Tc and jordan relationship season 3

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tc and jordan relationship season 3

On this week's 'The Night Shift,' Jordan and T.C. come face-to-face Watch this exclusive sneak peek from tonight's episode of The Night Shift. Granted we don 't know if this was before or after he sees her kiss her new fireman friend. Talent ' Week 3 Recap: Preteens Continue To Own The Competition. Those Night Shift fans still holding a torch for TC and Jordan can officially snuff it out. TC is ready to move on, and he will do so with his new. This page will chronicle the major events between the relationship of TC and Jordan. TC and Jordan have a deep bond with one another that goes way back before their jobs at San Antonio Memorial Through the Series Edit Lord Darcia III.

This page will chronicle the major events between the relationship of TC and Jordan. TC first sees Jordan when she is treating him; afterwards, he asks to take her out to dinner and she agrees. Their relationship continues while TC goes on a tour in Afghanistan as Jordan waits for him to return. During his time there, he would send her videos of his life there with his squad members.

Meanwhile, Jordan is taking care of TC's sister-in-law, Annie, who is a drug addict who inconveniences Jordan. Jordan never tells TC about the truth about Annie's problem so she would not make him worry. She continued to take care of her because she loved TC and knew how much family meant to him. After TC comes back from the war, he is a changed man who is always angry and resorts to drinking, gambling, and fighting.

Jordan drops everything in her life, including her work and friends, to be with him to help him cope through his new civilian life.

Scott be a little apprehensive about going on another date since his first one went the way it did. What can we expect to see from Jordan and her love life?

tc and jordan relationship season 3

This will get complicated when TC comes home. Instead of dating a new guy, sometimes I wish that she could have a moment to herself to really center and focus. Scott Wolf as Scott Clemmens — Photo by: What can you tell us about it?

The fact that this show has the willingness and the courage to tell meaningful, honest stories about veteran experiences, not sugarcoating things or telling only one side but a lot of the challenging things as well. So, I say go for it! Let her navigate that. The episode where Scott brings a character back to life, there was a lot of respect from his speech.

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It was a big moment. I feel for both of the characters. It has been done. This is all pulled from headlines.

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We talk to medical professionals who have stories for us. I say this all the time: Reality is stranger than fiction. Jordan says they were always friends and things were feeling good between them again. In an impulsive moment TC kisses Jordan and she doesn't push away until they are interrupted by Kenny.

Kenny tells them that Ragosa wants to see them in the ER.

TC and Jordan

It seems Scott may have found out that something happened with TC. Topher tells TC to leave Jordan alone. As she leaves everyone outside has heard including TC and Jordan. TC tries to help her but she calls him out on the fact that he and Jordan have unresolved feelings. TC and Jordan kiss in the break room and TC goes over to Jordan's apartment to talk about the kiss and Jordan gives him a ride to work and Scott finds out and Jordan tells him she gave TC a ride to work because his motorcycle was in the shop.

When TC is gone Jordan has a stroke because of the pregnancy and loses the baby.

tc and jordan relationship season 3

When Jordan wakes up from the coma the miscarriage put her in, TC proposes, but Jordan declines and they break up. Season Three Edit TC and Jordan have broken up but still have to work together which makes it awkward, but pull through after a helicopter ride to a scene. Later in episode 3, a Pharmaceutical Rep, Jessica Sanders enters in. TC's patient has been taking their medication and has a side effect of suicidal thoughts.