Snake and quiet relationship

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snake and quiet relationship

Unless their relationship had strengthened between those events and the If Raiden were to die, I'd imagine Snake reacting with quiet agony. Warning: Spoilers regarding Quiet, her outfit, and her narrative arcI remember when Quiet was first announced for Metal Gear Solid 5 back in. Quiet is a tactical Buddy in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. She is Metal Gear 5's primary female protagonist who supports Snake in.

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Firstly, as we have seen in the first cinematic sequence, Quiet is a rather merciless and determined young assassin who is absolutely willing to murder quite potentially unrelated hospital staff in order to get to her quarry and one of the first things she does to the player controlled Venom Snake is strangulation.

Your relationship does not start off on a positive not, and the second time you meet in the context of Cloaked in Silence, once again, she is trying her darndest to kill you.

After defeating her, you are presented with the choice of killing an unconscious Quiet or retrieving her and taking her back to Mother Base, all the whilst Miller is stewing in his own paranoid thoughts which are, as it later transpires, far from unfounded. Most everyone, save for Ocelot and yourself, is deathly afraid of her or wants to kill her, but most likely both.

The majority of her immediate surroundings wants her dead, and the person who stands between an overly eager lynch mob and herself is none other than the guy she tried to off on two occasions before. That, and a legendary soldier as well as the target of reverence amongst all who subscribe to the ideology and ethos of a martial, mercenary anarchy of the soldiers, by the soldiers and for the soldiers.

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Oh yes, and as it happens, she is a soldier, after a fashion, even if she is of the clandestinely garrotting people and not the sitting in the trenches variety. So anyway, she has been overcome with vengeance, in her own admission, which is why she chose to champion the cause of Skullface, but that would not last and the stoical, rugged charisma of the legendary soldier obviously resonated within her.

snake and quiet relationship

He was a young and naive, albeit extremely talented, soldier whom the much more experienced Boss took under her wings. She was as much an ideological anchor to the young Big Boss as she was, strictly speaking, a martial instructor.

This explanation isn't even consistent with the game's own narrative. It's inferred through the game's cassette tapes that The Endthe expert sniper from MGS3, was infected with a similar strain of parasites which granted him similar abilities, but you don't see him stripping down to his skivvies and parading around Tselinoyarsk with his muzzle hanging out. You can also unlock several outfits for Quiet, ranging from assuredly pore-closing silver and gold body paint to full-body soldier garb, that totally fly in the face of the entire 'parasites need food badly' plot device.

I know these outfits are considered 'Easter eggs' to a point, but if Kojima is willing to allow the player to dress Quiet in Sniper Wolf's costume on a whim, it just shows how ultimately thinly veiled his justification for Quiet's outfit really is.

Then you actually meet her in one of the game's rare, harrowing boss fights, and you start to see how truly amazing her character actually is.

snake and quiet relationship

As you wander into the Afghan ruins, a warning shot hits a pillar next to you, and you duck behind cover. Now, you're squaring off against one of the best snipers the Metal Gear franchise has ever seen, as she's able to disappear completely while she quickly moves from cover to cover - one false move, and it's lights out for Big Boss.

You've probably heard guards talking about the deadly 'naked' sniper out on the field, but it's here that you get to see her handiwork up close. But something is off. Quiet should be able to take you out with a single bullet, but it feels like she's holding back.

Once you best her in battle, you can decide to bring her back to Mother Base - slap some cuffs on her, carry her onto your helicopter, and off you go.

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While you're hundreds of feet in the air, Quiet quickly escapes from her confines and disappears entirely apparently the parasites also let her phase in and out of existenceonly to return to score a headshot on the pilot of a MIG fighter jet following you back to Mother Base. This one scene sets up an interesting dichotomy between herself and Big Boss, and it blossoms into one of the most fascinating relationships in the game. Quiet can easily break out of whatever shackles Big Boss chooses to put her in, and yet she sticks around, eventually joining you out in the field.

You get the sense that Quiet can easily kill Big Boss whenever she feels like it, but she chooses not to, because of the respect she harbors for his prowess in battle. Big Boss knows this, and shows a mutual admiration for her own combat abilities - and all of this happens without the two saying a word to each other.

While the camera may be leering at Quiet from all directions, Big Boss seems to not even notice Quiet's ridiculous get-up, instead opting to see her as the battle-hardened soldier she really is. And all of that is made clear once you get her out on the field, because Quiet is overpowered as hell. She'll post up above enemy encampments, tagging soldiers for you and sniping them as soon as you give the word.

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At first, she can be a liability because her rifle will alert the enemy to her position, but as you continue to take her with you on missions, she'll gain a silencer and even a rifle that shoots tranquilizer darts.

By that point, you can tell her to open fire and she'll level an entire base camp without you having to lift a finger.

snake and quiet relationship

The dog is fantastic, sure, but he can be unreliable when you have an entire platoon breathing down your neck. But when I'm running with Quiet, she'll handle anyone who spots my clumsy attempts at stealth by sending them a bullet right between the eyes.

snake and quiet relationship

And near the game's climactic final mission, MGS5 takes her away from you, forever. You discover that she was sent to infiltrate Diamond Dogs by Skull Face as a vector for the English strain of the vocal cord parasites. Her mission was to infect your entire squad and spread the parasites, thus eradicating Big Boss and eventually killing off the English language through a widespread outbreak. Quiet instead decides not to utter a word in English in order to protect Big Boss, who she has come to admire and perhaps even love - in that way that love can bloom on the battlefieldanyway.