Sokka and toph relationship test

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sokka and toph relationship test

"Toph has never liked good men," Aang says, and walks away. . that push each other to their limits have tested their relationship time and time. Aang's earthbending teacher was originally conceived as a “big, Katara's romantic attention, making the Katara/Aang relationship into a love triangle. .. to positive reinforcement, and Toph gets a chance to test this theory. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - Toph, Sokka - Words: 5, of Sokka and Toph's relationship throughout the seventy-year gap, with Lin is four the night some idiot decides to test the new chief of police by.

It is an old fear they both share, one born of spending months on the run while facing Ozai. Toph can feel him smile at the next words.

Once her voice is steady and she is once again under control, she speaks. Aang is now family, has been since the day they stood in the South Pole—how Toph hates it there!

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Toph is asking him to go against family and keep her secret. Finally, she gets her answer. From that night on, Sokka stays. Even after Toph pays for his damaged doors, even after Lin begins to grow and Katara invites him to live on Air Temple Island with them. He stays, and an understanding grows between the two of them. No vows are spoken, no betrothal necklaces made or given, but all the same, they come to an agreement: He is here to stay, no matter what may come.

It will take awhile for Toph to adjust to the idea. However, Sokka is patient. Learning "Momma, where's my daddy? All these years later, she somehow managed to retain the manners that Poppy Beifong instilled in her.

Spirits, but she has no idea how. Beside her, she can tell that Sokka has put his utensils down as well, judging by the clink and rattle of his chopsticks against his bowl. Toph ignores the way he clears his throat and turns her sightless eyes towards her daughter across the table. Lin is eight now, and she has the right to know.

Maybe not the full story, but enough. Toph spent her childhood being lied to and guarded zealously, cocooned in the life her parents thought was proper for her. She refuses to do that to Lin. If she stops talking, he'll start protesting, and she doesn't want that. Lin tilts her head, considering this news.

Whatever he is about to say is delayed by a yelp as Toph shoves a small pillar of stone against his shin. For a moment, he doubles over the table in pain while Lin watches curiously and Toph hides a triumphant smile. Never mess with an earthbender in her own house! Lost in her inner gloating, she is missing most of what Sokka is saying. Toph is our friend. Toph has not hidden much about the world from her. Years later, when Lin embarks on her relationship with Tenzin, no one is quite sure what to make of it.

Katara looks worried, Aang has a long talk with his son, and Sokka is more concerned about Lin's virtue. Toph alone is unconcerned; her daughter learned long ago that they were not related by blood, so what does it matter?

Years later, and it's still fun to see Sugar Queen get all riled up!

Toph Beifong's relationships

Distancing herself from Air Temple Island, Toph finds herself in the market near the police station, enjoying her lunch of pickled fish and salted cabbage leaves—the merchant had stared at her when she bought them, but maybe it was her uniform? Coming to a stop in the middle of the marketplace, Toph finds herself distracted by something beneath her armor. Is her space bracelet vibrating? This isn't the shivering that she has to concentrate to hear, the slight fluttering that signals the presence of a metalbender.

Just as her bracelet—wrapped around her upper left arm—found her original three students in Yu Dao, it is now also the way that she has found and fleshed out her first corps of metalbending police officer. But this, this is something completely different.

She finds herself in front of an armory, and if anything, the vibrating gets worse, nearly clanging against the metal of her uniform. She tries to sense anything through the gloom, but there's nothing there, only an old man who is tending the fire.

sokka and toph relationship test

As she turns in his direction, the vibrating stops as if cut by a knife, but when she swivels to the right, it comes alive again. She is thoroughly confused, and it irks her. What is going on? Whatever is calling her bracelet is coming from that bundle of rags.

She gestures to it. It was almost rusted, but I repaired the blade, and now I'm just waiting to see if can be sold. However, if the bracelet is reacting this badly… The moment her hand closes over the sword's hilt, the bracelet stops its assault, seeming to sigh in relief.

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As for herself, Toph is biting back a crow of triumph. She knows the feel of this sword, knows the length of the hilt, knows the way the pommel used to bump against the back of a young man as he ran.

The leather strap is completely worn away, but that is replaceable. It is not as it was, but it is more than Toph ever believed she could find, and that is enough. She turns to the old man, and he sharpens, sensing that something has happened that he will not be privy to.

She agrees to a higher price than she normally would, and she's sure that the man knows he is being rewarded. Neither of them say anything, and Toph uncharacteristically leaves the rest of the day's duties to her men while she hurries home, her prize clutched her hands. She doesn't need to see Sokka's face as she presents him with his space sword later that evening, unable to wait any longer.

She can feel his joy, he disbelief, his ecstacy, and his arms around her and his lips on hers are all the thanks she didn't know she wanted. Protector Toph comes back to consciousness slowly, every muscle throbbing, her entire body seeming to resist the idea of continuing to live. She is sprawled on the polished floor of the city hall, her hair falling out of its bun, her feet throbbing so much that she can't sense anything around her. She has a moment of panic that she has truly been blinded, but there is too much pain and confusion for her to think on that for very long.

Someone grunts as they pull themselves towards her; Toph stiffens and tries to rise, but her arms and legs won't obey her commands. She's sluggish, her mind still foggy, but adrenaline begins to circulate through her veins at the idea of being found helpless.

She lifts her face towards her assailant, but she finds that however it might be is having a hard time being mobile as well. One of her men then, and not Yakone. He has fled by now, surely. Toph coughs the dust out her lungs, wheezing as she tries to push herself off the floor again, but she fails. Then there is a rough hand on her cheek, and she calms somewhat, recognizing the calluses, the fingertips rough from years spent traveling.

She knows those hands, and she knows the voice that calls to her. He has been affected by the blood-bending too, she can tell from his rough voice and the way he sounds like he's been trampled by Appa.

He clearly can't move more than she can, but he has fought his way towards her in order to ascertain that she's still alive.

She feels a warm brush of affection for him, and when his lips press lightly against hers, she responds firmly, sharing his breath and just relishing the fact that they're alive. The minute her bare feet touch the stone floor, she straightens, feeling more like herself. She knows what's happening now. Most of the courtroom has scattered, her men are struggling to regroup, and she can feel Aang as he pursues Yakone.

Her blood burns to go after the man who has evaded her capture for so long, and she doesn't quite trust Twinkletoes to take him down completely, Avatar State or not. She needs to understand for herself that Yakone has been defeated. She has others to think about besides herself now. He slings her arm around his shoulders without question and they begin their hobbling, painful way towards the doors.

Too many years of backing Aang means they can't stay behind, even if they wanted to. Just as they are at the door, Sokka voices reassurance to Toph's unspoken fear. We won't let him. Sometimes, she forgets what it's like when someone has her back. It's a nice feeling. Understanding The night Toph tells Sokka about Lin and Tenzin's break, she is absurdly relieved to see him immediately get up and head for the door, grabbing his space sword along the way.

He tries the door and finds it, unsurprisingly, unable to be moved. Toph has clenched the metal shut with a mere pinching of her fingers. He spins around, blue eyes narrowed. She doesn't know why she doubted him, why she had foolishly thought that he might side with his sister and nephew over her and Lin. She knows her daughter, and she knows that Lin will grieve in her own way, in her own time, but Sokka trying to intervene won't do anyone any good.

Sokka sighs and wraps an arm around her in response. He loves her, and her daughter, more than Lin's real father ever had, and that is enough to causes her to rock back, her breath catching in her throat. She feels him watching her, and she knows that they are at an impasse. What they do now will define their relationship for the rest of their lives. Without a word, she stretches up to kiss him, letting him know that she recognizes his love for her, for Lin, and she loves him, adores him for being there for her, even when she was twelve and didn't know that he was what she wanted.

If Aang and Katara ever learned that that was the night that Sokka joined Toph in her bed, they wouldn't have been surprised.

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However, Toph was not one to release secrets lightly, and Sokka's companionship and love was one she guarded jealously over the years. Weeks later, when Lin attempts to arrest Pema, Sokka doesn't find it nearly as amusing as Toph does.

He glares at Toph while an unrepentant Lin watches them both, daring them to say something to her. Lin's mouth moves up into a small smile, knowing that while he may grumble, he won't chastise her for very long. Toph can only lean back in her seat and continue to laugh. Complete "Lin, are those your parents? Lin does not offer many details about her life to her academy mates, and so they are of course curious. There are many people in the city hall, here to celebrate the graduation of many of the police cadets into captains of the force, Lin among them.

However, General Iroh began wondering about ways he could do it. By traveling throughout the world, he eventually found the proper inspiration to invent lightning redirection.

Question 16 What was General Iroh's nickname? Despite the fact that he lost the throne to his brother, Iroh still managed to have numerous adventures and learned many things. There were even times where he came across some powerful creatures that he either learned from or defeated.

Because of this, he was given a special nickname that he used to teach Prince Zuko a lesson or two or strike fear into the hearts of those he used to know. Question 17 Who took the persona of the Blue Spirit? In the first season, the character actually showed up to mess with Fire Nation soldiers, but was there with its own agenda.

As a matter of fact, the Blue Spirit worked tirelessly to break Aang out of a Fire Nation prison and fought off many Fire Nation soldiers. After being struck with an arrow, though, the Blue Spirit fell, leaving Aang to discover its true identity. Question 18 Finish this quote: Yet, with the little we knew about the Fire Nation, we actually pitied them to some extent.

There were many soldiers who died on the frontlines, including someone close to General Iroh. In honor of those who lost their lives, Iroh would often sing a little song. He sang it throughout the streets of Ba Sing Se.

sokka and toph relationship test

It started with "Brave soldier boy. They had not one but two powerful cities that were guarded with expertly crafted walls and guards. One of them was Omashu- the first Earth Kingdom city that Aang and his friends encountered. Unfortunately, Aang encountered some problems with the king of the city.

This crazy Earthbender challenged Aang to some specific and weird challenges. What's even weirder is that it all ended with the King asking Aang to guess his name. Along the way, he gave the protagonist a story regarding how the year war began.

Along the way, he revealed some interesting secrets about Fire Lord Sozin as well as himself. Being the one who started the war, Sozin came in direct conflict with Avatar Roku at times, which eventually led to the downfall of many lives as well as the entire Air Nation.

Question 21 What did Sokka want to call Master Pakku? After having some conflict amongst each other and the Fire Nation, Pakku decided to leave and travel to the Southern Water Tribe, where he would reunite with many of his old friends, including Sokka and Katara's grandmother.

After seeing Team Avatar once more, Pakku announced that he reignited his engagement to their grandmother and they were to be married. Question 22 Hanna was the only person Katara bloodbent. At the same time, a nearby village was being plagued by someone known as the puppetmaster. It was discovered that these two plots were connected, with Hanna revealing that she was a Waterbender who unlocked the most powerful technique: Katara had to fight her in order to bring an end to her reign and ended up bloodbending the old woman.

After that, she became terrified of the art.

sokka and toph relationship test

Question 23 Where was Earthbending learned from? As it stands in the Avatar universe, bending was a learned art that could then be passed on through genetics.

As far as the Earthbenders go, they learned the art from something that moved the Earth on its own. By watching this occurrence over and over, they eventually discovered how to do it themselves. Toph even learned how to Earthbend from observing how it was done this way. Question 24 What celestial event causes Firebenders to lose their power? Solar Eclipse The Full Moon A Meteor Shower While the Avatar series made the Firebenders frightening due to a celestial event that could spike their power up to overthere was another event that would take their abilities away.

The day of this event was learned by Sokka, who then grabbed together many of Team Avatar's friends to plan an assault on the Fire Nation.