Sho and kyoko relationship goals


sho and kyoko relationship goals

Ren and Kyoko definitely have a more uneven relationship since . Sure valentine's thing was kind of weird but I think he served his purpose. Kyoko is twenty one now and it's been four years since Ren Tsuruga completed his goal to become as known a actor as his father and left for. See more. Skip Beat - Kuon/Ren & Kyoko- Now when will they get together .. Skip Beat - Ren and Kyoko Skip Beat, Manga Sites, Manga Couple, Manga.

The worst offenders, Reino and Sho, are supposed to be jerks. At least I can tell Ren apart as he is the only one with a face like that with black hair. Erin I never thought of it that way, but that makes sense. While I appreciate the girl falling for the more mature guy, in this situation it feels too unequal power-wise. XD Still have a general one planned, if I ever get it done.

But I like Skip Beat! The more people who point out questionable things, the better, I say. The thing with the formality in Ren and Kyouko I hope will soon but surely slowly be resolved. The mangaka is working on that exact thing with the latest chapters, and seeing Corn and Kyouko get along so well makes me really excited for the future and what their relationship will be like!

As you said, I think many people use it as a statement of mutual commitment. It just reminds me of someone laying claim to something like you might with an inanimate object, telling someone else to stay away from it. I think he only now started understanding his own feelings. Imagine how different all the controlling situations would have been if he and Kyoko had been in an established relationship or aware of each others feelings.

Kyoko would have never accepted a dress from her coworker and I think she would have acted with way more anger towards Sho. Also, I absolutely despise Sho. Simply by answering the phone! This is my first Skip Beat fic and I have to say that I never expected it to turn out like this. I think that the two of them are perfect for each other and I love the way they interact.

This is one of my more random plot bunnies since I've never really thought of Kyoko with anyone other than Ren. So imagine my surprise when as I wash dishes this totally random thought of "I wonder what SkipBeat would look like if Ren competed his goal and went to America for a few years, leaving Kyoko and his handsome, kind and supportive manager Yashiro behind together?

I though so to. And since I'm working on so many other stories I decided to ignore this plot idea. That failed since I spent the entire night lying on my bed staring at the ceiling as the evil plot bunny ran circles in my mind. So the next morning I admitted defeat and wrote the story. You'd think that once I've finished the story I would be free to work on the other stories.

Once I finished my story I celebrated by reading a little bit of Skip Beat fanfiction and wouldn't you know it, another plot bunny showed up! Another sleepless night and one rather crabby writer later my first plot bunny is now being published and I am quite reluctantly going to work on the second plot bunny of evilness.

Don't own Skip Beat or the characters: Just a quick age breakdown since I'm sure that some of you lovely readers might not be aware of their specific ages. His mother had insisted on coming along with them but was currently resting at the hotel. This was his first time back to Japan in four years and he was planning on surprising Yashiro his old manager and Yashiro's new charge Kyoko.

Yashiro had promised to watch over Kyoko while he was gone. Kuon's intense feelings of love for the girl had faded into a crush, but he hoped that after seeing her again he could regain that burning feeling. Kuu smiled and slung a arm around Kuon's shoulders as they strolled towards the LME building.

In the distance he could see Sho's limo which dampened his cheerful mood ever so slightly. As they got closer they saw Yashiro, Sho and Shoko chatting, clearly waiting for someone. Suddenly a cheer burst through the air and both Kuon and Kuu jerked to look in the direction of the voice. The blur that was Kyoko rocketed across the beach and into Yashiro causing the tall man to stumble back several steps with a rich laugh as he wrapped his arms around the girl.

He chuckled and put her down and the excited girl waltzed over to Shoko to give her a tight hug and then she jumped onto Sho's back with a laugh.

sho and kyoko relationship goals

I was given the part as soon as I tried for it, I guess I owe you yen. She dropped off his back and he turned and gave her a quick bear hug. Now pay up baby!

We don't want to miss the reservations. Do you have anything you need to grab Kyoko-chan? Kuon stood next to his dad and watched the group chat with slightly widened eyes. Never in his life did he think he would see Sho and Kyoko interacting like that. They made him think of siblings. But that wasn't the thing that caught his attention the most.

A Different Love Chapter 1: A Different Love, a skip beat! fanfic | FanFiction

As he watched them climb into the limo and drive away he turned to his dad. Yashiro watched his charge with a fond smile and exchanged amused looks with Shoko, Sho's manager and girlfriend. They arrived at the restaurant and Yashiro helped Kyoko out of the limo, offering his arm to her with a smile. She accepted and the four of them headed inside. As she scanned the menu Yashiro took that opportunity to really look at the young woman in front of him. When he had first met Kyoko she had been seventeen and as clumsy as they come.

Awkward and was the first girl to aggravate Ren to the point of ranting. He had watched as she went from someone Ren couldn't stand to Ren's love. Then on Kyoko's nineteenth birthday Ren got the call that his TV show had reached the top of the polls in America. Ren had then told him and Kyoko about his past and gone home to America.

He had been gone for the last four and a bit years leaving Yashiro alone as Kyoko's new manager to watch Kyoko grow from girl to woman. Long gone was Kyoko's lack of confidence and habit of tearing herself down and in it's place was a quiet strength and a strong confidence in both her looks and her worth.

And somehow, somewhere, while Yashiro worked alongside Kyoko his feelings of friendship for her and transformed into a quiet love. He had fallen for this girl who changed every single life she touched and he had fallen hard. Yashiro first discovered this newfound feeling only two years after Ren's departure to America and had nearly had a heart attack. Kyoko had been Ren's love and he was a horrid person to have feelings other than friendship for Kyoko. However, once the three year mark had passed since Ren had come back to Japan even for a visit the feelings of guilt began to fade.

Kyoko and Ren had only exchanged casual emails for the first year and a bit before dropping off all contact. Ren had in essence abandoned his place in the young actresses heart and Yashiro was more an willing to take that place himself. Is there something on it? Sorry, I just got lost in thought. Yashiro smiled at her and focused intently on his menu. It wouldn't do any good to make her uncomfortable or worried now, not when they were celebrating. Sho exchanged a look that was half amusement, half exasperation with Shoko as they watched Kyoko and Yashiro peek at each other over their menus.

Those two just needed to confess and get together already! Shortly after Ren left Japan to further his career in America he had finally come the the realization that his crush on Kyoko was because she was now unattainable to him.

He had done a little growing up and then sat down with Kyoko and Yashiro with Shoko at his side and addressed the situation like a man instead of a child.

It had taken a year and a bit before they were able to even start picking up the pieces of their old friendship but the time had served them well.

Kyoko no longer hated him for his actions and they were able to develop a healthy relationship that meant the world to him. Deep down, even when he had that crush on Kyoko who knew that they would never work together, their relationship was better off as just close childhood friends.

One thing Sho was glad about though was that Ren wasn't the one she was in love with. He wasn't jealous of Ren anymore but that guy was to unpredictable in his emotions. There was to much darkness hiding beneath the surface and he didn't want Kyoko getting hurt.

Kyoko was woken up the next morning by her evil alarm clock. She groaned and slapped the off button before grudgingly getting ready to go for work.

sho and kyoko relationship goals

Changed and eaten in thirty minutes she made her way downstairs to her car and headed off to pick up Yashiro. She had learned to drive a couple of years ago and had discover that she loved it.

Yashiro was waiting outside his apartment building when she arrived and climbed into the passenger seat. Where are we headed? The newest member of Love-me has arrived and he's not to happy about it. Hmm this could be interesting. They arrived at LME and Kyoko managed to encourage the boy and calm his initial fury about being assigned to the Love-me group.

As she walked down the hall next to Yashiro she heard a familiar voice call her name. She stopped short causing Yashiro to bump into her and send her into Kuu. She eeped and Kuu caught her to steady her. Once she was stable he pulled her into a tight hug. She was released and she stumbled backwards into Yashiro who steadied her while she caught her breath. She then turned to Ren and bowed with a smile. I didn't know that you were back already! It was good to see her sempi again.

Much to her relief her feelings for him had long since gone away while he was gone. Now she saw him as a close friend. Unfortunately his place in her heart had been replaced with her manager. She had horrid luck when it came to love. It's been several years since I've seen you.

I'm doing quite well thanks. Did I tell you that I graduated from Love-me? He recognized that he was a jerk and apologized. As we picked up our old friendship I realized that I felt a type of love for him, the kind of love that siblings feel for each other.

Instead of having a panic attack about it the way I would have before I accepted it. When the president found out he was over the moon and declared that I had learned what e was trying to teach. That love is not a bad thing. He's still nagging and harassing me about my love life, or lack thereof but I can ignore that.

Ren blinked in surprise. Now I'm glad I didn't. He's one of my closest friends now. Great, now he was mad. We need to get going to your first set for today. Sorry but I need to leave now. Perhaps we can all get together for dinner sometime before you all leave? Ren smiled and nodded and she gave the two men another bow before turning and running after her manager who was currently taking a call. Time to go to work. They were on their way home from a photo shoot that was several towns away from theirs.

Kyoko pulled into a nice little restaurant that was her and Yashiro's favourite when on out of town shoots. Once inside and settled in their regular booth she brought something up to her friend and manager. Kyoko was starting to get nervous. He told you that he was Corn your fairy prince.

I used to but Space away from him made me realize that my feelings for him were just a combo of friendship and hero worship. Having spent so much time around phenomenal actors and actresses since he left for America I no longer hero worship him. He's simply a talented friend to me now.