually every case file. Regardless of whether you had a traditional Indian wedding with a thousand guests, or a small courthouse ceremony witnesses, you need to show the immigration service.

With that being said, this tends to be an area where people go overboard. In the vast majority of my cases a dozen photographs is sufficient you really just want to give the officer a sense of what the occasion looked like.

It also does not matter one bit whether the photographs are from an expensive wedding photographer, or from your uncle Mike had a couple too many drinks and was capturing shaky images on his iPhone.

The point is not production value, only to document the day. As described above, it is increasingly common for me to work with couples who have done the majority of their communication electronically. Whether living in different parts of the United States or in different sides of the planet, we work with many couples who meet online and communicate primarily through electronic devices before completing the immigration process.

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with relationships that develop this way. In these situations, it is often the case that the couple does not have other forms of evidence to prove their bona fide relationship. For example, they may not even have many photographs of them together, having met only a couple times in person. In such situations, it is critical to demonstrate the ways in which the couple has connected. Factor 2 - The nature of the household The nature of the household may be evidenced by: Joint ownership of residential property Joint residential leases Joint utilities accounts electricity, gas, telephone Correspondence addressed to either or both parties at the same address Shared responsibility for care and support of children Shared responsibility for housework.

Factor 3 - Social aspects of the relationship Social aspects may be evidenced by: Statements of parents, family members, relatives, friends and other interested parties. Statements in the form of statutory declarations should be encouraged on the basis that, as a legal document, they carry more weight.

Joint membership of organisations or groups, documentary evidence of joint participation in sporting, cultural, social or other activities. Joint travel and plans for the future. Whether the parties present themselves as a couple socially.

sample letters for a genuine and continuing relationship

Factor 4 - The nature of the commitment The nature of the partners commitment as requiring an assessment of the mutuality of their commitment to each other, having regard to but not limited to the four factors listed in the Regulations, namely: The duration of the relationship.