Shane and jenny relationship

Shane and Jenny (Shenny) - The L Word

shane and jenny relationship

Jenny Schecter's death came as not a surprise, but as the inevitable. She was Shane had been roped into a relationship with Jenny since the. As it was, the Shane-Jenny relationship (otherwise known as Shenny) was incestuous and painful to watch. I can't count the number of times I. Alice alerts their friends of Jenny and Shane's relationships with hilarious reactions as a result.

The Ballerina looks on in horror, swooning at the sight of the Tamer falling under the Temptress' spell and she teeters and falls from her high perch, the audience's shrieks of shock acting as the Ballerina's own screams of despair. This is the only writing sequence featured on the show where we've seen Jenny writing with Shane in mind, which makes it stand out all the more.

Later on in the season, Jenny suffers a severe emotional breakdown and begins stripping to regain some sense of control. Shane is the only one in the group to recognize the dangerous downward spiral the young writer is starting down and goes to speak to Jenny in an effort to try to understand why Jenny feels compelled to bare all for the rowdy, all-male audiences. In the most raw, gut-wrenching and poignant scene of the entire series, Shane walks in on Jenny cutting herself in their bathroom and Shane takes the razor blade from her.

She gently tends to her best friend's self-inflicted injuries and promises Jenny that she'll make sure she gets the help she so desperately needs. Even though Shane is able to comfort Jenny and lift her spirits considerably with news of Tina having given birth, Shane is obviously very badly shaken by the incident as well as the realization of just how close she has come to losing her best friend.

Shenny Quotes from Season 2: This is my home, Jenny. I don't know, it's I actually have a room of my own. That's a huge thing for me. I am, I am sorry about what you saw on that tape.

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I like living with you. I think we have a great time. It's just - I don't I just don't want to lose it. What're you doing here, lady? Just know that - I'm just saying that you don't have to -- you know, you have me, you have other people, you don't have to do this alone. I'm really fucked up. We'll get you help Carmen moved into Shane and Jenny's home in Jenny's absence and even though Shane is initially irritated at Carmen for putting the brakes on an enthusiastic make-out session in order to answer the phone, as soon as she finds out that it's Jenny on the other end of the line, Shane forgets all about Carmen and her frustration and goes on full alert.

Thankfully, there's no big emergency -- just Jenny calling from her new friend Moira's truck to let them both know that she's finally on her way home after six months away from LA.

Jenny doesn't make it back home until episode 3x03, "Lobsters", and her reunion with Shane is sweet and very enthusiastic, with Jenny letting out a happy shriek as she literally throws herself into Shane's arms in the middle of the driveway, Shane carrying her petite best friend right up to the house. When Jenny introduces Shane to her new girlfriend Moira, Jenny can't take her eyes off of Shane and it's obvious, watching Shane, that she's not sure what to make of Moira, the gawky, coarse newcomer.

Even though Shane seems unsure about the strange match, she's nevertheless supportive both of her friend as well as Moira and does her best to welcome her and make her feel at home Throughout most of the season, Shane has her hands full with Carmen who's proving to be a very insecure and high-maintenance girlfriend and Jenny has her hands full with her relationship with Moira, but despite the fact that the two of them try their best to support and love their respective partners, neither of the relationships are healthy.

Carmen is a loud, overbearing bully and when Moira begins transitioning from female to male and becomes Max, the constant overdoses of testosterone turn him into a perpetually jealous brute. On two separate occasions, Shane intervenes when Max gets physically aggressive with Jenny.

heart's a mess - jenny & shane

It all comes to a head at a charity party being held in Max's honor to try to raise money for his top surgery when a fuming Max grabs Jenny roughly and tells her that she shouldn't be dancing with anyone but him.

Jenny manages to pull away and, finally fed up with Max's bullying, Shane steps in, bravely putting herself between Jenny and her boyfriend, telling him angrily, "Hey At Shane's bachelor party the night before the wedding, Alice and Jenny stand and give a tag-team speech to congratulate Shane. Alice's bits are humorous as would be expectedwhile Jenny's are considerably warmer and more heartfelt.

As Jenny speaks, she makes a revealing slip, stumbling over the word 'friend' as she gazes lovingly at Shane. There's a 'present' from Carmen to her groom-to-be -- an embarrassing, inappropriate rap song about how to eat pussy, performed by a lesbian rap duo-- and Jenny and Shane stand with their arms around each other, laughing and huddling close to each other through the whole performance.

The next day, overwhelmed by her reservations about the wedding, Shane ducks out right before the ceremony, leaving Carmen crying crocodile tears as her hopes of having 'the unattainable Shane' all to herself once and for all evaporate right before her eyes. Jenny is left just as confused and heartbroken by Shane's disappearance as Carmen seems to be. Originally, the end sequence with the cast gathered together in a sort of stylized imaginary art gallery included a shot of Shane, Jenny and Carmen all seated together in a chair right in the center of the shot -- with Jenny seated on the right arm of the chair, Carmen seated next to her in the chair and Shane seated on Carmen's left, also in the chair.

shane and jenny relationship

However, in the season four version of the opening credits, only Shane and Jenny can be found in the chair at the center of the shot, now, with Jenny reclining in the chair with Shane, leaning against her as the two of them puff on cigarettes. Season four opens with Shane adrift in the ocean, having returned home after the wedding-that-wasn't up in Whistler, Canada. Jenny, Max, Alice and the others are still up in Canada, busy trying to pick up the pieces after Shane has left Carmen in the lurch at the altar and Bette has disappeared with Angelica, the infant daughter she and Tina had together.

Shane is buried under an avalanche of her own guilt and self-loathing once she returns to LA, making her way back to an old flame, her first love Cherie Perroni, looking for comfort and sanctuary.

She needs time to lick her wounds so that she can work up the strength and courage necessary to go back and face her friends. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang -- unable to convince Bette to bring Angelica back to Tina -- pack up their belongings and head back home to LA.

Jenny and Max return to the house they share with Shane and are confronted by all of Carmen's things, still right where she left them in Jenny's old writing studio. Jenny begins packing them up, saying that she'll leave it up to Shane to decide what to do with them. Although Jenny says that what Shane did was awful, she mentions the time that Alice took preparing the wedding and all the money Helena spent to pay for the whole do, but interestingly enough, never says a word about Shane actually leaving Carmen at the altar.

Does Jenny fail to mention it because it's the most obvious of mistakes Shane has made in this whole fiasco and it merely goes without saying? Or is it because Jenny doesn't see Shane leaving Carmen as a bad thing? When Shane's half-brother is unceremoniously abandoned on their doorstep, Jenny does her best to support her friend, encouraging Shane to go and speak with her friends when all Shane wants is to hide from the world and helping to look for Shay when he tries to run away.

Jenny and Shane's interactions are sadly few and far between in this season, but the few moments they do have with each other are priceless. When the group are hanging out at a shoe store to purchase new sneakers in preparation for a basketball game Alice's big mouth has gotten them all wrapped up in, Shane seems troubled by the thought of having to attend a parent-teacher meeting at Shay's school.

Alice tries to distract Shane with some rather unhelpful suggestions, but Jenny scoots over and puts her arms around Shane, trying to sweetly wheedle her out of her bad mood. At the basketball game, Shane and Jenny stand at the center of their gathered group of friends, Shane's arm draped over Jenny's shoulder while Jenny's arm is looped around her friend's waist, the two of them leaning on each other.

Jenny has a piece printed in The New Yorker: In the book there are fictionalized representations of all of the group, including Shane "Shaun" in Jenny's novellaAlice "Elise"Bette "Bev"Tina "Nina" as well as the rest of the gang.

Bette, Tina and Alice are all incensed by Jenny's portrayals of them in her novella and Alice informs Shane of the fact that there's a character in Jenny's book that's based on her: Alice is hoping that Shane will side with her against Jenny, but for her part, Shane is not offended in the slightest, saying 'that's not bad!

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While the rest of the gang shun and resent Jenny because of the subject matter of her book, Shane continues to faithfully support her best friend. When the Lez Girls book is picked up by Tina's movie studio so that it can be made into a movie, some underhanded machinations take place behind the scenes and Jenny is fired from the project, leaving her hurt and confused and feeling like a pariah.

But in a very sweet moment, Shane assures her that she's not a pariah and Jenny leans over and kisses Shane's cheek, telling her 'I love you' and Shane returns the favor, kissing Jenny's cheek in turn and telling her 'I love you, too'. Gabriel returns to take Shay home. Realising she will not win custody of Shay, Shane is forced to let him leave. Shane and Paige go in search of a new home to share, but Shane sleeps with their realtor.

Paige tells Shane she is okay with Shane sleeping around, but Shane ends their relationship. Wax is later set on fire, and Paige was suspected although Shane didn't file a report as Shane herself burned down Wax.

Shane sleeps with a mother and her two daughters separately. The fall out causes Shane to abstain from sex. However, she ends up not being able to abstain for long, and has a threesome with Dawn Denbo Elizabeth Keener and her oppressed lover Cindi Alicia Leigh Willisthe owners of the newest lesbian club Shebar.

When she sleeps with Cindi without Denbo's permission, Denbo sets out for revenge. Denbo tells Shane and her friends that she will ruin their lives. She starts a turf war between Shebar and The Planet. Molly Kroll Clementine Ford develops an attraction to Shane and they sleep together. Shane overheard their conversation, so Molly tries to convince Shane that she loves her.

They attempt to make their relationship work, but Phyllis' intervention puts an end to it. Molly gives Jenny a letter addressed to Shane, but Jenny hides it.

Did jenny and shane ever hook up on the l word?

Shane makes a series of gestures to earn Jenny's forgiveness to no avail. Jenny tells Shane that it was she who broke her heart, not Niki, because of their long friendship.

She reveals that she's in love with Shane. Jenny and Shane enter a relationship which Alice discovers and reveals to their friends. Jenny's behaviour becomes more erratic than usual and this alienates her friends against her. Shane ignores her friends' pleas for her to dump Jenny because she feels an obligation to Jenny.

shane and jenny relationship

Shane starts sleeping with Niki. Jenny tells her she does not care, but makes her feel guilty about it.

Shane has a chance meeting with Molly, who informs her about the letter she gave Jenny. Shane finds the letter along with many of other objects taken from their friends. At Bette and Tina's party, Jenny is found dead in the pool. Reception[ edit ] "The show's resident lothario, who gets so much tail her pals need a giant dry-erase board to keep track of her dalliances. Perhaps the show's most daring character, Shane is butch and genially unambitious and sleeps with any woman she wants.

She's not mean, just on to the next one-nighter. Responsibility and Accountability - Lol. Much like a white male of privilege, Bette never seemed to be held accountable for her actions.

I am a firm believer that she killed Jenny. She saw someone who was going to challenge the perfect life she had finally been able to create. A job, a wife, and a child. There was no way she was going to allow anyone, never mind a powerful femme to destroy that. She did what she had to do, and felt no remorse for it, because this is Bette's world, and the sooner you understand that the easier it will be for all of us.

Is apparently the shows main character, which is funny because usually the main character of a show is the most likeable. This is a good place to say that if you are a Jenny apologizer, you will not like one word I have to say about her, and should probably bypass this character assessment cuz like I hate her. If you have I am terribly sorry for both you and your therapist.

It is safe to say that everyone in Jenny's life was there for her entertainment. And solely for her entertainment. In essentially every relationship Jenny is in, it is for her benefit or amusement. Funny how she admits her love for Shane, when every other person in her life has finally had enough of her.

Jenny needs to be needed. Max was a fun project when they first met. Maura was new, she was different, and she needed guidance, much like all of Jenny's lovers. Jenny wanted to date those she could sculpt and mold, because honestly if your life was together why the holy fuck would you date her?

Nicki was a young and naive actress, trying to figure out her sexuality and where her power in this world lay. Shane, well Shane never grew past being a puppy. And the poor vet she dated.

Jesus where to even begin with that storyline - Jenny killed a dog in order to get back at the author of a bad review. And then proceeded to string someone along who was feeling vulnerable and unloved in her relationship.

Which leads right into her other biggest flaw: Narcissist - There was literally nothing Jenny would not do to come out on top. From dog murder, to stealing the film of her movie, to screwing over every single one of her "best friends" in the last season.

And the thing is, the reason it is so easy for me to outright and fully hate Schecter, is that she shows absolutely no remorse for her actions. Her last thought before death was probably: No great artist saw success during their lives. In death, I will become infamous.

Sexual Assault - The L Word handled Jenny's childhood and sexual abuse, in the most confusing and matter of fact way. While it never specifically victim blamed, it did allude that because of her past Jenny was now this insanely fucked up human. There was no space for conversation, because we were shown her abuse in an almost fairytale like way. Other than flashback scenes, Jenny never addresses what happened to her, and how or why it has shaped the human she is.

Much like with so many other important topics, the writers dropped the ball on what could have been an eye opening discussion on what sexual abuse during childhood continues to do to adults. By presenting her abuse in such a fantastical way the viewer never got the seriousness of how powerful and life changing sexual assault is.

You instead saw a manic pixie dream girl with no concrete understanding of how much her assault shaped her life.

Where to even begin. Where oh where to even begin. I personally blame Shane's character for creating a generation of non dateable humans. The L Word, was all many of us had. These people seemed like they could be our friends, they seemed like who we wanted to grow up to be. Shane made a generation of lesbians and trans men into walking fuckable yet detached douche bags.

shane and jenny relationship

Past - Shane had a rough childhood. She went through foster care, and the system, and therefore did was she had to do to survive.

Kicked out of their houses for who they are, and forced to grow up much too fast. Unfortunately Shane came out of all of that a sociopath. An often funny and loveable sociopath, but a sociopath all the same.

The writers also never showed how Shane was able to escape the streets. All of a sudden you see a human who is admired by all, with a job, money, and women literally dropping their panties for her. Relationships - Da worst. God, Shane you are the worst.

The actual absolute worst. Shane was always dependant on her looks to get essentially everywhere and anywhere. While fucked up, Molly is the only person who points out that Shane basically has nothing to offer.