Strep and mono relationship

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strep and mono relationship

Researchers are studying whether strep might be a cause of pediatric Academy of Pediatrics does not recognize a link between strep and the. Infectious mononucleosis should be suspected in patients 10 to 30 years of a rapid strep test in patients with infectious mononucleosis and to treat them and a positive IgG test for EBV does not imply a causal relationship. Infectious mononucleosis (“mono”) is an infection that causes sore viruses that cause sore throat, streptococcal bacteria (“strep throat”), or cytomegalovirus. go to the Patient Page link on JAMA's website at

Patients can take medicine such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen for fever and body aches.

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Aspirin should be avoided in children because it is associated with Reye syndrome. Corticosteroids are sometimes prescribed in severe cases or in patients with complications.

strep and mono relationship

Patients should get as much rest as they need, but being confined to bed is not necessary and does not improve outcomes. Antibiotics do not help unless the patient has also had a positive test result for strep throat.

strep and mono relationship

Because an enlarged spleen is more likely to rupture, patients with mono should avoid contact sports and activities that could result in blows to the abdomen until they have recovered. It seems prudent to obtain a rapid strep test in patients with infectious mononucleosis and to treat them with antibiotics only if the strep test result is positive. Amoxicillin and ampicillin should not be used because they may cause a morbilliform rash in patients with infectious mononucleosis.

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Patients with infectious mononucleosis are likely to have splenomegaly. Although most patients do not have a palpable spleen on physical examination, a study 31 of 29 patients who were hospitalized with infectious mononucleosis and who therefore may have had more severe disease found that all patients had splenomegaly on ultrasound examination and that one half of them had hepatomegaly.

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Only 17 percent of the enlarged spleens and 8 percent of the enlarged livers were palpable on physical examination, a finding that is consistent with other studies. Interestingly, in the same series, one half of ruptures were atraumatic. These data suggest that patients should be kept out of athletics for at least three to four weeks and until they are asymptomatic.

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Some experts suggest a longer duration of restricted activity of five to six weeks 35 or even six months, 36 although data from natural history studies do not necessarily support these recommendations. Because the physical examination is so insensitive, ultrasound imaging to assess the size of the spleen at three weeks may be a better guide for determining whether a patient should return to athletics.

Both cases involved young adults presenting with fever, pharyngitis, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, and atypical lymphocytosis confirmed by serologic tests, liver biopsy and electron microscopic study.

strep and mono relationship

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by an intense cytotoxic T lymphocyte response to eliminate EBV-infected B cells [ 2 ]. Usually, primary EBV infection in children is asymptomatic with seroconversion.

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If primary infection occurs in adolescents or in adulthood, the most common manifestation is infectious mononucleosis with the classic presentation of fever, oropharyngitis, and bilateral lymphadenitis. Hepatitis owing to primary EBV infection is usually mild and self-limited, although the mechanism is unclear.

strep and mono relationship

Rarely, it results in hepatic failure with severe jaundice in fatal infectious mononucleosis [ 4 ]. He had no history of smoking or alcohol, and no family history of liver disease. On admission to the hospital, his body temperature was Upon physical examination, he appeared acutely ill-looking with bilateral cervical lymph node enlargement.

His tonsils were enlarged with white exudates and injection.