Scar and kovu relationship

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scar and kovu relationship

Kovu. Meaning, Scar. Species, Lion. Close Relations, Mate of Kiara, Kovu is the son of Zira, the younger brother of Nuka and Vitani, the. Of course, I am talkingabout the relationship between Scar and Zira, and This of course would make Zira Scar's partner and Nuka and Vitani Kovu's siblings. I know that they changed Kovu's relation to Scar simply because that would make Kovu and Kiara cousins, but technically, Simba and Nala are related, too.

So here I'm going to explain how Kovu couldn't possibly be Scar's son, starting with the main reason as to why it is true, and is considered cannon. Scar wasn't even his father. He just took him in. He wasn't my father, but he was still So now allow me to address the most common reason as to why people believe that Despite the fact that the film itself states otherwise very clearly Scar is Kovu's father; They look just like eachother.

Sure they look alike! They look almost nothing alike. And now I shall show you why. Who can see the difference?

scar and kovu relationship

So Let me explain. Scar has the skinny looks of an outlander.

scar and kovu relationship

Whereas Kovu has the stocky build of a Pridelander. Now, assuming that Zira is Kovu's biological mother Hold the phone a sec. Zira also has a skinny build. So where has Kovu gotton his Pridelander build from?. Obvious answer is obvious. His actual biological father.

scar and kovu relationship

Well, this is an easy mistake to make, considering we only see Scar's actual colours in the Wildebeast Scene from the first film, as in every other scene his colours are muffled by shading. So lets put the both in the same lighting, and then compare. They aren't in the exact same lighting, as its later in the day in Kovu's picture, but you get the idea.


Brownish-maroon with dark brown mane. They look exactly like eachother. They have the same nose, the same eye colour, that could still prove that their related, right? Well, the creators had to make him look somewhat like Scar, so it would scare Simba. Well, thats only the half of it. Kovu most probably got his nose from Zira. His eyes, which aren't even the same shade of green as Scar's, are most probably from his actual father. Just because Both Scar and Kovu are dark lions, does not prove that they are related.

Kula and Chumvi are also dark lions, just like Kovu! They must also be related to Scar! Sarabi could also be considered dark, seeing as she's a lot darker than most other lionesses seen, so she must also be related to Scar! I have ginger hair! I must be related to every other ginger person in the world! Just because a lion or lioness is dark, does not mean that scar is related to them. As they walk, they discuss the true nature of Scar, but they are ambushed by Zira and the Outsiders. Zira congratulates Kovu, but Kovu panics as he realizes he inadvertently completed the plot he abandoned.

Kovu attempts to save Simba, but his sister Vitani knocks him into a rock, rendering him unconscious. Simba is attacked and falls into a gorge where a log dam is holding back the river. Simba climbs the log dam to safety and Kovu has a chance to attack him, but doesn't. Nuka, wanting to impress Zira, climbs the log dam and manages to grab Simba's ankle, but is killed when some logs dislodge and crush him. Zira blames Nuka's death on Kovu and slashes him across the face, giving Kovu a scar resembling Scar's.

As Zira demands to her son to admit his responsibility for killing his brother, Kovu's stands up to his mother for the first time and runs back to the Pride Lands, where he is promptly exiled by Simba. Kiara, distraught, runs away to find Kovu.

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The two meet in the grasslands and proclaim their love that transcends their pride's rivalry. Kovu wishes to run away with Kiara to start their own pride. Kiara refuses, saying that they must return to try and unite their divided prides.

scar and kovu relationship

They both run back to the Pride Lands, crossing the log dam that has now been weakened, attempting to stop a fight between the two prides.

Kovu and Kiara stop the fight, but Zira leaps at Simba. Kiara knocks her aside and the two tumble into a gorge where Zira refuses to take Kiara's paw and falls into the river and drowns. The now united prides return to Pride Rock where Kovu and Kiara are married with him becoming her prince consort.

With order restored, Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kovu roar out across the kingdom while the spirit of Mufasa praises his son for his wisdom. The Lion Guard Kovu, along with Zira, Nuka, Vitani and the other Outsiders, makes a guest appearance in the episode "Lions of the Outlands", which takes place after Kovu's first meeting with Kiara and before his next meeting with her as a young adult. He first appears coming across Nuka being pinned down by Kionwho did it after Nuka attacked his hyena friend Jasiri who's clan had been driven from their waterhole by the Outsiders.

After Kovu says Nuka is his brother, Kion questions the two on why they are in the Outlands and not the Pride Lands due to being unaware of the Outsiders' exile and learns that they are not welcome in the Pride Lands.

Scars Forgotten Cub

After learning that Kion is Simba's son thus Kiara's brother and that the King might allow the Outsiders back, Kovu expresses excitement of maybe seeing Kiara again. When Kion is surprised to learn that Kovu knows his sister, Kovu says that it was a while ago, before telling Nuka that they've got to take Kion and Jasiri to see Zira. Kovu alongside Vitani, Nuka and Jasiri, watches in amazement as Kion uses the Roar of the Elders on a cloud, causing it to rain.

When Zira leaves to talk privately with Kion, Kovu remains behind with his siblings and Jasiri. Nuka attempts to attack Jasiri, but is stopped by Kovu, who warns his brother that Zira wanted them to "play nice". Though Jasiri reassures Kovu, Nuka jumps over his younger brother and nearly attacks Jasiri, but to Kovu's relief, Zira returns. Kovu and his siblings watch on as Zira tells Jasiri to leave, claiming that Kion allowed the Outsiders to keep the waterhole. Kovu then goes with his mother and siblings to Kion, who is surrounded by the other Outsiders.

Is Zira Scar's mate? Or follower?

Confused, Kovu questions Zira on why they can't be friends with Kion, to which Zira replies that it isn't her decision but Kion's as he chose to side with the hyenas over the lions. She also says that Kion, like Scar, will lose his Roar if he uses on other lions and will still lose if he doesn't use it, thus making him harmless and the Pride Lands defenceless.

However, Jasiri and the rest of the Lion Guard who had learned about Zira and the Outsiders from Rafiki come to Kion's aid and fight off the Outsiders, whilst Kovu keeps out of the way. After Kion hears that Scar lost his Roar because he used it for evil rather than against other lions, Kovu distances himself from the other Outsiders just before Kion uses the Roar to blast them to termite mounts.

Kion starts to approach Kovu, but he quickly leaves to catch up with his pride. Trivia Kovu is the only Outsider with permanently extended claws. He was originally scripted as the son of Scar, but realizing the incestuous undertones this would have had with his romance with Kiara as Kovu would have been her first cousin, once removedit was scrapped and clarified that he had no relation to Scar, and was his adopted son.