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That dissolved relationship created a domino effect as Jahvinci, Notnice .. Mavado's marriage bares similarities to that of fellow Alliance singjay, . Al- Beeno – Mama's Advice .. Stacious – This Night Would Last Forever. Therefore their comments and advice about your relationship concerns may .. Having recently visited Kartel in prison, a source close to Mavado has hinted at a .. of several diss tracks between fellow artists Stacious and Spice respectively. **STACIOUS AS A YOUNG WOMAN WITH AN OLDER MAN YUH CAN MEK NINJA SORT OUT HIM LIKKLE CHAIRS WHEY INA HIM MOUT.

S he had dated years before, work for a while then retire. Mavado was given a total of 9 tickets and was told not to bring his entourage because Killa wanted everything to flow smoothly and for Rainsberger to get familiar with him.

Things did not go as planned that night. Mavado and his friends arrived and as usual he did not have enough wrist bans. It is common knowledge that when Mavado has an appearance he receives a certain amount of passes and he always requests more, even if he is a no show. He did not contact Bounty about additional tickets that night because he was already warned. Patrons at the venue said that Mavado had already gone in with his wrist band and his friend Connie along with a few other young men slipped behind Mavado and tried to get by without wristbands.

Connie was asked by the officer for his wristband and he told him that he was with Mavado, it is said that the officer told him that he could not enter the premises without a ticket or wristband and it is alleged that he pushed the officer and proceeded to punch him. The officer was said to be overpowered by the young man and discharged his firearm causing the party to come to a screeching halt.

Bounty Killa was informed of what happened and was livid. He was upset about Mavado going over the number of people he was told to bring and that Rainsberger had to see the commotion. To him,Killa disrespected him and not the other way around. Part of the reason why Killa was upset, not only involved his visa, at the time he thought Mavado would have benefited as well. Later that day, Connie died. Mavado and Bounty communicated, he told him that he had gotten his visa back. Killa blamed Mavado for the melee insisting that had he listened none of what happened would have happened.

Mavado however, wanted Bounty to believe what he said, not what the other witnesses said. At that point, Connie was not buried yet. Mavado traveled and spoke to Killa the song spoke of a success that had not yet happenedobeah and spoke loudly that there was no friendship.

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Mavado did not state his own feelings to Bounty, in fact by the December ofthey were seen at parties in Jamaica as if nothing had happened. Men from Gully-side were travelling and doing shows. Flex who was signed to Hapilos was the only one who did not get involved with subliminal messages in songs.

It is alleged that U. S authorities stopped Mavado on one of his trips and an investigation in to how he had obtained a visa back into the country began. A marriage was said to be the only way to cement his footing in the U. Dash Out' drew a crowd of hundreds to the venue and Pamputtae did not disappoint her loyal fans. August Archives

She interacted well in the audience and one time jumped off the stage into the crowd and showed the Tobagonians the latest wines and positions from Jamaica. Mi ready fi the road again, work time start now.

The promoters dem from Tobago still a text me how they had a good time at the party, the ting tun up, and dem say dem waan me come back fi another show inna Trinidad the way mi gwaan good. Pamputtae also got a great response to her soca single, Wining Master. She had been steadily performing and rocking shows consistently even though she was pregnant.

In April, she rocked a dancehall stage show in Guyana over the Easter holidays, earning rave reviews in one of the major newspapers in Guyana and the entertainment blogs in Georgetown. She can be contacted for bookings at and goodyouthproductions gmail. After making his debut to the world in and being crowned Digicel Rising star, Christopher Martin has become an international household name to many.

Vegas,Aidonia, Bugle, Nature, Spice and Alkaline, to complement the headliners, Wiz Khalifa andTessanne Chin, anticipation is already frenetic for the 22nd staging of the show.

Elizabeth based attorney, who was earlier this year barred from practicing, has found himself in more trouble. Conrod Powell, who was barred by the General Legal Council, has been taken into custody on a charge of fraudulent conversion. Powell is in custody at the Black River Police Lockup awaiting a court appearance.

It is reported that prior to being disbarredMr.

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After it was revealed that the attorney was no longer authorised to practice the client allegedly tried to get back his money. However, after several failed attempts, a report was made to the Junction Police and following investigations Mr.

Powell was taken into custody on the weekend and charged. Relive the era when everything was bigger, louder and brighter.

She explained that there is a community of Caribbean and UK expatriates thirsty for this kind of entertainment, therefore the decision was made to fill their cup. Bent sees this as a milestone in shaping and diversifying the entertainment offering in the Emirates, adding that the response has definitely been encouraging.

She noted that in planning the event she went after 'A' list disc jockeys who have a keen sense of "situation appropriate" and the knowledge base to respond musically to any given situation. In their promotion and marketing efforts, the organizers have been using the social network options available, including placing an ad on youtube, voiced by The Captain Collin Hines. According to Mandi, in the next few weeks, all her systems will be in high gear as preparations are pumped up.

As for Hines, he has declared that the turn of events that have led to this posting is nothing short of "serendipitous". Quizzed about his strategy for this trail-blazing event, The Captain, who always has a whole lot to say, paused briefly. The challenge will be for us to be as octopus as possible and have our musical tentacles out and ready.