Sundara c and kushboo relationship quizzes

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sundara c and kushboo relationship quizzes

The bubbly actress couldn't stop talking about Kushboo and Sundar C, who Quiz her on her favourite attire, she says, though she was born in. Spouse(s), Sundar C (m–present). Children, Avantika, Anandita. Kushboo Sundar is an Indian film actress, producer and television presenter who has acted in dance number "Sare Ladkon Ki Kar Do Shaadi" had become a major hit, and is still popular at "Ladies Sangeet" and marriage functions across North India. Can you ace this basic math quiz? 50 cases of . Don't miss: South Cinema's most-loved star couples. Slide 1 of 23 . Sundar C- Khushboo.

She was 16 years old when she entered the Tamil film industry. An import from Mumbai, Kushboo was all that the south Indian men wanted in a woman. Fair, buxom, child-woman, and not too threateningly tall.

She tugged at the hearts of men and women, albeit for different reasons. She was the first star for whom a temple was built in Tiruchirapalli.

Nor was it constructed for Rajnikanth, the uncrowned leader of the masses. But only for Kushboo. She also had the box-office registers ringing. Men lusted after her. Women wanted to be her in their Technicolor dreams.

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Kushboo had the conservative Tamil Nadu wrapped around her chubby little finger. Many years later, her popularity would become her nemesis. And I was that. Thirdly, I am an actor. And all this makes me an ideal target. You cannot talk derogatorily about the women in your family, and hence I said he needed to apologise. So, does it all boil down to showing a woman who is the boss? If they did, then they know what they did.

I had no expectations. Right from the beginning, I knew it was my battle and I had to fight it on my own. And so was a famous sari house in Coimbatore who used her in their commercial. Kushboo with husband Sundar C The absentee better-half Through it all, her husband Sundar C was obvious in his absence.

Who is Kushboo’s Husband? Lovelife about Kushboo

He neither accompanied her to the court hearings or the police station. Nor did he issue any statements supporting her or defending her. And one of us would be at home taking care of the children. He is my pillar of strength. I cannot do without him. I was in London when I won the case. Buy whatever you want. In the first week of FebruaryKushboo was an established star and just out of a long-term relationship.

Will you marry me? They are as different as chalk and cheese - She likes bulls eye, he likes omelette. He knew all about my past and respected me for it.

It was not a rebound relationship. We dated for six years, broke up, got back together and realised that we were soul mates and wanted to grow old together. I tell him everything. When I realised that I was making a mistake, I walked out of that mistake and never looked back. Prabhu and I share a cordial relationship. What matters is the now. The Inner Circle Today Kushboo is a successful producer of films and television programs. But the role that she cherishes the most is that of a mother to her two daughters.

Her mother and three brothers live close by. She said yes, provided they give her an ice cream. She landed her first role as a child star in the Burning Train and an ice-cream a day.

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Soon, other films followed. However, she failed to make an impact in Bollywood as a grown-up. Since we did not have a place to go back to in Bombay, we decided to stay back in Chennai. I used to climb the spiral staircase in front of the wall to count all the awards, but by the time I got to the second floor, I would forget the count.

On the sets of her first film, Nakhat became Khushbu. To her family, however, she remains Nakhat. Her mom helped her along and her dad, she says, was just happy with the money that was coming along. Khushbu says she has not seen him in 30 years.

He was very physically violent. Her father was furious. He uprooted her and her mother from Mumbai and brought them to Chennai. Khushbu was now 16, and was doing her first Telugu film. He had already cost her a couple of good roles and an important launch with Boney Kapoor in Bollywood, and Khushbu was angry about it. On his way back to Mumbai, he cleared out all her bank accounts.

The year-old then took it upon herself to take care of the family. Her producers in the Telugu film industry, like K Raghavendra Rao, protected her from the father. And this angered her father. When he realized that she was moving on with her life without him, things came to a head. I had just bought a new Maruti van, my first car.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quizzes

He broke the windshield in anger. Khushbu then waited a year for the right opportunity, and it came when a make-up artist called Mani suggested that she go meet director Fazil for a role. But after auditioning Khushbu, he decided to replace Nirosha with Khushbu. They told me not to tell anyone, and it was so difficult for me because it was Karthik and Fazil after all! When I stepped out of the airport, there were hundreds of fans holding huge posters of me. They were screaming my name out, and I was so scared I ran back into the airport at first.

Temples would be built for her, and she would receive letters from fans written in blood. She would go on to act with Kamal and Rajini, for directors like Bharatiraja and Balachander. But even as she was relishing her professional success, she was headed towards a train-wreck in her personal life.

Who is Kushboo's Husband? Lovelife about Kushboo | MIJ Miner8

She was in love with a married man. Her relationship with Prabhu was widely reported, and began early in her career.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quizzes

The first time she met him, she was still doing Telugu and Kannada movies. She was once passing through Dr. Nair Road in Chennai with her make-up man, and as they were driving past the office of Devar Films, her make-up man spotted Prabhu, and insisted that she meet him.

The meeting would help her land a role, but also lead her down the path of love. She started seeing Prabhu inand by she was blindly in love with him. But the relationship did not go down well with the family, and init was on the front page of a popular Tamil daily.

She lost 5 film projects that day, and the industry came down hard on her. For the sake of respect and dignity, she broke off the relationship. But she does not want to talk about it today. There is no point talking about it. We have grown up, and all our families have respect for each other now. We are cordial with each other, so I want to let bygones be bygones.

Those were tense moments in her life, when no one in the industry stood by her, with some exceptions like director K Balachander and actor Karthik. It was her close circle of friends who kept her going.

For Khushbu, Ubin was more than just a hairdresser, she was her pillar of support.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quizzes

More importantly, it was due to her encouragement that she would fall in love with and marry actor-director Sundar. And along with her career, her personal life was in for another surprise. He narrated the script very half-heartedly. We had date issues and he even wanted me fired! His tall lanky figure walked past me and Ubin aunty told me I should settle for a guy like him.