Saturn and venus compatibility relationship

Rethinking Venus/Saturn in Synastry —

saturn and venus compatibility relationship

Venus and Saturn in synastry between couples is an interesting thing. We all know Saturn is the glue that binds us, he provides the sense of. Cafe Astrology. What to look for in synastry. Moon conjunct, sextile, trine, opposition, square Mercury. A Venus square Saturn aspect in a synastry chart of two people is best analyzed in light of all other aspects between the two people, the aspects each person.

Synastry: Venus-Saturn Aspects Between Two Charts

Saturn is the one who nags us about the right things at the right times. Saturn can behave this way in relationships, too, and it takes a very mature individual to appreciate it, especially if Saturn is acting out of genuine regard and not just projecting his own issues onto us.

If we ignore what he tells us and what he expects of us, he will wait and bring us the same lessons later, only this time it will be harder, because our behaviour has become more entrenched with time. Now there is a good Saturn word. Saturn knows that we only have this one life as far as we know for sure and the clock is ticking.

There are things we need to accomplish, things we need to learn.

saturn and venus compatibility relationship

When Saturn is working well, he works hand in hand with the Moon. Cardinal signs initiate, and one of the things they initiate is partnership. We feel we are hobbled before we begin the race. It takes a lot of inner work, and a lot of interaction with the outside world, before the two can work together. I consider all of the rulers of the cardinal signs relationship planets. This is very clearly seen via progression. The Sun is a relationship planet as well, particularly paired with the Moon, but the Sun operates in a dimension beyond day to day reality, and is, quite frankly, hard for us to get hold of.

Rethinking Venus/Saturn in Synastry

We all identify with each one of these planets, but they will also play a role in giving us an idea of the opposite sex. If we toss them around, and pair a masculine planet with a feminine one, we get some very interesting combinations. This is relative to the orb value provided Close Profiles Help You need to save a birth profile in order to do the birth charts and horoscopes.

It is important to know your exact date AND time of birth otherwise some of the aspects will be incorrect.

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saturn and venus compatibility relationship

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  • Venus and Saturn in Synastry

The Saturn person inspires in the Venus person the kind of love and respect which makes you want to live up to the standards you both share.

This could never be just a casual love affair.

saturn and venus compatibility relationship

It either becomes committed or it ends. You are cautious when getting involved and look for trustworthiness and quality in others, but these are also what you are willing to give. You feel most content with familiar repeated patterns or habits and with creating financial and emotional security.

The stability of marriage or formal business contracts appeals to your careful and methodical nature.

Venus Conjunct Saturn love Synastry ~ Providing Security

You are well organized and reliable and tend to keep your word. Others will seek out these admirable abilities. You will be offered positions of responsibility and leadership, and your sense of timing is excellent. Sometimes the Saturn person puts too much pressure on the Venus person, which can be a turn-off — especially when that pressure becomes too demanding, too jealous or, in some way, too inhibiting of your pleasure.

saturn and venus compatibility relationship

A natural response to withdraw only makes it worse.